King confirms report that Pioli was not offered extension

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After days of scattered rumors that Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli could get a contract extension, Jason La Canfora of CBS reported on Sunday that Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has offered a two-year extension to Pioli, and that a deal has been delayed by haggling over buyout language.

Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star reported that the report is not accurate, and Peter King echoed the debunking during Football Night in America.

Per King, no contract has been offered — and Pioli’s status will be evaluated after the season.

So if the initial report is wrong, how did it come to be?  Though it’s regarded as bad form to speculate on someone’s sources (i.e., here we go again speculating on sources), it could be that the league office has been asked by the Chiefs to evaluate certain proposed buyout language in a potential offer to Pioli, and that the facts got twisted up a little in the wash.

There’s also a chance that folks who don’t like Pioli are pushing embellished, exaggerated, and/or fabricated facts in order to foment further fan discontent regarding Hunt and Pioli, fanning the flames so that Hunt will feel like he has no choice but to move on.

Either way, someone is dead wrong on this one.

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24 responses to “King confirms report that Pioli was not offered extension

  1. Common sense says no extension should have been offered. Pioli has been a terrible GM, starting with acquiring Matt Cassell.

    Mr. Hunt, time to clean house and start from scratch.

  2. As a Chiefs fan, I never thought any coach/GM combo could make me long for the Herm and Carl days, but somehow Pioli/Crennel has done it.

    Pioli is a complete fraud. If Clark Hunt extends his contract he might as well take out an ad in the KC newspaper with a picture of himself giving the fans the middle finger.

  3. Extending Pioli would be like re-electing Barrack Hussein Obama as President of the United States. Just can’t do it. Wake the (expletive) Up, registered voters (channeling Samuel L. Jackson)

  4. Oh, Pioli’s gone. he better hope he has the Josh McDaniels Patriot retirement plan after screwing up somebody else’s franchise waiting on him, too.

    I wonder if Cowher would take this job since they’ll be going clean slate once Pioli, his lackeys, and his bust QB are all fired at the end of the year.

    There are other pieces there that I think Cowher would want to work with after plugging in a young QB to groom in that weak division. The Chiefs have talent, but when you insist on hiring a bad HC, continue on with a backup QB, and justify never spending any money in free agency, it ends up looking like the 2011 and 2012 Cheifs.

  5. @jacobslatter- Yeah, let’s hand the keys over to a mormon- way to think it through.

    Research the religion and get back to me. It’s a borderline cult. So yeah, wake the (expletive) up buddy.

    To hell with being PC people. It is what it is- multiple wives and magic underwear and all…

  6. Why you ever seriously consider extending Pioli’s contract. Just look at the Chiefs track record. Whatever happened to Dabolls’ offensive scheme.

  7. This is the Best news so far this season for Chiefs fans. Sad to say, but so true.

    Someone earlier in this thread said that they long for Herm. Agreed. As we all know, Herm once said, “You play to win the game” in reference to one play in a single game. Pioli and Romeo should live by those words every Sunday.

  8. So Pioli brought in the Browns former HC, OC, RB, and QB. Good call. Yeah he totally deserves an extension. The Broncos tried something similar with the Browns defensive players. It was called the Brownco defense. Mike Shannahan was fired. Seriously though, I’m positive this will work out. The Browns, one of the worst teams in the league over the past decade+ didn’t have a use for those key personnel, but they’re definitely a steal. Everyone in Cleveland agrees completely that Romeo is a really, really nice guy. Too bad Pioli didn’t watch any of his past games before hiring him, but at least he didn’t bring in Mangini, right? Trying to recreate the New England thing, no matter where you are doesn’t work. The Jets, Broncos, Browns, and now Chiefs have tried it. It doesn’t work. New England is all Belichick. Pioli’s decisions have been suspect at best.

  9. Until his latest ,and in all likelihood, temporary stop in K.C., Pioli’s entire career in professional sports, has been a “yes man” for Bill Belichick. Wherever BB went, Scott would follow as BBs personal GM.
    Like so many, actually ALL, of Belichick’s lackeys, without BB’s leadership, they simply can’t make it on their own, e.g.Crennel, Mangini,McDaniels and Weis, just to name a few.
    As BB, made virtually EVERY decision on football operations, is it no wonder that the people who were given “figure head”status, while in BB’s employ, are having difficulties acting on their own?
    Look for Pioli to wind up back under BB’s skirt, following orders like the good soldier that he is.
    Of course, as Bill Parcell’s son in law, he’ll always have a job in the NFL.

