DeSean Jackson “not necessarily” returning punts on Sunday

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With the Eagles struggling on punt returns this season, there’s been some speculation about DeSean Jackson replacing Damaris Johnson as the returner.

Jackson has a career average of 10.6 yards per return and he has taken four punts back for touchdowns over the course of his career. Johnson has returned eight punts for 48 yards so far this season, which leaves the Eagles ranked 28th in the league in returns. Special teams coach Bobby April said this week that that Jackson is prepared to do the job if the Eagles decide to put him in the role and Jackson said he’s ready to do anything “that would help give the team a spark.”

Coach Andy Reid was also asked about whether or not Jackson would be returning punts. He wasn’t tipping his hand either way.

“We’ll see,” Reid said, via Jack McCaffery of the Delaware County Times. “We’ll see how that goes. That’s not necessarily where I’m at right this moment.”

If the Eagles are going to turn things over to Jackson, this might be a good week to do it. The Lions kick coverage units have been poor this season, which could create a chance for the Eagles to either grab some points or put themselves in prime position to grab some points over the course of Sunday’s game.

4 responses to “DeSean Jackson “not necessarily” returning punts on Sunday

  1. For all the hype on Bobby April when the Eagles signed him, he sure sucks. Can’t say Johnson has been that bad at all, but Eagles return blocking and kick coverage has been pretty inconsistent since his hiring. Not saying it was good before, but he didn’t deserve all the hype he got. And Marty Morninweg is the worse coach on the Eagles staff. Forget all of Juan Castillo’s haters. Juan’s doing work and getting results. Marty is just plain awful. My opinion, maybe I’m an idiot and completely wrong, but that’s what I see.

  2. Djack with his frail body is one hit from being put out for a longtime , Thats why i said the Eagles should only spot him in the return game mostly in the 4th quarter when the game is close , Thats why i’m surprise the Eagles didn’t address that problem better in the draft.Against the steelers they were bug down behind the 15 yard line on every kick it seems.

  3. “That’s not necessarily where I am at right at this moment…” -Translation- Desean Jackson is returning some punts Sunday.

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