Eagles’ turnovers, Lions’ penalties continue


In news that should come as a surprise to exactly no one, a game between the Eagles and Lions is filled with turnovers and penalties.

Michael Vick has had trouble holding onto the ball all season, and this week’s tactic of having to hold a football at all times hasn’t helped. Vick and Eagles center Dallas Reynolds have twice misconnected on snaps, with Vick recovering one of the two fumbles and the Lions recovering the other. Vick has also thrown an interception, with safety Louis Delmas returning to the field today and recording the Lions’ first interception of the season.

But the Lions lead only 6-0 in large part because they can’t get out of their own way. Midway through the second quarter, the Lions already have nine penalties for 66 yards. False starts, offsides, and personal fouls are the norm for the Lions, and today is no exception.

This is some ugly football from both teams.

12 responses to “Eagles’ turnovers, Lions’ penalties continue

  1. Don’t forget to add that Stafford continues to stink this year. Love the D’s intensity but needs to watch the pens.

  2. More of the same from Vick. The Eagles defense is keeping them in it and Megatron has been quiet but the Eagles offense has got to find some continuity.

  3. It was Dallas Reynolds’ fault that the Eagles fumbled not Vick’s.

    The interception on the other hand was all on Vick but the Eagles offensive line is going to get him killed.

  4. Andy Reid the play calling suck run the ball. That o line couldn’t hold air, I feel bad Vick but he keep getting up

  5. I honestly believe that Linnehan goes into halftime and says…”Fellas…we were THIS close. Let’s keep doing what we’re doing. No need for adjustments. That’ll out smart em”

    Is there any wonder why he was fired as a head coach before coming to the Lions?

  6. I know many people blame the O-line, which is not perfect, but Vick only throws to receivers when they get wide open. He only had one pass today inbetween 2 defenders and I would guess he didn’t see the saftey over top or he would not have thrown it. Foles and Edwards had worse lines in front of them in preseason and completed passes downfield. It can be done, just not with Vick.

  7. I see alot of vick hatred up here but he didint give up 250 yards and 17 points in the fourth. He is not the one calling the plays. When you have a ten point lead with 3:45 left you run the ball. He played a good game and gave his team the lead as he has done all 6 games they have had a lead in the fourth and thats what you want your qb to do. So stop with all the vick hate, cause its not all on vick. Who is the o line coach he need to be fire now, this is a true eagles fan not someone who say that look at one person and try to put the blame on him. The whole team as a whole need to get better

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