Reggie Wayne’s lesson: Drink water, not soda

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Colts receiver Reggie Wayne is coming off the best game of his career in Sunday’s win over the Packers, but he had to fight through severe cramps to finish the game. And Wayne says there’s a simple reason for that: He was consuming soft drinks.

Wayne says that soda was the primary culprit in his cramps, and drinking too much soda taught him a lesson.

“That’s me being a victim of sodas and not enough water. I know better than that,” Wayne said, via Phil Richards of the Indianapolis Star.

That’s a valuable lesson for you kids out there: Drink water, not soda. Perhaps Michael Bloomberg will recruit Wayne for his anti-soda campaign.

20 responses to “Reggie Wayne’s lesson: Drink water, not soda

  1. Anything with caffeine in it is a diuretic and dehydrates you. The sugar rush is short-lived and will make you crash, too.

  2. cush2push says:
    Oct 13, 2012 10:26 AM
    i dont always have 200 yard games but when i do i drink Pepsi


    Good one…well done, sir.

  3. Uh, Reggie, I heard there’s an amazing new thing on the market that replaces electolytes and stuff when you sweat. I think it’s called “Gatorade”, or something like that.

  4. I find it almost hard to believe that a pro athlete would consume that poison. When your body is your meal ticket, why would you ever do something so silly to hurt it?

    Seriously, pop might be the worst thing you can possibly drink. It has sodium, which keeps it from quinching your thirst. The sodium and caffine combine to actually dehyrdate you. It’s loaded with sugar and hollow calories that your body has a hard time converting to energy. The carbination makes you feel heavy and bloated. And, It’s so acidic it litterally eats the enamel right off your teeth.

    There is no nutritional value to pop. None. Drinking beer might actually be healthier in some ways.

  5. Health and Wellness freaks, no one cares about your long winded tale of the dangers of soft drinks. So he got cramps, big deal, he still killed my Packers. Take your hippe clean living agenda and stay off the sports boards.

  6. @billboy88

    There is no nutritional value to pop. None. Drinking beer might actually be healthier in some ways.

    absolutely correct. it is harmful to a person. it is especially harmful to children. makes a person wonder why certain things are illegal because “they are harmful” and certain things are legal but “they are also harmful”.

    don’t accept the government’s word that pop is ‘ok’ for kids but beer is not .. ask the kids growing up in germany.

  7. Are you kidding me? With Reggie having a game like that and because the NFL is such a copy cat league you will be seeing more recievers drinking soda before, during and after. It will become so rapant the NFL will start testing for it as it will replace Atterall as drug of choice. Well maybe not.

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