Fan stabbed on his way in to Candlestick Park for 49ers game

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In yet another instance of violence directed at a fan going to an NFL game, a man was seriously wounded when he was stabbed near Candlestick Park today as he was heading in to watch the 49ers play the Giants.

San Francisco Police Sgt. Michael Andraychak told the Associated Press that two men have been arrested in the stabbing of the 27-year-old fan. Police say the victim and the attackers were all 49ers fans.

According to police, the victim was one of six fans heading into the stadium who were approached by the two suspects. An argument broke out and one of the suspects pulled a knife and stabbed the victim in the torso. The victim is expected to survive.

Violence in and around NFL stadiums has been a serious problem, and one that neither the NFL nor the municipalities where stadiums are located have been able to get a handle on. Ugly incidents like this happen too often.

70 responses to “Fan stabbed on his way in to Candlestick Park for 49ers game

  1. What is wrong with some people? I wish we had some sort of true zero tolerance policy in this country. Things like this are just inexcusable. People that commit crimes like this don’t deserve rehabilitation for their actions or taxpayer money paying their housing fees in prison.

  2. C’mon man. It’s a game. Hope the victim comes through OK, and the perp gets some hard time in the hoosegow.

  3. Has the violence really been a problem in the NFL stadiums or at sporting events in general in the Bay area? What’ s really going on in that part of the country?

  4. Seems like this is happening more and more. What is wrong with people? Seems like it happens all the time in this part of the country especially.

  5. Until we get more details, I wont sit here and pretend to have the answers, but one does wonder if curbing the drinking before and during games wouldnt help clear some of this crap up. Im no prude and due to the massive amounts of money generated from liquor companies sponsorship it will never happen….but it can be an issue.

  6. Someone told me that Candlestick is in the middle of the Hunters Point Area, which is low income/high crime, and that this is why they are building the new stadium in Santa Clara.

  7. Hello everyone, ITS A GAME. GAME. This may may you happy or sad based on if your team wins or loses, but in the grand scheme of things, it does not matter one bit.

    Have respect for others, and treat others as you’d want to be treated. That is all.

  8. Nothing new. How many gang fights /stabbings/ riots have happened at Candlestick? Look, if the damn Niners don’t want to be there anymore, what the hell makes you think a sane person would want to even go to a game there? Stay classy San Fran

  9. “Violence in and around NFL stadiums has been a serious problem”

    Seriously?? Where else beside SF have there been this kind of violence?

    That whole franchise is pathetic from the classless coach, to the derelict players, and on down.

  10. This issue has nothing to do with the NFL. It is a societal issue and a cultural issue. If you really want to analyze it just take a look at what’s been going on in the City of Chicago. Every weekend there are drive by shooting and multiple murders. This issue is not isolated to NFL games and stadiums, but rather it’s the greater cultural problem getting worse and it’s just now starting show up occasionally at an NFL game. The report stated that all of those involved were 49ers fans so it had nothing to do with rival fans attacking each other. It was a case of a knife wielding low life stabbing somebody because they insulted their manhood or because somebody “dissed” somebody else. This is not an NFL issue. This is a cultural problem. In fact, this is a cultural nightmare and it’s only getting worse.

  11. Man and everyone always says the raiders fans are out of hand!! The niners fans have just gotten ridiculous lately!! They start winning some games and their fans all think they’re Odogg or Trey from Menace 2 Society!!! And they think that building a new stadium will take care of all their violent fans, they must be living in a dream world!!!

  12. The problem is Alcohol and letting people tailgate 5 hours before a game. Many if not most of these patrons that tailgate walk in extremely intoxicated before the game kicks off. Add in a few trips to the concessions stand to get a few beers during the game and you have a very very dangerous situation when a zealous fan runs into someone of the opposing team’s fan base who runs his mouth. It doesn’t happen often is college football. Why? Most colleges don’t serve beer at the games. But no way will owners give up that $7 dollar beer for the safety of fans.

  13. Which is why I will never bring my child to an NFL game. The American people have completely lost the plot and their priorities are out of whack on a sickening level when it comes to pro sports.

    @thedownwardspiral – You don’t seem to get out much from under your rock. These things have been happening with stunning regularity around the country at pro sporting events.

  14. OK people we live in a violent world. Let me ask you this, what stops a random person from going outside and hurting someone else? Honestly, nothing!!! (the police will not get there fast enough) The only thing that stops 99.9% of us from doing that is our own respect for the laws of society. This country was created violently (Wars, slavery, etc), will live violently and some of us will die violently. Just a fact of life.

  15. Note to self: Never go to a game in Oakland or San Francisco. Also never go to a game involving Oakland, even when a person leaves the ghetto, the ghetto doesn’t leave the person.

    Too bad all gangbanger low lives can’t just drop dead right now

  16. According to the linked article the suspects and victim were all SF fans. God help us. The dregs of society are really establishing themselves.

  17. I’ve been going to NFL games for 35 years. Been to over 200 Tailgate Parties. I’ve seen people drink too much. However, I’ve never seen any of these people stab anyone or shoot anyone! Have I seen drunk fans in the stands, someone that swears too much around kids and the occasional fight? Of course. Don’t let the actions of a few idiots ruin the fun everyone else. Every week hundreds of thousands of fans Tailgate & Party responsibly. My kids are now 8 & 10. They’ve been coming to games with me in Chicago for 5 years now. NEVER once have I been afraid for their safety.

