Cary Williams: Dez Bryant needs to step up and be a man

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One of the biggest plays of the Ravens’ 31-29 win over the Cowboys was a failed pass to Dez Bryant on a two-point conversion attempt with 36 seconds left to play.

The pass was right on target from Tony Romo, but it went through Bryant’s hands and fell incomplete. Bryant shot up after the play pleading for a flag on Ravens cornerback Cary Williams with the officials, but he got none. The Cowboys would recover an onside kick and get in position for a 51-yard field goal attempt that Dan Bailey missed.

After the game, Bryant explained why he thought it should have been a penalty on Williams.

“I felt like it was a P.I. My opinion,” said Bryant, via Robert Klemko of USA Today. “Not saying I couldn’t catch it, because I feel like I can make difficult catches. But I feel like he put his arm around me. I haven’t seen the play yet. But it wasn’t called.”

Watching the play live and on several replays hasn’t left me swayed by Bryant’s opinion. There’s a little contact as Bryant makes his break, but it doesn’t look like a penalty at the point when Bryant was trying to catch the ball. It’s one Bryant could have and probably should have caught.

Williams also isn’t buying what Bryant is selling. Williams said he made the play and Bryant didn’t before laying into Bryant for complaining about the lack of a flag.

“He needs to step up and be a man. You can’t be a baby about stuff. You’ve got to man up. It’s one on one. Mano-a-mano. I got you. Sometimes you’re going to win. Sometimes you’re going to lose,” Williams said. “You’ve just got to be a man and accept responsibility, give credit where credit is due. If it was me I’d say, you know what, he made the play and I didn’t. Bottom line. Don’t complain and look for a flag, man.”

Bryant had a productive day with 13 catches for 95 yards and two touchdowns. His drop was one of two late errors, abysmal time management cost the Cowboys a chance to move closer before Bailey’s field goal attempt, that wound up making the Cowboys losers on a day when a lot of things went well for them. Mistakes in key moments have been a Cowboys hallmark for too many years. So far, this hasn’t been the year that trend changed.

47 responses to “Cary Williams: Dez Bryant needs to step up and be a man

  1. Cowboys still had a chance to win.. bad clock management and penalties cost them yardage and the game

  2. I am ravens fan, but Cary i don’t know if you were playing in the same game, but Dez was taking you to school all game , so did the previous WR all season, you need to step up and be a man as well

  3. Cary Williams needs to shut his mouth. He belongs in the Lingerie Football League not the NFL.

    I hope he realizes that EVERY team has been targeting the receiver he’s been guarding, and for good reason.

    keep your mouth shut scrub

  4. Abysmal time management is correct. they had more than enough time to run a play to center the ball and call a timeout. Had it been centered it was good but just another notch in the why garrett should be fired belt. This team will never amount to anything as long as clown coaches are hired by clown gm’s to run this team. I think Dallas is 123 and 124 since their last superbowl and one playoff win that screams failure

  5. Cowboys fan and I don’t think it was pass interference. However, even if it was, the ball hit dez in the hands. CATCH THE BALL and don’t worry about a flag.

    What is so frustrating about Dez is he does make spectacular plays but then he misses the simple ones. I don’t know if he will ever get it together. As bad as the clock management was at the end, again, there was Dez trying to argue with officials instead of hurrying back to the line to spike it for another play.

    Just unbelievable.

  6. @Camcameronsucks:
    If Cary Williams is a scrub and Dez failed miserably (again) with him covering, what does that make Dez? Dude, the fact of the matter is the Boys lost today because of Dez. You do know this third year first round pick just now got his first two TDs of the season, right?

  7. And once again Cary Williams is not calling him out because he dropped that pass that hit Dez in the hands. He’s calling Dez out because he is too busy making excuses instead of being accountable which is apparently the story of his life.

  8. Relax Cowboy Fans,

    You realize Dez turns 24 next month right?

    He was a man today. Yeah he missed that 2 pointer, but he has come along way. Its nice to see Romo actually throw him the ball more than 3 times in a game.

    I think Dez is going to continue to light up the league this season and for years to come.

    Unless of course he does something stupid like buying the Diamond Planet or beating on his Mother, in that case all bets are off.

  9. as a ravens fan I must say cary Williams is right. however, he has been mediocre at best all season. he has had three interceptions in the last there games, one was tipped the other two coming off rookie qb weeden and Romo. he isn’t good, and he will continue to be exposed

  10. @harrisryan
    Age is a poor excuse. There have beem plenty of 24 year olds that have came and gone in this league and were capable of carrying themselves as professionals. Try again.

  11. How is no one bringing up the fact that the only reason the cowboys were going for two was because Dez pushed off on the TD catch? Offensive players get away with too much.

  12. dez got away with an offensive PI on the TD right before the attempted 2 pointer. if it was me i would probably just keep my mouth shut.