  10. Maybe in some alternate universe Pioli gets a contract extension but not this one. Heck, KC is prolly going to go 2-14 this year!

    Still, what’s happening in KC is that they can’t get anyone to go there. They can’t get a decent GM, they can’t get a decent coach, they just have to settle for table scraps. I mean, comeon. They hired a flaky Haley then replaced him with failed HC Romeo Crennel. That’s going from bad to worse. I don’t think KC even has a defensive coordinator do they? And didn’t they have that other humongous OC in Charlie Weis who quit on them right before the playoffs?

    This team is the biggest train-wreck in the NFL. I don’t even buy Hunt’s ketchup anymore; God knows Clark Hunt screwed that up somehow too.

  11. mullman76 & jacobslatter

    Uh, I thought this article was about a crumb bum GM, not poor analogies and crazy political hoo-ha. Either way, KC’s GM has ran a storied franchise into the ground and deserves das boot.

  12. Here are some predictions made by Jason La Canfora.

    Steven Spagnuolo will sign with the Eagles. – The visit to Philly didn’t happen and he signed with the Saints.

    Redskins to trade up to the 2 spot to draft Gabbert. -Redskins trade down after Gabbert falls to them at 10.

    Redskins will not attempt Haynesworth in free agency. Their cap position makes it impossible. – They sign Haynesworth to richest contract for a defensive player in history.

    Redskins will attempt to trade Haynesworth before the free agency / draft / training camp / first game. – Despite mulitple guesses Hayensworth ended up hanging around like a bad smell.

    Haynesworth impossible to trade now. – Redskins trade Haynesworth to the Patriots.

    Jason La Canfora ‘s reports almost always sound like the sort of thing anyone who reads the sports pages could make up. Obviously that is just a co-incidence but you have to wonder what is stopping reporters from just making this stuff up. No one calls them on it when it turns out to be completely wrong.

  13. How many failures does there have to be from New England to realize the one simple truth of that organization: They win and they lose based on Tom Brady. There is no genius there. No Super organization. In the earlier days last decade they had a stellar D but since then it’s all Tom Brady. The only person in the organization that has not been fired is the one that knows this truth and sticks it out. Oh Gee, what a shock! Josh McDaniels is a genius again. BB knows he has a shot as long as he has Tom Brady and isn’t going anywhere without him. pioli, crennel 2x, weis, mcdaniels, mangini 2x….
    Any system works if you have a Tom Brady at the helm.

  14. There are many Chiefs that would like to leave and play for a team that would give them a chance to play in the playoffs and fully understand it will never happen in KC.

  15. Pioli is the bum who brought in a very below average QB by the name of Matt Cassel. He also let Kyle Orton slip away and got Brady Quinn, another bad decision. The Chiefs have not led in a single game in “regulation play” thru the first 6 games. That set an NFL record according to Rich Gannon that goes back to 1983. They have 21 turnovers thru 6 games. And you want to give this clown named Pioli an extension????? By they way they could have gone out in free agency and signed Michael Bush who is having a very decent year but what do they do??? They sign Peyton Hillis who is often injured. He has missed the last 3 games. Then look at Pioli’s draft picks and tell me he knows what he’s doing. More busts than impact players by a 3 to 1 margin.

  16. Okay so let’s look at his resume since he got to KC and compare to the keys to success in the NFL.

    1. Bring in a quality Headcoach. Ummm…No x 2.
    2. Draft a Franchise QB. Nope.
    3. Build a strong defense. Wildly inconsistent at best(Only 9 points allowed to the Ravens but 38 to the Bucs).

    And now the team is the worst in the league. Thanks Scotty and buh bye.

  17. Ceases to amaze me how these people get paid such huge sums of money to make such terrible mistakes. And worse yet, not own up to them and do anything about it. Pioli and Crennel will be gone and probably the the greatest full court press in the history of the NFL will begin for the services of ex-Chiefs coach, Bill Cowher.

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