Schaub defends Andre Johnson’s reduced production

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Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson’s snaps are down this season. He’s also seen fewer targets in the passing game than tight end Owen Daniels through five weeks. There has been some chatter that Johnson is losing a step at age 31.

Texans quarterback Matt Schaub doesn’t see it, though. He believes Johnson’s diminished statistics are a product of defensive attention.

“We’re trying to get him the ball every game,” Schaub told NFL Network. “He’s obviously one of the best receivers in this league. And teams obviously know that. They gear and game plan things to take him away. We understand that.

“We still try to get him the football. But we have a lot of weapons on this offense both at wide receiver, tight end with Owen Daniels and Garrett Graham, James Casey at fullback and our running backs make a lot of plays.”

Johnson is on pace for just 55 receptions, 906 yards, and seven touchdowns this season.

“We spread the wealth around,” Schaub explained, “but we know that No. 80 is ready to go and have a big game at any moment.”

25 responses to “Schaub defends Andre Johnson’s reduced production

  1. Pretty sure no one in Houston cares including Andre. His talent hasn’t gone anywhere and when they need him, they know they can trust him. 5-0 is the key number right now.

  2. Dre did drop a couple of balls against the Jets but he should be the number 1 target on offense, not Daniels. When you have a specimen like Andre at WR, you throw it up to him. Fitz, Calvin and AJ have no problem with targets.

  3. Texans are doing the right thing. Division title will be a cakewalk, so its the smart mOve to keep Andre healthy and get the rookie WRs some playing time.

  4. I dont think the Texans want to rely/use him as much this season to save him from injury because that team without him doesn’t have the same dimension. I still think he will hit 1000 yards anyway and the team has good players on both sides. I also think their the best team right now in the NFL. Im going to the Rams at Dolphins game this sunday and am expecting my Dolphins to win. They look a lot better than I and prob anyone expected. All I know is that we are better than the Jets and may be in the mix for that last wild card spot in the AFC.

  5. Too many people care only about fantasy football these days. Everyone knows AJ is legit. Why take a chance turning the ball over with the running game the Texans have?

  6. Idk why the texans are doing him like that,they gone from a team that was a pass first team and scoring points and threw 1st to a running 1st defense team smh

  7. As a Colts fan, I have no problem saying the Texans are the best team in the league. And Andre Johnson is still Andre Johnson. He will be fine.

    Not firing Kubiak and hiring Wade Phillips are the 2 best moves the Texans have ever made. And it may well end up bringing them a Lombardi.

  8. Andre Johnson is the most unselfish player EVER to come out of The U. Give him credit for being a team player, a hard worker, and leader by example. Individual stats mean nothing..its all about the team.

  9. Trefkennedy, I’m pretty sure they aren’t “doing him” in any way except for the most logical one, with a keen eye towards the future and their ultimate goal of going all the way. It isn’t as if they’re not even letting him dress, he’s still playing plenty of snaps, and getting targets. Why tempt fate and risk an injury this early in the year? Isn’t one of the biggest advantages of a team with a successful run game the luxury of being able to keep WRs and defensive players fresh? I imagine the only people being “done that way” are people that have him in FF, and I doubt the Texans are overly concerned about them.

  10. @anyonebutbrady minus last season I don’t recall ppl saying “why risk him getting injured” everyone saying his still Andre but we can’t tell because their not throwing the ball anyone from 07-2010 they had one of the best passing offense while putting up 25-30 points a game, ppl wanna call Matt shcaub *hopefully I spelled his last name correct* a game manger but just 2-3 years ago he threw 4700-4800 yards smh maybe it’s just me and my generation but id like to see the old texans

  11. Texans quarterback Matt Schaub doesn’t see it, though. He believes Johnson’s diminished statistics are a product of defensive attention.

    What, the league just figured out he’s good?

  12. A few years ago we had to throw the ball non stop because our D was real real bad. Now we control the game clock. When we need him I still believe in AJ.

    Oh and I do have him in FF and would rather he gets 0 points a week as long as the Texans get the W.

  13. Stories like this are exactly why I quit doing fantasy football. Almost every player in the NFL would rather be undefeated than keep their stat line inflated. The Texans are playing great football. Why ruin that?

  14. Andre has been the nr 1 target for 10 yrs and has produced 723 catches 9939 yds but only 54 TD’s…..that is 5.5 tds a year….he has never had double digits in tds even when he was having those two great yardage years…those are the great years of his career….he has dropped ball from day one….
    Now his team mates are making excuses for him that is hen it gets bad and sad……time for Martin and Posey to step up…..

  15. He has hit that dreaded number in football….. 30. When a guy turns 30 his numbers go down most of the time. Still a big threat though.

  16. blah blah blah..

    team player…unselfish…great guy…he’ll be fine…

    bottom line:

    Johnson has missed a ton of games the past two years and injuries are catching up to him. He’s not the player he once was. He’s on the wrong side of 30. He got schooled by Cromartie last week. Pushes off every route and drops the ball in coverage.

    He’s washed up.

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