Report: Hernandez expected to play in limited role Sunday

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The Week Six availability of Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, who is listed as questionable with an ankle injury, has been an ongoing mystery all week. Until now.

Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe reports that Hernandez is expected to be active for Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks, but he’ll likely play in a limited role.

Per Bedard, the specifics of Hernandez’s role will be determined “based on how he feels on Sunday,” although he’ll likely be a platoon-type tight end, perhaps rotating with Daniel Fells behind Rob Gronkowski.

Bedard suggests Hernandez might only play 15-20 snaps.

14 responses to “Report: Hernandez expected to play in limited role Sunday

  1. Let this guy heal completely. Its not as though he is so valuable you would risk an injury and play him. That is a self defeating effort

  2. I’d agree they should probably wait another week to let him keep healing. Their offense hasn’t slowed much if at all since he’s been out. Not worth re-aggravating his injury by playing him early and then losing him for even longer.

    Seattle’s defense isn’t that demonstrative anyway to where they’d need every offensive weapon they have. They’ve been playing some one dimensional teams with some porous offensive lines (Packers, Cowboys)

    Patriots will get their Run game going and in combination with Brady going no huddle, their pass rush will have trouble getting home.

    New England rolls

  3. @southpaw447 not demonstrative? Thats funny seeing that we are team is #1 in least yards. And dallas is one dimensional? Murray is pretty good. We will stuff your run all day like we did with williams last week. Watch more seattle games before calling out are defense out like that.

  4. I feel its better for him to be on the active rooster at least because it just makes the Seattle defense work harder in preparing for the Patriots over the next 16 hours.

  5. Nasty wind and rain forecast for game time . Brady with a sore shoulder , Hernandez has an ankle … fans so loud they cause earthquakes . Sacked Rogers 8 times in the first half alone . #1 defense in the NFL . Gonna be a long flight home to Bean Town after the loss .

    … might be best if Hernandez just has a seat and watches .

  6. Hernandez would not be the difference today even if he were fit. Wes is the man, the corners aren’t built to cover slot receivers and bill is going to force Seattle to beat them through the air and personally i don’t think Wilson will be able to.

  7. You’d be crazy to start him this week


    I have AP, didn’t start him week 1 cause he was gonna have “limited snaps,” scored 20 points

    Have Mendenhall, didn’t start him in his first week back cause he would see a “limited role,” scored 15 points

    Now I have Hernandez. Dare I get burnt 3 times?

    These guys are pros and if they can’t play, they won’t. If they’re back, they are good to go.
    Play your studs!

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