Bucs improve to 2-3, Chiefs still haven’t led a second

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The Buccaneers improved to 2-3 with a convincing 38-10 victory over the Chiefs.

But since the combined records of the two teams they beat (along with the Panthers) is 2-9, it’s hard to know if they’re any good themselves or not.

The Bucs dominated this one in every way, even if they didn’t look dominant.

They outgained the Bucs 463-260, and with quarterback Josh Freeman throwing for 328 yards and three touchdowns and Mike Williams catching four passes for 113 yards and one of the scores.

Only a bizarre special teams touchdown gave evidence the Chiefs had any life Sunday.

Backup running back Shaun Draughn blocked a Michael Koenen punt into the end zone. Rather than falling on it for a safety, the Bucs punter picked it up and tried to throw, but it was picked off by backup linebacker Edgar Jones.

Jones made an athletic play just to get to the ball, but then dove and got the ball inside the pylon for the score, snapping a streak of eight quarters without a touchdown for the Chiefs.

All the fans calling for the concussed Matt Cassel to be benched should hush now, as Brady Quinn was a miserable 22-of-38 for 180 yards with two interceptions. The only thing the Chiefs can do is run, and they didn’t do that Sunday, with just 80 yards on the ground.

Since their only win of the year came against the Saints in overtime, and the Bucs scored first, the Chiefs haven’t led for a second of regulation time this season.

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  1. “All the fans calling for the concussed Matt Cassel to be benched should hush now”

    No, they’ll just be calling for Stanzi.

    Neither of Quinn’s picks were on him, but he was a checkdown machine today. Threw way too many wayward balls, didn’t take chances to Bowe downfield. It wasn’t pretty.

    He still wasn’t any worse than Matt Cassel has been this season. He was Matt Cassel without the garbage time scores. Cassel’s thrown maybe two touchdown passes while the games have been in contention.

    Regardless, BQ blew his chance at a renaissance.

  2. “even if they didn’t look dominant.”
    I see you didn’t watch the game, when just about every second play KC ran seemed to get stuffed in the backfield it looks dominant.

    “They outgained the Bucs 463-260,”
    The Bucs outgained the Bucs?

  3. I wonder if Peter King still thinks the Chiefs are going to win the AFC West??? If I was that bad at my job, I’d be fired.

  4. This is the worst Chiefs team I’ve ever seen and I’ve been a fan my entire life. Time to clean house.

  5. the buccaneers may have beat two teams combined 2-9 but the Bucs have been in all the games they lost including last game vs the Redskins should’ve beat Dallas too lol

  6. Let’s face the facts and not beat around the bush, nor try to be politically correct, Crennel is an awful “Head Coach”. This team has not been mentally read to play any game this season, and that is a direct reflextion of the head coach. This team is a embarassment when it comes to penalties and fundamentals. All you get are turnovers and mistakes. That is the coaching, it’s like were back in Cleveland all over again. We have to start our look for a new head coach, GM, and QB.

  7. Well, this one was written by a hater. That was a pretty dominant defensive performance today. Apparently, this David Gnat doesn’t understand what he’s watching.

  8. I have been a huge Chiefs fan ever since SuperBowl #1. But really truly from the bottom of my heart if Clark Hunt doesn’t do something really major in the offseason (like getting rid of Pioli and Crennel) Iam going to move on. A person can only take so much of this ridiculous behavior by an owner. The Chiefs have truly become a joke around the league. Did you hear the comments by the analyists who did the game today? Rich Gannon got so many digs in that I felt like there was a knife in my ribcage.

  9. Romeo Crennel is an outstanding defensive coordinator.

    As a head coach, he leaves plenty to be desired.

    The Oakland Raiders-Kansas City Chiefs matchup in a few weeks will be the battle of the bad.

    Tough times have fallen both teams, still, when ever the Raiders and Chiefs play, it’s usually been a a good game.

  10. The worst thing about Quinn’s performance (and it was terrible) is that Tampa effectively has no pass rush now that Adrian Clayborn is gone for the year. No sacks, just not that much pressure in general. Quinn turned to the checkdown over and over again when he really didn’t have to. Utter panic.

    At least Tampa appeared to try to dispense with the short passing game this week; Freeman doesn’t have the kind of touch or exact accuracy that would make him anything resembling a West Coast QB, and the last few weeks were him throwing the kinds of crossing and out patterns that he just can’t throw consistently. He throws a beautiful deep ball, and you mix that with the fact that V-Jax and Mike Williams really excel at adjusting to the ball in the air, and that’s the game they need to play.

  11. I am disgusted that the Chiefs are looking to extend Pioli. He and Romeo need to go. It’s as if Clark Hunt has told Pioli to go out and be the best mediocre team in the NFL…and they have even failed at that.

    Blackouts are looming. Concession sales will decline Parking receipts will plummet. Arrowhead will look like a ghost town. And a once proud fan base will begin to again find other things to do on Sunday afternoons.

    Way to Clark. Way to alienate an entire fan base. Good lord.

  12. I have never been as embarrassed as I am right now (Winston). We are not gladiators, we are fans. To cheer for a team this bad is sickening…

  13. This is the worst team in the NFL.

    However, the Bucs arent going anywhere either. Before today they were 30th in offense and 32nd against the pass.

    The CHiefs couldnt pass the ball against a high school team, so they couldnt exploit the Bucs weakness.

    Next week the Bucs will be back to losing. The Chiefs have a bye, but they arent winning another game this year.

    Not sure that it matters, but seems to me maybe the Ravens trying to hand us the game and us refusing to win took the life out of our team. Even the few plays we did make today had nothing to do with Chiefs players doing anything special, just TB making bad plays.

  14. Chiefs are definitely the worst team in the league right now. There are others with the same record but most of them have at least been competitive in their losses.
    Losing by 28 points to the Bucs means this team is REALLY bad.
    But look at the bright side. At least Quinn didn’t fumble the ball so he is already an upgrade from Cassel.

  15. I love how I to this day have never said anything inappropriate and have only voiced my opinions about this sites writers common discern for the Bucs (I mean come on what kind of deflating second and third paragraph is that about a team that just won by 28) AND yet you still continue to delete my posts (as this one will probably be) Im not the only one who sees it. Write something literal and FACT INFORMED and I wont complain.


  16. Since Darrin the Panthers fan can’t bring himself to say it, this was another DOMINANT performance by the young Bucs run D.

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