Mike Smith one win away from Falcons record


In what arguably says more about the team’s history than its present, Falcons coach G.M. Mike Smith is one win away from tying the all-time franchise, in only the sixth game of his fifth season.

As explained by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Smith likely won’t want any attention if/when he ties Dan Reeves with 49 victories with a triumph over the Raiders.

He deserves something,” safety William Moore said.  “I’m sure we’ll come up with something.”

Giving Smith a game ball may not work.  “Knowing Smitty, he probably wouldn’t be too happy if we did that,” center Todd McClure said.  “He’s going to try to downplay it as much as possible.  But I think it shows what this organization has done over the last four or five years.  From all the way at the top, they are trying to get a winning culture around here.  They brought in the right guy for that.”

They sure did.  In 2007, the Falcons were as low as any pro sports organization can get, with Mike Vick indicted for dogfighting in July and then suspended indefinitely and coach Bobby Petrino pulling a Colts-out-of-Baltimore-style disappearing act late in the season.

Even though the process that resulted in the hiring of Smith and G.M. Thomas Dimitroff at times seemed clunky and disorganized, the Falcons have been one of the best regular-season teams in the league since 2008.  And they’re definitely one of the best teams in 2012.

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  1. bobulated says:Oct 13, 2012 6:03 PM

    If Vick doesn’t get busted, Dimitroff ,Smith, and Matt Ryan all end up elsewhere. Talk about working out for the best.


    Yeah, those 3 have brought a whole lot of Lombardi tro… Wait, no they didn’t.

  2. 49 wins? That’s not even that impressive, it speaks more to how awful the Falcons have been.

    The only worse mark is the Cardinals, at 44 (which Wisenhunt tied in Week 4, don’t recall an article about that)

  3. a bottom tier fanbase=Atlanta Falcons according to nfl.com, huh we all know falcons can have a successful regular season, but these guys flop as usual in big games during the playoffs.

  4. Think about this:

    The last time the Atlanta Falcons won a playoff game:

    Jim Mora was the head coach, but he really wanted to coach the Washington Huskies. Greg Knapp was the O.C and was so predictable, the defense used to tell the Falcons what their play was before they hiked the ball.

    They had the smallest Offensive Line in the NFL. They had an aging RB in Warrick Dunn. They had Brian Finneran and Roddy White was a rookie at Wideout. As a matter of fact, the best receiver they had was Alge Crumpler, the TE.

    And Mike Vick was their quarterback. The playbook never left the backseat of his car. The dog-fighting enterprise was so huge that I’ve heard of it and I’m a long way away from dogfighting. (I thought it was the OTHER NFL player that was a well-known dog-fighter- a certain former player with Falcons ties.)

    That made Vick, in essence, a part-time quarterback. And the owner loved him like a son and put him in the Guiness Book of World Records with the biggest contract in NFL history (at that time).

    THAT Freakshow won playoff games! As a matter of fact, Vick went to the NFC Championship game!

    Matt Ryan? Mike Smith? Dimitroff? Roddy White (without Vick?) Not… One… Playoff… Victory.

    Until then, I can care less about anything anyone wins in the regular season. Win me a playoff game first.

  5. They sure did. In 2007, the Falcons were as low as any pro sports organization can get, with Mike Vick indicted for dogfighting in July and then suspended indefinitely


    And was also the last time the Falcons won a playoff game.

    I guess Matty Ice needs to kill a few dogs.

  6. I love all these ppl always on falcons post talking smack about them. I’m not on your favorite teams page posting negative things. I could care less about your team. Almost sounds as tho one would be jealous of what Atlanta has accomplished. Sure postseason is the next obstacle but if you were to say in 08 (after all the turmoil they ensured) that the falcons would have 4 straight winning , 3 postseason appearances and that they would be second amongst NFL teams in wins in that span. Ppl would have thought you were high.

  7. Thanks a lot manneyicey, like the Raiders had a chance in hell to beat the Falcons at home…

    And then you have to rub Greg Knapps’ name and his totally predictable offense in Raider Nations face…damn you!

    If the Raiders hold Matty and the Falcons under fifty I will be shocked…this game could be laughable. (Pretty much like all Raider games lately)

  8. Wow, every single post is from a troll talking about playoff wins.

    What are you going to say when they do win one. Is that when you jump on the bandwagon?

  9. I am so sick of this can’t win in the playoffs crap. We get it, we know, but please let’s give the Falcons credit for what they have done.

    Funny how none of the other posts about any other team doesn’t have the phrase, “Well let’s see what they do in the playoffs”

  10. I love it when people bash Matt Ryan and the Falcons for being 0-3 in the playoffs. How many playoff games did Peyton Manning win in his first 5 seasons?

    As of today Ryan has 48 wins and 19 losses (22 including playoffs). He has put together 4 straight seasons with a winning record with a franchise that had never even had back-to-back winning seasons in its’ over 40 year history.

    Yep, Matt Ryan has lost to 3 eventual Super Bowl teams in the playoffs in his first 4 years. He is obviously terrible and you all might as well pile on and bash him for it.. while you still can.

  11. Those that keep referring the playoff record are generally shortsighted people. Shortsighted people’s intellect speaks for itself.

  12. Yup, the Falcons are so good that the Raiders are crazy to even show up for the game.

    Really, why even bother going. The Falcons are amazing, almost inhuman.

  13. I can’t believe the sour comments made by some rather small-minded individuals regarding a significant turnaround in a previously struggling NFL program.

    To scoff at this accomplishment as not being worthy of note is incredibly shortsighted and

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