Fletcher Cox admits he threw punch that got him ejected


Among the various regrets and lamentations arising from the 10-point lead that the Eagles blew in the fourth quarter against the Lions is the fact that rookie defensive tackle Fletcher Cox, a first-round draft pick, was ejected from the game for throwing a punch.

After the game, he admitted that he did it — and he acknowledged that his absence hurt the team.

“On the field goal, I came off the ball and ended up on the bottom of the pile,” Cox said, via comments distributed by the team.  “I felt someone hitting on me and I started punching my way out.  The referee threw the flag and ejected me from the game for throwing a punch.  I threw a punch.  I must admit I did throw a punch and he threw me out of the game.”

Cox knows he screwed up.  “It was bad, real bad,” Cox said.  “It hurt me.  When I went out, [defensive line coach Jim Washburn] told me on the sideline that it was going to be hard with just three guys and to rotate with three guys. I can’t do that.  I have to be smart about the situation.”

Coach Andy Reid kept it simple:  “You should not be punching anybody.”

That’s good advice.  Though there are plenty of reasons why the Eagles lost, not having Cox didn’t help.

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  1. Can’t put as much blame on #7 this week. Blowing a ten point lead belongs to the defense. I don’t know how much not having Cox hurt, however, a ten point lead in the fourth quarter should have sufficed.

  2. Lucky for the Eagles. In the second quarter before their drive led to their only first half points, good old DeSean Jackson threw a punch right in front of the ref, and not even a flag was thrown. Could have been gone too…. Of course, only the Lions usually get flagged for things like that, and then the press calls them out all week and calls them undisciplined and dirty. But when other teams do it, no big deal. Good win Lions.

  3. I’m usually the first to blame Vick and I was at the game – but this week, I think Reid deserves a lot more blame. The city has grown tired of Reid and his inability to change on the fly….his devotion to the pass…the city has Reid fatigue big-time. I know the grass might not be greener but he’s had since 1999…it’s time.

  4. when are you people going to learn Reid will be gone when he wants to be gone it doesn’t matter what we as fans or those media members that would prefer a better story wish for. Reid had the team run the ball plenty today how did it work out ? I almost never agree with calls that don’t work. If the play works i was all for it. Reid didn’t lose this game, Vick didn’t lose this game, everybody that stepped on the field lost the game. it’s called execution if you don’t execute you lose.

  5. Good one Reid, you and Vick need to start checking out the lay of the land in the NFL- you won’t be in Philadelphia in 2013.

    The Eagles have become very good at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory under Reids tutelage. Andy has led a .500 team since September of 2011 it’s time for a change.

    It won’t fix all this team’s problems, but a change will at least give this team and its fans some hope.

  6. Sorry guys this time it isn’t Vic. Can you say defense and Oline? Vic under pressure all afternoon, no holes or blocking for McCoy, inside or outside, so no workable play action. And what can u say about the defense. Good for 3 quarters and then once again horrid in the fourth. Hey this goes back to last season…between 2011 and 2012…..7 blown 4thQ leads. Mike gets them in front and D gives it right back. To me the whole coaching staff must go!!!

  7. Reid hasn’t done anything relevant with the Eagles since 2008. Two early exits in the playoffs in 2009 and 2010, a failure to make the playoffs in 2011, and now 2012 looking a lot like last year? Regime change seems likely at this rate.

  8. The man owned up, made a mistake. Good on him. The defense was far from the issue, when you expect them to overcome 3+ turnovers a game it’s a no-win, especially when your constantly leaving the red zone wit field goals. O is hanging the D out to dry. And Andy is not a walrus, he just has a sick stash

  9. therealhook says:
    Oct 14, 2012 10:44 PM
    And Andy is not a walrus, he just has a sick stash
    In the past, I might have agreed with you, but did you see him at the press conference yesterday? The stache is getting more walrus-like by the week. It’s like he’s trying to compensate for the weight he’s lost by growing the world’s heaviest moustache. It’s actually a pretty bold strategy: if he starts the playoff beard/beard-sized moustache in October, maybe Philly will be able to make a serious playoff run in January.

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