Mario Williams finally lands on injury report


In a move that serves only to highlight the team’s failure to disclose Mario Williams’ wrist injury at any point during the first five weeks of the regular season, the Bills have disclosed Mario Williams’ wrist injury on both injury reports released for Week Six.

Williams, who hasn’t lived up to the expectations created by his big-money contract, injured the wrist in the preseason.  He was listed as fully participating in practice despite the injury — something the Bills should have been doing all along.

“I always get doubled, get chipped or get tripled — it is what it is,” Williams recently said, via Pro Football Weekly.  “The biggest thing that I have to do is to use my hands and overcome the whole wrist thing.  That’s what I do — I’m a hands person.”

Though some would dispute that Williams is always getting double-teamed and most would say he’s not getting triple-teams, the reality is that Williams isn’t getting it done.  And Bills fans don’t want to hear excuses, even if the excuses have merit.  They want results.

Results may not be coming from defensive tackle Kyle Williams, who has missed practice this week due to an ankle injury.  According to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, the Bills are simply resting Kyle Williams in advance of Sunday’s game at Arizona.

12 responses to “Mario Williams finally lands on injury report

  1. Heh, the money isn’t always greener on the other side, now is it?

    I have no sympathy for this guys. Could have received a ‘bit’ less, and played for a contender, instead of a pretender.

  2. Wow. That is a pretty ridiculous statement from Mario about him being doubled and tripled.

    I’ve seen more than one TE (and Gronk specifically) own him one on one in running plays.

    I would be genuinely surprised to hear that Mario has been triple teamed even once this season.

  3. Mario Williams is injured? Shocking!
    This guy needs to stop making excuses and start earning the money Buffalo threw at him. Mario acts like he’s the only player who’s ever had to deal with being double teamed.
    What’s one of the things great players have in common? They don’t make excuses. They make it happen.
    And when they don’t perform well, they admit it and find a way to correct it.

  4. Vince Wilfork gets triple teamed all the time but still comes up with big time tackles, INT’s and fumble recoveries. No excuses Mario.

  5. You know who gets double teamed almost every play…..JJ Watt. He has been the disruptive beast the Texans thought they were getting with Mario. Mario is good but not dominant. He never will be.

  6. Dude is a pioneer… he has made more money off a phenomenal combine workout, despite not being able to play the actual game, than any other player in the history of football. Impossible for coaches not to look at him, measure him, clock him, and say “but he HAS to be good, doesn’t he?” Uh, no. Notice how much the Texans have missed him… not. Maybe the fact they barely made an effort to re-sign him should have been a clue, Mr. Nix.

  7. Great players look at getting double teamed as a sign of respect and accomplishment…but Mario sees it as a hurdle and excuse. Guys like Justin Smith and JJ Watt are laughing at this comment by Mario.

  8. Mario should have took less money an went to Chicago… at least he would have been playing with a good defense. the Bills expect him to win games by his self. double an triple teamed he cant do that. but on the line with PEPPERS an Melton an Izzy would have been unstopable

  9. Guys, be nice to Mario. He suffers from a potentially career-ending injury called AlbertHaynesworthitis. It causes one to lay down at unfortunate times, lethargy, laziness, causes one to gain a lot of weight.

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