Rashard Mendenhall tells fans they need to be supportive

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Pittsburgh running back Rashard Mendenhall wasn’t happy with the way some Steelers fans reacted to Thursday night’s loss to the Titans.

Mendenhall took to Twitter after the game and said that fans who are critical of their team shouldn’t be able to call themselves fans, because fans are supposed to be supportive. Mendenhall didn’t specify what he was reacting to, but he apparently wasn’t pleased that some fans had ripped him on Twitter after gaining just six yards on six carries before leaving the game with an Achilles injury.

The good news is that Mendenhall’s injury isn’t expected to be serious. The bad news is that Mendenhall isn’t going to ingratiate himself to fans by telling them they have to be supportive. The Steelers have great fans, thousands of whom made the trip to Tennessee on Thursday night to see their team. And when fans travel to see their team and the team doesn’t play well, complaining about it afterward is just what fans do.

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  1. fan: A person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular sport, art or entertainment form, or famous person.

  2. I’ve always thought this, and think it applies to fans of every NFL team– certainly applied to the Bears fans I grew up around. Like you’d never make it actually playing football if you got all negative as soon as things were going wrong. It takes heart to stay positive and keep things moving.

    And then of course when the team is winning, the fans act like they’ve accomplished something.

  3. I totally agree with him. I’m a saints fan and have been hearing the same crap (for obvious reasons) about the saints. Be a fan,support win or lose. Don’t trash talk your team.

  4. Mendy should probably stay on the field and produce a little more this season before the negative tweets about Steeler fans. He got himself in hot water before with Steeler Nation with his tweets about 9/11 and Bin Laden. Remember?

  5. Real Steeler fans are often critical, and we feel we have the right to be, we’re used to seeing our team win. That hasn’t been the case so far this year. Bad penalties, missed opportunities for take aways, bad clock management, some bad play calls in situational football. Alot of us are still behind yinz but there’s 11 weeks left and we haven’t seen you find the rhythm, and division games are comin’.

  6. Huge lifelong Steeler fan here…..

    I think the best thing I can do as a fan of the team is to take money I would normally use on a Steelers hat and use it on a muzzle for this guy. Between his 9/11 “truther” comments and other stupid stuff he routinely says, I cringe every time he puts words in print.

    Rashard, if you don’t want a very proud fan base of a very proud team to grumble, then don’t lose to 3 of your 5 games to teams with losing records.

  7. Fans shouldn’t rip a guy for being injured – after all, if a running back has a bad Achilles tendon injury, he’s not going to be able to run effectively, so Steelers fans SHOULDN’T want him on the on field.

    That being said, fans are allowed to criticize an underachieving team.

  8. Mr. Rashad Mendenhall, fan is short for fanatic. If you look up synonyms to the word fanatic the list includes: enthusiast, zealot, bigot, hothead, militant. Synonyms are words having the same or nearly same meaning. If hothead and militant are words describing fans then you are wrong. Fans are acting in a way that 100% describes them. No where does it say a fan has to be supportive. The term has and will continue to be used loosely.

  9. A fan, short for fanatic, is someone who cares very much about that particular thing…i believe.

    Steeler fans know the steelers arent that good right now. Particularly on the road. Look at the road/home stat splits and its a joke. Idk what makes a team good on the road, but the steelers dont have it.

  10. So if I was a Steelers season ticket holder I shouldn’t get upset with the poor product on the field, nor should I call myself a fan? If my team was expected to win the division (or at least contend for the division/ wild card spot) and they put out a poor product I would have some negative things to say to.

    Does that mean I’m not a fan?

    Mendenhall should just stop talking. This is the same guy that was upset at everyone because Bin Laden was killed.

  11. So he thinks a team deserves blind support no matter what? Sorry, doesn’t work that way. If the team is comprised of a bunch of tools making boneheaded mistakes and constantly getting in trouble off the field – well, then you aren’t giving us much to support.

    Now, if you want to say that people need to keep things in perspective and not throw things of the field or tweet death threats when there is a bad play – absolutely. Some people do think that if they pay for the exorbitant scalping priced tickets they cans say and do anything they want regardless of right or wrong or basic decency. And they are boneheaded tools. They are also fanatics, not fans.

    Fans support their team but they live in the real world. Join us.

  12. Thats the breaks. Fans see all the money you guys make and demand a winner. If you have rabbit ears or now eyes, tough and get winning.
    Might not be right, but its a fact. Not all fans act like this

  13. I hope he is ok and come back before the end of the season. I would like to be critical of not playing for overtime. Bad coaching in parts of this game especially at the end.

  14. What do you expect, there are a whole lot of Bandwaggon fans that currently wear Steelers gear, because their success the last few years.

    Also I think if one is a true fan they can complain about the team and players, complaining does not mean you don’t like and support the team, it just means you are unhappy with this or that.

    Also if not for complaining what do Browns fans have?

  15. So I suppose if we “fans” simply decide to stay home and watch it on TV, and you’re playing to an empty stadium Rashard, you’d get what you wanted. No boos or critical comments.

    It’s true, there are the obsessed fantasy football degenerates that will say really stupid things.

    But let’s be real here: The Steelers have played 1 complete game out of 5, and you can’t really call dominating the Jets a “statement game”. If M.Vick holds onto the football they are 1-4, and an ugly 1-4 at that.

    As is, they’ve got 10 days to figure this thing out, or they can kiss the playoffs goodbye at 2-4.

