Maurkice Pouncey not likely to miss much time, if any


At a time when the Steelers are dealing with almost as many injured players as healthy one, they’ve gotten some good news regarding one of their best linemen.

Center Maurkice Pouncey exited Thursday night’s loss to the Titans with a knee injury.  Per a league source, he’s not expected to miss much time, if any.

The Steelers return to action next Sunday at Cincinnati, with injury questions up and down the roster.  A loss would drop Pittsburgh down to 2-4, and arguably out of the race for the AFC North crown.

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  1. Does it matter? With or without him, the steelers are an awful team. They won’t be in the playoffs, let alone competing in the division. Pathetic group from the top down.

  2. That’s good news, the running game needs the All Pro center back. That doesn’t fix the problems on defense. I’m thinking they let Farrior go a year early.

    pathetic – definition: 1) expressing joy over a players injury, not only with the post above but when Ravens fans roundly cheered when their struggling QB Kyle Boller was injured.

    2) having no recollection of their middle linebacker’s criminal record, then posing as a judge of other teams

  3. I think he had a leg that was rolled up on. It looked bad, but I guess knees are unpredictable for that

  4. Yeah definitely tough to have a fair opinion on this one. For me the Steelers are my one of my very least favorite teams in the NFL on account of winning SB’s they never should have won, but I’m a big Pouncey fan because he’s a stellar professional competitor and you’d hate to see a guy like that have a bad break. I’d love to see Pittsburgh not make the playoffs and give some other teams a chance, but not at the expense of him individually.

  5. Steelers always persevere. Whoa. Without a doubt we will go 9-7 and squeak into the playoffs where we will accomplish what we always do: SB ring fittings. Wow life is great.

  6. bobzilla1001 says:Oct 13, 2012 8:00 PM

    Which Super Bowls shouldn’t the Steelers have won?
    I look forward to your answer.


    Superbowl 40 comes right to mind. That win is about as legit as the Chicago “Black” Sox championship back in the day.

  7. The guy who made the statement said Super Bowls, as in more than one.
    The Steelers won Super Bowl 40, 21-10. They did so without the help of a quarterback, who had a passer rating of 22.
    Plus, those fearsome Seahawks couldn’t stop Willie Parker from breaking loose for a 75-yard TD run that turned a close, 14-10, game into a route.
    After Parker’s record-setting TD run early in the third quarter, the Seahawks still had ample time to turn things around.
    Only, they couldn’t.
    The 2005 Seahawks were frauds. They were one of the NFC’s many generic Super Bowl representatives over the years who were flukes and haven’t been near a Super Bowl since. That’s the reason they’re still crying in Seattle.
    Get over it.

  8. bobzilla, that’s probably the only post you’ve ever made with which I’ve wholeheartedly agreed … although we wouldn’t have gotten there without that QB.

    As for Pouncey, he is a Dawson- and Websterlike talent. But he certainly seems to be made of glass.

  9. Deb:
    You are absolutely right. Roethlisberger played the best three-game postseason I’ve ever witnessed by ANY quarterback, before or since. He was exceptional.
    I’m deeply disappointed that he never was able to maintain that point-producing consistency that he displayed against the Bengals, the Colts and the Broncos in that amazing 2005 postseason run to the Super Bowl.
    As for Pouncey: He’s missed more games in three seasons than Webster and Dawson missed combined during their long and distinguished Hall-of-Fame careers.

  10. The guy has talent, never accused of being dirty, and you dont hear of any off field issues with him. Hes a solid overall player, but man I wish he could stay healthy. It seems like the entire O line every year has injury after injury.

  11. I would not say Pounce is made out of glass, or as some guy said – “The Human Potato Chip.” (that was funny though).

    If you look at HOW he got injured in each instance, they were legit injuries. His last one had Marcus Gilbert rolling up on his leg.

    That brings me to my second point. Gilbert plays a bit top-heavy, is often taken off-balance and is a lunger. The end result is Gilbert plays the role of 330 pound bowling ball to our best offensive linemen (who play the role of pins). I was really hoping he’d have developed further this year with a full off-season and some experience from the prior year playing on Sundays.

  12. bobzilla’s enormous hard on for Ben is really massive. He can’t wait to post his daily diatribe against Ben, noting every negative stat while ignoring any positives. New day, same old thin, yawn.

  13. steelerwhatever:
    You must have a reading-comprehension problem. I’m pretty sure I praised Roethlisberger for having played well in the 2005 postseason. I believe the word I was “exceptional.” What? Exceptional isn’t goodenough for you love-strucked teeny-boopers?
    By the way: Thanks for noticing that my errection is “enormous.” Your evaluation of my manhood is creepy, but accurate.

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