Cushing takes high road on Slauson’s low block

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Texans linebacker Brian Cushing suffered a torn ACL when Jets guard Matt Slauson dove at Cushing’s knee on Monday night.  Asked whether Cushing regards the hit as a dirty play, Cushing opted to avoid the debate.

“Whether it was or it wasn’t, I’m not playing for a while,” Cushing said, via the Associated Press.  “That’s not going to change my opinion on anything.  I’m not a guy that’s going to look back at the past and see what I could’ve done differently.  I’m going to look into the future and see how I can improve. . . .  When you sign up for this game, I understand this is part of it.”

It was easy for Cushing to take the high road on the low blow because most regard the Slauson hit as dirty; Cushing didn’t need to chime in on what is regarded as obvious.  The league agreed on Thursday, fining Slauson $10,000 for an illegal “peel back” block.

Of course, the fact that the NFL fined Slauson doesn’t make it an illegal play.  NBC officiating Jim Daopoulos joined PFT Live on Friday to address the play — and Daopoulos believes the fine will be reversed on appeal.

For Jim’s explanation, click the little triangle below.

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23 responses to “Cushing takes high road on Slauson’s low block

  1. Just one of the many problems with the NFL rulebook. They have dozens of rules that some of which don’t make sense, some of which are not clear, and some of which that don’t exist where there are loopholes that haven’t even come up yet for possible unusual situations that one day will come up. No rule book for any sport on the planet needs more of a serious overhaul.

  2. The Texans and their fans whined and cried about it so much that Goodell fined Slauson, a Jet because McNair and the Texans pull in so much money in sales and just like last year they helped the Texans win 4 games after Schaub got hurt by calling penalties on the opposing club…. 3 against the Falcons that called back scoring plays…..interference against the Bengals that placed the ball on about the 3 so Yates could throw a last minute TD pass….it was shameful…..

    Now they think they are hot stuff and whine and cry about everything…..I live in Houston wanted a pro football team but they are crybaby elitist.

  3. In my opinion, it was a dirty hit, BUT Cushing is right to point out that no matter how often we call it dirty, that doesn’t change the fact that his season is done, and he needs to focus on rehabbing.
    Adrian Peterson is proof that insane commitment to rehab can allow these guys to recover faster than most thought.

    Cushing calling the hit dirty would only serve to keep it in the news for a few more days, when his focus should be rehab, and his team’s focus should be on the Super Bowl.

    Props to Cushing for taking the high road.

  4. I feel bad for Cushing and hopefully he has a speedy recovery next season, but this is another blunder by Godell…he’s just swinging fines at players every week and I’m quite sure Matt will appeal and win.

  5. All in all, a good sport about it. I havent seen the hit, but Ive heard enough that it was almost like it was against the Packers without the flag and blame on the officials.. Good for you Cushing…

  6. I just feel like saying…god bless you from all of us brian. Sorry man. You’ll be back next year and the texans will still be good. Hang in there big guy.

  7. Totally legit play within the confines of the rules and typical according to zone blocking.. He was a bit away from the play. But still legal according to rules. Unfortunate Cushing went down but this sometimes happens..

    *Speedy recovery with roids anyways.. Hey he can NEVER CALL anyone a cheater when he himself was caught cheating…

  8. There a couple more things about this:

    Not that it excuses Slausen, but the Texans are regarded by the rest of the league as the dirtiest offensive line in the whole league, which is why the team isn’t being very vocal or quick to insult something they readily practice.

    And also, how can you even blame Slausen or the Texan’s linemen for doing what’s perfectly legal? The league doesn’t care about safety at all unless it’s QBs or WRs.

  9. Way to take the high road, Brian! Well, except for the that little steroid thing you tried to get away with in the past. Oh, and that whole chop block scheme your organization uses that does the same thing to opposing players. Other than that, stay classy, Texans!!

  10. One mans opinion

    This play is only getting complicated because people are reading to much into it. It was dirty and the intent was to injure. If it looks like a duck, acts like a duck and quacks like a duck there is a pretty good chance that that is exactly what it is.

    I hope Art Shell is the guy that hears the appeal. He played against enough Buddy Ryan teams/defenses to know what kind of a coach would coach this move. Slausen said it himself “only doing what I was coached”.

    It is good for Brian to be moving on…. Sure wish I could but this is a chafing rash that will not go away.

  11. Why is the league not investigating Rex for bounties. He put one on bush and this is more evidence of his dirty ways. At least in NO they didn’t actually hurt people and destroy careers.

  12. Would you idiots quit comparing this to the zone blocking cut blocks???? That scheme is not “miss your block initially, then turn around and desperately dive into the guys knees further down the field…”

    Was it dirty? Not sure, but it wasn’t done the way it was drawn up. Slausen mised his block intitially. Should it be legal? No.

    Is anyone saying this is OK to do? We need a clear rule change, and if it stops all zone blocking, so what. It may take a few drafts, but even the Texans will adjust.

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