Weeden explains his “ego” remark

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Friday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network featured an interview with Browns rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden.  You know, the “rookie” who’ll turn 29 on Sunday.

Weeden explained to cohost Erik Kuselias the recent remark that the former baseball player needs to take his ego out of the mix when throwing passes.

“I don’t mean it the way it sounded,” Weeden said.  “Ego, meaning you can’t make every single throw and try and to be overly aggressive and try to think you can make every single throw.  This league is too tough.  The DBs are way too good.  You’ve got to check the ball down at times.

“I compare it to playing golf.  If you’re out there with guys who can hit it 310 yards, put your ego aside and hit 280 down the middle, that’s kind of the way it is at QB.  Put your ego aside.  You’ve got to be aggressive.  I’m never going to not be aggressive.  But you’ve got to be smart about it.  There’s a couple of plays I haven’t been smart this year.  Check the ball down and move to the next play and put our team in a better situation.”

The problem is that the team isn’t in a good situation.  They’re 0-5, and they get arguably their last, best chance for a victory before the Week 10 bye when the Bengals come to town on Sunday.

“We need a win,” Weeden said.

Indeed they do.  Otherwise, Weeden will be faced with the reality that the next head coach may want his own quarterback wrestling with the ego-based dilemma of when to try to squeeze the ball into a place it likely won’t fit.

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18 responses to “Weeden explains his “ego” remark

  1. I understood what he said this first time, and his explanation makes sense. Weeden if given the chance will put together a nice 5 yr stretch. While its not ideal, it’s better than Tim Couch.

  2. If they finish with the worst record (which looks very possible), do they take Barkley #1 overall or someone else? For the sake of Browns fans, I hope Holmgren is fired because there’s no way he swallows his pride and takes another QB in the 1st round

  3. “the next head coach”. God I hope you’re right. This team gets Shurmured every week. Terrible hire.

  4. From an outsider looking in, Weeden and the offense haven’t done too bad given their wideout situation and rookies in key positions… The defense has to step it up though. Too many 300+ yard passing games and too many points given up

  5. If you take away his ABYSMAL first game against Philly, his numbers are pretty decent. They’d be even better if Greg “Stone Hands” Little hadn’t dropped so many passes. Yes, Weeden needs to make some better decisions but he is playing better than I thought he would, and the offense is already better than last year (even with all the drops). He already has more 300 yard games than Colt had in 21 starts. Hasn’t translated to wins yet but it’ll come. Just as long as Shurmur doesn’t get in the way!!! And if the Browns do end up with the first pick, take Clowncy from SC!!! That kid is a freak!!! And sign a friggin’ veteran WR next year!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

  6. its easy to read some stats or watch some lowlights of a game and write an article about how bad the browns players are… its a young team and its going to be a GOOD team with THIS qb. ive ACTUALLY seen the games

  7. How about Cleveland stop with that ridiculous run pass ratio. How about running your stud RB more than 15 times a game while having your rookie QB throw LESS than 40 times a game. That’d probably help.

  8. realfann says:
    Oct 13, 2012 4:15 PM
    Why the quotes around “rookie”?

    You don’t think he is one??

    Since my last response to this was deleted, let’s try this again.

    It’s because Florio goes out of his way to take a shot at the Browns in just about every article he writes! Yes, this team is 0-5 and has lost 11 in a row. That sucks, but the team is improving. People just don’t want to give them any credit because they’re the current “doormat” team (I’m well aware they have been horrible since ’99).

  9. Although I haven’t seen every game or snap, this guy has looked pretty good. Ive seen him perfectly hit Little in his hands on 3 3rd downs and on 2 TD passes, one of which was a beautiful 40 yrd throw, but they were all dropped. I’ll trade you him for Sanchez and Tebow?

  10. food for thought: every drop by Little isnt a ‘stone hand’ drop. the ball goes THROUGH his hands, which makes me wonder if he has something wrong with his hand-eye coordination.

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