Larry Fitzgerald fined $7,875 for facemasking Janoris Jenkins

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During last week’s Cardinals-Rams game, St. Louis cornerback Janoris Jenkins was about to intercept a pass when Arizona receiver Larry Fitzgerald grabbed Jenkins by the facemask to stop him. It worked, but it cost Fitzgerald.

The NFL fined Fitzgerald $7,875 for the penalty, which is the usual fine for facemasking.

For Fitzgerald, who has an eight-year, $120 million contract, it’s probably safe to say that a fine representing 0.007 percent of that amount is not going to dissuade him from doing the same thing if faced with the same circumstance again: If Fitzgerald has to grab somebody’s facemask to stop an interception, he’ll gladly do it, especially when all it’s going to cost him is, to him, pocket change.

15 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald fined $7,875 for facemasking Janoris Jenkins

  1. When did the penalties become almost mandatory fines? I can see fines for intentionally dangerous (and unquestionably illegal) plays but it seems like the league has gotten very lazy. Rather than reviewing the plays for obvious intent, they are just fining all personal fouls if they believe the call was correct. Some guys are getting fined for legal plays that happened to result in injury. That is not right and is something the league can fix. It’s a shame that the union does nothing to protect its membership when guys do something intentionally dangerous. They sit there silently and then claim the league does nothing for player safety…while the union fights everything imaginable.

  2. The nfl only donates 5% of its profits from selling pink merchandise to breast cancer. IT IS A JOKE. The nfl boasts their commitment to breast cancer and subjects fans coaches and players to an entire month of pink shoes towels gloves. And in the end they’re only giving a fraction of goodells yearly salary. 5%? Those jerseys cost prob about 20 bucks to make and they’re sold for 150. Not to mention in 30 years when I’m watching highlights, 25% of all those amazing plays will be with everyone wearing pink. This is greed in its purest most unadulterated form.

  3. But the NFL donates all fines to charity…what that really means is that they will donate money, up to the penny, that can be written off for tax purposes. The NFL will never actually donate money that was going to be in their own pockets. Of course, the whole reason they have a PR dept is to convince us otherwise.

  4. I don’t really care about the fine as much as I care about Fitz robbing Jenkins of a pick-six. If you watch the replay it’s obvious that Jenkins would have coasted for the TD had Fitz not grabbed the facemask. It twisted his head back too, didn’t look good.

  5. Why is this being fined? Was this somehow a deliberately violent hit with intent to cause injury or something. No…of course not. Why shouldn’t this just simply be a face mask and a 15 yard penalty. Is Larry Fitzgerald a habitually dirty player who needs to be disciplined because he’s injured other players and continues to make malicious hits on other players. Again….of course not. So why is this being fined?

  6. I dont care for the cardinals.. But he should have not been fined. It was a smart move by fitz saving a pick 6. He is not a repeat offender or a dirty player. Much respect for fitz tho. God bless his mother.

  7. The league office has gotten very lazy now with player fines…c’mon, now the league reviews every game to give out fines that look intentional..this is a fast pace game and the league office should be doing other things to make league safer other than handing out fines…leave the game only and leave it up to the officials

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