Lions have no update on Jahvid Best

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If today is the day that doctors clear Lions running back Jahvid Best to return to the field after a year off following two concussions, the Lions aren’t letting on.

Although Best expressed optimism that he could be cleared today, Lions coach Jim Schwartz told reporters that the team wasn’t ready to announce that Best is back.

“I don’t have any updates,” Schwartz said. “He’s been through a lot of testing this week and as far as I know, they’re still going over the results. I don’t know if we’ll even hear anything today. It’s still an ongoing process, this testing, which as far as I know has been completed.”

Best suffered his second concussion of 2011 on October 16 and hasn’t been cleared to play since then. Schwartz stressed that the Lions are cautious about clearing players to return from concussions.

“What we all know about concussions is there’s nothing simple about them,” he said. “They’re never just, ‘Hey, you can go play with pain.’ It’s not like any other injury. We’ve said that before. It’s also not just a red light or green light. There’s a lot of shades in there. We’ll just defer to the people who know the most and wait just like everybody else.”

And so the yearlong wait to hear if Best can play will have to continue.

6 responses to “Lions have no update on Jahvid Best

  1. “And so the yearlong wait to hear if Best can play will have to continue.”

    ..And so the trash talk against the Lions from moron fans continues….here we go.

  2. hey pft, can you update the suh story?

    Dearborn Police say their investigation into a traffic accident involving Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is closed, and no tickets will be issued to either party.

    “The investigation is closed,” the department said in a released statement. “It was a minor traffic accident in which fault cannot be determined and there will be no charges to either party.”

    ok, back to lions’ bashing, i’m sure most of you will continue to overlook facts.

  3. SUH is the most dominate DT in the league… dont ask me… ask the centers and right guard of every team hes faced…. and sometimes the right tackle…

    all people look at is stats… they dont watch the game… and last i checked 2.5 sacks in 4 games for a DT isnt bad at all… #NFLFAN

  4. Hey “formyministry”.

    I wonder how much this cost Suh?…. Hit and run, leaving the scene and then supposedly threating the guy he hit.?….. My guess would be 10 maybe 20K.. ?

  5. Detroit Free Press reports that the Lions won’t make any decisions about Best until next week.

    Also, Best was not yet eligible to play this weekend regardless of the test results today.

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