  16. Jeeez MDS, you sound as if the Steeler fans in opposing team’s stadiums are from Pittsburgh!! You DO realize that Steeler fans are everywhere…right? I’d say that a lot of Steeler fans at away games are from that particular area!!

  17. A fan is a follower of the team. If that team stinks, then the fans have the right to boo or say the team stinks. These players that think all fans are supposed to cheer regardless of how crappy they play need a reality check.

  18. I’m going to make this so simple that even Rashard Mendenhall can understand. As soon as some other team waves a little more money under his nose … he is gone. Steeler fans no matter how negative will be with the team until they day we DIE.

    It’s not his team … it’s OUR team. He’s just a mercenary. We don’t owe him a damn thing.

  19. It’s all about perspective and who says it. In Green Bay today Mike McCarthy said the following :

    “You don’t overreact,” McCarthy said. “I’m not a panicker. I think it’s a punk mentality, frankly. I think it’s a loser mentality. It’s time to increase the urgency. We have a great opportunity on Sunday night football. We’re excited to play this team. This is a good team. They’re undefeated. We know how that feels. We know what that position feels like. But we’re going down to Houston to win a football game. That’s what we’re focused on. We got off to a great start today.”

    Undoubtedly analyst will hail McCarthy for being a great leader and remaining calm with this statement.

    Mendenhall is basically saying the same thing. He’s simply asking for the faithful not to panic, and letting them know that the team wants and needs their support. It’s easy to back a winner, it’s when things get tough that your true self is shown.

    Most fans panic when things go wrong and point fingers and blame. I come to this site every day, and I see and hear the same sort of panic and blame from most fans. The same type of fans who when the teams are winning are the first to gloat and act superior.

    I don’t see anything wrong with mendenhall asking for support. Could he have chosen better words? With out a doubt. But I’m smart enough to understand what he meant. He meant the same thing McCarthy said. Not panic, and don’t be a punk.

  20. The Steelers and the Packers have probably the biggest and most traveled fan base of any 2 teams in the NFL. Their fans will come to opposing teams “house” and be loud and proud and let everyone know how rabid and loyal they are with their towels and fake cheese . Look how successful these 2 teams have been over the last 15 years. Quite a few wins in the regular season, playoffs and a few Super Bowls. My point is it is pretty easy to be fan win you are winning. Lose a few games and listen to the griping from the same so called fans who just so happens are experts on the game and can tell you exactly what is wrong and why they are losing. Being a Colts fan, I got my lesson in humility last year after a pretty good 10 year run. My advise is shut the f*** up and just be glad you don’t have root for the Browns or Jags.

  21. This team is a joke. Maybe Mendenhall should worry less about people ripping him on his twitter account and more about getting a bid for the playoffs. What a cry baby!

  22. johnnyjagfan says:
    Oct 12, 2012 9:33 PM
    Its not like a caravan drove from the ‘Burgh…those fans live as close as the Titan fans.


    Kind of ironic, given that I know a ton of people that made the 9.5 hour drive from PA to watch this game. Pretty sure most Titans fans didn’t drive that far.

  23. Looks like some of the yellow and black turnips are falling off of the bandwagon. Surprised, shouldn’t be-Pittsburgh is know for being fair weather fans.

  24. “Rashard Mendenhall tells fans they need to be supportive”

    Fans tell Rashard Mendenhall he needs to file a “Hurt Feelings Report” with the Steelers FO.

    If the fans (I have been one my entire life) didn’t care we wouldn’t complain. It doesn’t mean we no longer support the team. The truth is that I will watch every single game, win or lose. I’ll be happy if the Steelers win and upset if they lose. However, my support will never wane.

  25. @Kane337 – The Old Steelers fans are accustomed to bad seasons.
    What did they have, like 40 bad seasons before ever making it to the playoffs when there were only like a dozen teams?

  26. Sorry Rashard. Pittsburgh fans only care about ehat a player does on the field and if they’re performing. They will support players that are rapists, wife beaters, drunks, steroid users, etc etc (all the while preaching about how the Rooneys run a clean ship) but as soon as they stop performing, no more love from the fans.

  27. Mendenhall probably couldn’t do anything else than play football. Without the fans, he wouldn’t have any means of putting food on his family’s table.

  28. My mom gets me a Steeler McFarlane figure every year for Christmas. I tell her ahead of time if she’s going to then get me anybody but Mendenhall. I’d rather have Joe Flacco.

  29. Be supportive – SERIOUSLY?????? Did you look around that stadium on Thursday night? Did you see a sea of Terrible Towels, hear the chants of “Heath, Heath, Heath” every time he caught a ball? Did you hear the Titans fans – oh, that’s right, their own score board has to cue them to yell on first down. Mendenhall – you better put up or shut up – your fans are alive and well, invest thousands of dollars every year following our beloved team, and have never been anything BUT supportive. Just take a look around – you are never really at an “away” game, nor are you in a hostile environment. The flag of Steeler Nation flies high and proud, now you do the same.

  30. He’s right you should be supportive. But you should expect criticism when you lose to a team like the lowly titans. A team you should easily beat. The defense is no doubt underachieving.

  31. I have never booed anyone in black & gold in my life. BUT – dear Rashard – it IS my RIGHT to do so as a paying customer. I suppose when you go to a restaurant and don’t get the meal you believe you’re paying for, you just eat it an go on your merry way. I doubt it. Between this moronic tweet and the one about your idol bin Laden, you may not have the mental faculties necessary to use Twitter.

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