Dave Wannstedt: Bills’ D will “bounce back this week and play good”

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The statistics of the Bills’ defense over the last two weeks have been shockingly bad: In last week’s loss to the 49ers, they gave up 45 points and 621 yards. In the loss two weeks ago to the Patriots, the Bills gave up 52 points and 580 yards. Those are two of the three worst yardage totals in franchise history, and against the 49ers they became the first team in NFL history to give up 300 yards passing and 300 yards rushing in the same game. So is Bills defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt panicking?

Not at all. Wannstedt says he’s actually quite confident in his defense, and he expects them to have a big game today against the Cardinals.

No, I expect us to bounce back this week and play good,” Wannstedt told the Buffalo News. “I mean, we have proven that we are capable of that both run and pass and pressures and everything that’s involved with it. And we just got to get back to doing it; that’s all.”

Wannstedt has never been through a pair of games like these, but he says he’s been through plenty of challenging situations before.

“You go through something like this probably every year you coach, to be honest with you,” Wannsted said. “And I know this: From a defensive standpoint, if you continue to give great effort and you know what to do and you got guys that care about it, you’re going to play good defense.”

It’s rather shocking, considering the investments the Bills have made in having a good defense, that Buffalo is as bad defensively as it is. If Wannstedt doesn’t get things turned around in a hurry, it’s hard to see him having a job for long.

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  1. The Cardinals have an offense that’s nowhere near the caliber of either the 9ers’ or Patriots’ offenses, which has Wannstedt feeling pretty brave.
    Way to pick your spots, Dave.

  2. The defense is playing like they have lost faith in both Dave Wannstedt’s defensive play calling and Ryan Fitzpatrick’s offensive skills. Once they are down by two or more touchdowns, they give up because they know Fitzpatrick isn’t leading them back.

  3. How does he still keep getting hired?
    Failure follows him around wherever he goes!
    He set back the Chicago Bears into the dark ages for years with his complete lack of talent evaluation skills.
    Brian Cox was his team leader while Marcus Robinson sat on the bench the best years of his career.
    What a tool!
    He was so despised in Chicago that his first game in Miami (another foolish franchise) a plane flew overhead with the banner Wanny Still Sucks. The ignorant sportswriter Jay Mariotti made a career off of running Wanny out of town.
    Yet he still gets an NFL job.
    What a joke!

  4. Wannie and Sparano coaching the Bills D and the Jets O. Nobody down here is surprised. They represent most of the last dozen years of Dolphins fans’ misery, suffering, boredom, and failure. My only regret is they’ll both be gone after this season so lets all enjoy this version ofvthe Bolls and Jets while we can.

  5. On a team that’s serious abut winning, not looking to alienate all their fans so they can move out of town he already would have been fired after the last two weeks!
    And when did his defense show they could pressure anyone as he said they did?

  6. ‘Well’, Dave. Your defense will play ‘well’. Does no one learn grammar anymore?

    And no, they won’t play well, because you’re Dave Wannstedt.

  7. How does this guy have a job coaching football….on any level?Him and his buddy Norvel are the worst coaches in pro football.period.

  8. not disagreeing with most of the comments on here but ironic that Miami fans would have anything to say, isnt it?

    Sure you have made the occasional playoff in the time we havent, but lets face it, your franchise is no better off than us…

    You havent been really relevant since 1984 when you got curbstomped by the 49ers…include the fact that you were always chasing us from behind in the late 80’s and most of the 90’s..

    So i guess what i am saying is those who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones..

  9. The coordinators and head coach of the Bills need to be replaced at the end of this season. Chan Gailey admits to not knowing defense. Head coaches need to be a coach of the whole team, not just the offense.

    New head coach usually translates to a new franchise QB being drafted too…which the Bills need to do anyway.

    The Bills also need a defensive leader. They are missing that go-to guy for inspiration.

  10. As opposed to bouncing back and playing well, I guess. Luckily they’re not playing schoolteachers or he’d be looking at a D-. CORRECTION: This is the Cardinals, so I guess they are playing a bunch of schoolteachers. My apologies for the oversight.

  11. Why does this guy keep getting jobs? He is terrible. In fact. Why do all those retreads continually catch on.? This good ole boy network, doesn’t really work for the NFL

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