  18. Precisely why they are moving out of the ghetto. I love the city but Hunter’s point is a craphole and that’s putting it rather nicely. Unfortunately some people will be priced out of their seats, but the bright side is the trash will no longer afford it

  19. Coming from a Niners fan, I hope the guy is alright. I understand being upset and a rivalry firing people up, but this is just sad. We’re not all like this group of morons.
    thedownwardspiral says: Oct 14, 2012 11:11 PM

    “Violence in and around NFL stadiums has been a serious problem”

    Seriously?? Where else beside SF have there been this kind of violence?

    That whole franchise is pathetic from the classless coach, to the derelict players, and on down.

    A Bears fan was stabbed a couple of weeks ago in Jacksonville after a game. You’re right, only Niners fans do this. Philly fans are always super nice to fans of other teams…

  20. When I was just a kid i remember hearing that Candlestick Park was in a bad area. Hunters Point i believe. That was back in ’87-91 when we were leaving in Presidio.

  21. I’ll stay in my mancave sitting on my sofa with cooked food and drinks while enjoying the games with my buddies..peace of mind and no violence.

  22. Umm its not the problem of the NFL..its a problem of the Bay Area..Some places have alot of gangs some dont…You dont hear about this stuff in most other cities..get over it..Part of life out here.

  23. Tailgating is completely safe and these are random acts of violence. Maybe not so random in this particular situation. Colts fan tailgate responsibly and I would never even consider an altercation going this far. At the Packers game last week, it was just a bunch of fans drinking, grilling and playing corn hole. We cheated and ordered from Famous Daves. full racks of ribs, pulled pork, briskets, baked beans, whole chicken, sausage. Damn it was a good day. Stuck it right on the Weber portable and heated it up as we hung out.

  24. It must be the air wafting over from Oakland that infects the 49er fans. Much like getting bit from a zombie the air turns the fans into blood thirsty animals. Stay away from the Bay area unless your packin some heat.

  25. Lock them up in a cage like the animals they are and throw away the key that’s the only answer. But the liberals especially out there in San Francisco would never let that happen. Because they can all be rehabilitated. As someone who worked as a correction officer for 25 years, no they can’t.

  26. The Hunter’s Point area is a bad crime area, but it is not the reason the Niners are headed for Santa Clara. For various reasons, mainly financial, the organization has not enticed the City to finance a new stadium to replace The Stick. Santa Clara voters approved the building and partial funding of a new stadium which will open in 2014.

  27. Obviously most of the people commenting have never passed through Hunter’s Point. You should read up on areas around stadiums if you don’t go often. I travel with the boys every year to every city for a weekend of fun and football. We went to Candlestick this year for the Lions game and before going, we quickly learned…. stay as far away from Hunter’s point as possible. There is a reason why cabs, and even cops don’t drive through at night. I’m not saying these dudes deserved it but, you can’t always expect neighborhoods around football stadiums are safe for you to go off the beaten track. This will all clear up after the 9ers move to Santa Clara, which is really far from the hood.

  28. 49er’s fans is just like they team put bountys on other fans just as well as they owns. The players just as bad as they fans, they put bountys on players it just not on paper but the stats tells it all the NFL need to look at they stats. The team with the most opponents injuries.

  29. One can get assaulted, robbed or even stabbed just about in any urban area in the US. It can happen in a street altercation – or even to an older woman beat up/robbed by some young “wilding” in the ground level/underground parking lot – such as at Mission Valley shopping center here in San Diego last week, a normally safe environment.

    Agree with ndricky731 – that some people cannot be rehabbed. Just bad to the bone and will be violent with those around them.

    And this comes from one who used to be a bouncer – years ago – at a neighborhood bar in a nice area in SF – the Marina.

  30. Been a 49er fan for more than 30 years, but what this fanbase has become makes it hard to even be a fan of this organization anymore. It is unrecognizable from the class the 49ers embodied for years. 49er fans have become the most beligerrent jerks in all of sports.

  31. Looks like it was a pathetic day in San Fran all around.

    The best part is, some 9er fans are proud of this, and it shows in their “tough” talk before each game.

    You got absolutely embarrassed in your own house yesterday – and by the sound of this story, it wasn’t just on the field.

    Grow the hell up.

  32. The sad thing about alot stadiums, is that they’re built in low income area, low property tax! The potential for this kind of act is always greater.

    You wont see noooooo stadiums/arenas built in “rich: or “wealthy” areas! they dont want that headache that comes with it!

  33. Can you enter Candlestick with knives? Just sayin’, they pat me down at Soldier Field so I’m suprised at the perp having a knife. All it takes is a few jerks to give a fan base a bad reputation and that’s too bad. I agree that it’s a societal issue and getting worse.

  34. How do the police know they were all 9er fans?Because we all know that a criminal would never wear a different jersey or lie or anything.

  35. I went to a SF game a few years ago to see the Bengals play. That year SF was supposed to be awful and before the game the fans seemed very nice. Then SF crushes the Bengals and it seemed like most of them turned into serious jerks. As the game started to turn their way, they were yelling and throwing things at us. After the game they were pretty threatening. We actually made friends with a cop while we were tailgating, and after the game he arrested a guy who threw half a beer on my friend.

    Scary place and I won’t be back.

    In contrast, I’ve been to soldier field twice and the fans there have always been very polite to us. It must be a bay area thing.

  36. This should NEVER happen. There could be 1,000 concussions and it doesn’t come close to one person being stabbed in the chest. How about the commissioner talk a little more on fan safety instead of (disingenuously some might say) harping on player safety.

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