With Jeffery out, Bears won’t be adding a wideout


The Chicago Bears won’t have rookie wideout Alshon Jeffery for at least a couple of weeks, thanks to a broken bone in his hand.  But that doesn’t mean they’ll be adding any receivers to replace him.

G.M. Phil Emery says that no free-agent wideouts will be getting a chance to join a passing offense that has Jay Cutler throwing the ball and guys like Brandon Marshall and Devin Hester catching them.  ‘We feel very good about our wide receiver depth,’‘ Emery said, via Mark Potash of the Chicago Sun-Times.  ‘‘We added a player to our practice squad [Kamar Aiken] to make sure that we were in a good, competitive situation for practice to continue to improve and that’s where we’re at right now with that.’’

Other options on the depth chart are Earl Bennett, Dane Sanzenbacher, and Eric Weems.  Plaxico Burress, Terrell Owens, and Chad Johnson may need an explanation.

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  1. Plaxico Burress, Terrell Owens, and Chad Johnson may need an explanation.


    I can give them one: they have no room or use for over the hill WRs over 30 on their team.

    Not even a Bears fan.

  2. I think they can survive four weeks without him. As long as Marshall and Forte are out there, a smattering of Hester, Bennett and the TEs will get us by.

  3. The fact Dane SanzenWaddle is listed #2 belies the whole “Bears have good depth at WR” statement.

  4. It’s too bad that Sanzenbacher fallen so far out of the rotation at WR, although I realize bringing in Marshall and adding Jeffery as a top pick pushes the UFA guy down the totem pole. But he’s a solid hands-of-glue player and Cutler found him a lot early on last season. He made Sportscenter top plays with a great punt return this preseason as well.

    I’ve met the kid, and he’s a solid individual… I know that doesn’t earn you reps, but I’d love to see him shine in the slot.

  5. AJ is going to miss, maybe, 3-5 weeks, that’s 3-4 games after by-week. No need to add a WR, they have 5 other WR and 4 TEs they can leverage until he’s ready to return.

    WRs: Marshall, Bennett, Hester, Sanzenbacher, Weems

    TEs: Adams, Davis, Spaeth, Rodriguez

  6. Seems like those guys were available the last few years and were passed over by Lovie Smith and company…can’t imagine now that they have a genuine #1 receiver in Marshall and solid receivers like Hester, Bennett, and even Sanzenbacher to a degree to fall back on that they would be interested in any of them.

  7. I’m tired of hearing Buress, TO and Chad being brought up everytime a team needs a receiver. TO and Chad have not had productive seasons in over 2 years. Give it up already, they are not coming back. No one wants washed up divas.

  8. Honestly I am at least a little bit surprised that nobody is signing Plax. He at least caught some touchdowns last year. Plenty of teams are struggling, and he can at least go to work in the red zone.

  9. It honestly surprises me that no one had taken a shot on Plax, especially Chicago right now. He did fairly well with the Jets last season and was a very good red-zone threat. The Bears could use another receiver, and Burress seems to be the best one on the market. I just can’t see them doing exponentially well with Hester, Sanzenbacher, Bennett and Weems doing well in the no. 2 slot. Honestly, Bennett seems the best No. 2 WR, with Sanzenbacher in the slot.

    And I would also be thoroughly surprised if T.O., Randy Moss or Chad Johnson latch on anywhere. Plax seems to have the best opportunity to sign on anywhere. In my opinion, Moss and T.O. Are done.

  10. For all those wondering why the Bears wont take a chance on washed up receivers-does the name Roy Williams strike a bell?

  11. schmitty2: Roy Williams was brought in for Mike Martz and his stupid offense and that reason alone.

    You won’t see the bears waste their time on washed up WR’s now that Martz and Angelo are GONE

  12. bhawksrule says:Oct 12, 2012 1:16 PM

    schmitty2: Roy Williams was brought in for Mike Martz and his stupid offense and that reason alone.

    You won’t see the bears waste their time on washed up WR’s now that Martz and Angelo are GONE

    I think you missed my point. I’m complimenting the Bears by saying they learned their lesson after Williams

  13. Well since AJ dont need surgery , you’re looking at this week and monday night game against lions , followed by Panthers and Titans…AJ might be able to get a few snaps in on that one before he be at least 90% heading into that Houston big game. Bears can hold the fort down with WR’s we have considering Marshall is going to get targeted at least 17 times a game !!!! Get well AJ, sorry you can’t pad your stats against that sorry secondary of the Lions!!!!!

  14. Hester has never been and never will be a legitimate NFL wide receiver. He was drafted as a punt returner first, kick returner second, and cornerback third. Now, he is a barely-above average returner who can’t play any other position. I saw the TD last week, and while it was nice, there is a multitude of players who can do that more than once or twice per year.

  15. The Bears dont need another WR because by the time the Bears play the Lions two weeks will have passed then the Bears play the panthers at home thats 3 weeks an before they play the titans Ashlon will be ready

  16. The idea of Plaxico intrigues me a little bit, but not T.O. or Chad Johnson…If Jeffery doesn’t miss more than a few games we’ll be fine.

  17. Not adding another receiver doesn’t seem like a smart move. It will give defenses all the more reason to key on Brandon Marshall, and then the Bears are back to square one with regard to who they’re supposed to complete passes to.

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