  13. Not getting into the “be a man” thing, but everyone should be frustrated with Bryant today. Williams made a perfectly legal play on that ball. Romo hit Bryant with a perfectly thrown pass. And Cowboys fans were perfectly right to expect their highly paid receiver to do what he’s highly paid to do: catch the ball without making absurd excuses. My first thought in the moment was “Why did they throw that to Bryant?” He’s unreliable. He may have all the talent in the world, but you can’t count on him to make the money catch when the game is on the line.

  14. I hate when people write things like “I could have completed that pass” or “I could have made that tackle”. No you couldn’t have, you’re just an idiot.

    That being said however, that was one of the most catchable balls I’ve ever seen in an NFL game. I’ve never praised Tony Romo before in my life, but that was a money throw: exactly where it needed to be, right on time, just perfect. Bryant feels terrible about not making the catch and subsequently losing the game, so he’s making excuses.

    The point is that 1. Dez needs to step up, be a man, and not make childish excuses, and 2. Make the plays he has to make as an NFL no. 1 receiver, so that he doesn’t need to make those excuses.

    Basically, even if there was pass interference, there was no excuse for Bryant not to catch that ball. I don’t care if Cary Williams hit him with a baseball bat just before the pass, the football was literally in Bryant’s chest and he just lost it.

  15. Dez is the second coming of Roy Williams. He has size, speed, athleticism, makes some spectacular catches, seems aloof and misses easy plays, and really makes you wonder how bad he wants to be great.

  16. There is an exceptionally LONG list of things Dez needs “to step up to.” I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting, and if I were Jerah, wouldn’t be paying, while waiting.

  17. Dez is a fraud. Ravens win because of stellar resillance. Proud tobeep port the 5-1 Ravens and watch as they have room to improve.

  18. It’s always a good day when the cowboys lose.

    The only thing that would be sweeter would’ve been if they were in Jerry’s world.

    Opposing teams love that place!

  19. Yeah Yeah point is he should have caught the ball. He didn’t. Did it cost the Cowboys the game? NO! Time management cost the Cowboys the game. When their are probs with time management Blame the Lame red head guy on the sideline.

    It’s like they Don’t practice for those crucial situations. This story is not even a story. Create a story about the real reason the Cowboys lost….Garrett!!!

    The Ravens gave JGarrett a game ball.

  20. Mistakes in key moments have been a Cowboys hallmark for too many years.
    They have the permission of millions of fans to keep on keeping on with said mistakes. “Too many years”? No such thing.

  21. Funny Dez doesn’t want to mention his blatant PI that lead to his TD catch.

    Literally shoved the corner to the ground as the ball was in mid air.

  22. That was not interference. He just dropped the ball. That was blatant interference on the interception though. The Ravens DB had Oggletree in the frign’ Camel Clutch!!!

  23. Max says: Very low correlation to catching a football and being a MAN!

    you missed the point max. it’s not about “not”catching a football. it’s about how you react to “not” catching a football.

  24. alcore1 says:
    Oct 14, 2012 9:51 PM
    The Cowboys will also lose next week to the Panthers.
    I hope you are right. We won’t hear from Bryant much; Chris Gamble will shut him down. But Miles Austin is likely to have a big day against Josh Norman. Ogletree/Whitten will have big days if they get one of our awful safeties guarding them. Cam is going to have to conect on several big plays because that Dallas D-line is going to destroy what’s left of our O-line. If I were a Cowboys fan I wouldn’t be losing sleep over the game, but of course anything can happen.

    As for Bryant, he was no different on the 2-pointer than every other receiver alive. Every one of them thinks there is one and only one reason they don’t catch the pass, and that is PI. The fans have bought in as well; every incomplete pass thrown by the home team QB gets everyone screaming for a flag. It’s getting old.

  25. As a guy who worked himself up from a 6th round draft pick and former Titan practice squad player, Cary Williams has earned my respect. Just goes to show how awesome the RAVENS scouting department is.

  26. Poor coaching…when r they gonna get rid of this guy! And Bryant sucks….why would any QB trust him and throw him the ball??? Too many drops n he will be a cancer in the locker room by the end of the year if he isn’t already

  27. Glad the Ravens won, but come on Cary. You cry and pout like a baby most every game, I’ve grown sick of watching you jump around like a clown. True Dex dropped the ball and there was no Defensive PI, but he also schooled you for two touchdowns.

    I’m nervous with no pass rush and no Webb, I think it’s going to be a long day for you next week Mr. Williams.

  28. Lookout Romo ,you have competition now for scapegoat every time your team falls flat on its face.

  29. Irvin needs to take #88 away from Dum Dum. He clearly does not deserves to be in that club. Send Jenny Jones out to be a receiver since he is upset over the loss to the Ravens. Dallas can’t even beat the dust out of some carpet w/o making mental mistakes.

  30. Cary – zip it! You’re not the 2nd coming of Lester Hayes or Deion Sanders or Revis or even Lardarius Webb. You’ve been torched all season long. Until you go a few games without giving up key completions……..don’t comment about the shortcomings of others. Get in the film room. Work with your coaches on your technique. More work, less talk!

    Sincerely – Ravens fans everywhere

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