Bills G.M. predicts breakout game for Stevie Johnson

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Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson has had a relatively slow start to the season. Although Johnson scored touchdowns in each of Buffalo’s first three games, he’s on pace for three-year lows in receptions and yards.

Bills G.M. Buddy Nix, who signed off on Johnson’s new five-year, $36.25 million contract in March, isn’t sweating the reduced early-season production.

“Steve has had the best two weeks of practice that I’ve seen him have since I’ve been around him,” Nix said. “I expect him to have a breakout game [against the Cardinals]. He’s determined to get this team winning just like most of our players are, and I look to him to have a really good game.”

The Bills could use a few more breakout games on the defensive side of the ball this week. They’ve allowed the second most yards in the league, and the second most points through five weeks of NFL action.

10 responses to “Bills G.M. predicts breakout game for Stevie Johnson

  1. This has a lot more to do with the ineptitude of Fitzpatrick than it does the play of Johnson. He’s been open often and Fitzpatrick is consistently missing him with passes that tend to float out of his reach and out of bounds. Stevie’s frustration with this has been evident as he punched a billboard after one Fitzpatrick miss against the Pats a few weeks ago.

  2. Maybe if Fitz actually threw the ball to him instead of lobbing it somewhere in his general vicinity after staring him down like he’s a pole dancer

  3. rickastleydancemoves says:
    Oct 13, 2012 5:38 PM
    What you expect when you’re paying a possession #2 receiver #1 money?

    Do you know what a possession receiver is? Stevie Johnson is NOT a possession receiver, if anything he’s an all around type of wide out. He may not have break away speed, but what he loses out on speed he makes up with his quickness. Also, Johnson is one of the best route-runners in the league, top 5, no doubt. The contract- 5/yrs 36 million is an average deal, If not a little low. It’s nothing like what they are paying other #1 receivers in the $60-90 million range. I think the Bills got the better deal out of this one.

  4. You talk about someone who continues to have his head in the sand along with the headcoach,,

    NEWSFLASH!! if you got him a REAL QB he actually would have breakout games just about every week.Its embarrassing watching Fitzs who CAN’T make a NFL throw when its longer than 1o yards.

  5. The way this GM and head coach are backing Fitz is making me hate this team . Just stop being stubborn old men, admit you were wrong about him, and do something different.

    Stevie can only have a breakout game if Fitz has a breakout game first. And he just cant do that. He sucks. Great guy , would make a great commentator, but just not a NFL starting QB

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