Lions come back, top Eagles in overtime

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A season-high 16 penalties and three quarters of sloppy play from quarterback Matthew Stafford weren’t enough to finish the Lions on Sunday in Philadelphia, and when the Eagles failed to put the Lions away, Detroit came back from a 10-point deficit with four minutes left in the fourth quarter to win 26-23 in overtime.

The Lions’ 16 penalties (for 132 yards) were the most any NFL team has had all year, but Detroit got a good game from its defensive line, a good game from kicker Jason Hanson, and another outstanding effort from Calvin Johnson, who caught six passes for 135 yards even though the Eagles made stopping him their top defensive priority.

The Eagles have now lost two in a row, and Andy Reid’s hot seat is getting hotter. The heat is also on Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, who threw for 311 yards but also threw two interceptions and was part of two botched snaps with center Dallas Reynolds.

The Lions’ defensive linemen finally played up to their hefty paychecks, with Cliff Avril having two sacks, Nick Fairley and Kyle Vanden Bosch sharing another, and Ndamukong Suh knocking down a pass on a big third down. All four starting defensive linemen were also part of a good effort against the run: Although Vick gained 59 yards on the ground, the rest of the Eagles’ rushing offense consisted of 20 carries for 14 yards.

Both the Eagles and the Lions look like teams that are talented enough to get to the playoffs, but neither team has much of a margin for error. Both teams made plenty of errors today, but it was the Lions who were able to overcome their mistakes and find a way to win.

65 responses to “Lions come back, top Eagles in overtime

  1. I think its time to cut ties and go with Foles. The Mike “Pick” show has grown stale in Philly. Vick won’t be there next year and its clear this is not a playoff team. Why not go with Foles now to get the experience?

  2. Absolutely pathetic. Andy should be fired immediately for calling a deep post when the Eagles had the lead with five minutes left. And–shocker alert–the Eagles blew a 10 point lead in the 4th and didn’t run the ball. ABSOLUTELY FRIGGIN PATHETIC. Fire Andy..NOW.

  3. Ugly ugly game. Lions needed to stop the bleeding. Thank god the Eagles made as many mistakes as the Lions. Surprised Vick can still walk after the abuse he took from Lions D-Line

  4. It’s good to have Delmas back. He was flying around the field, came up with a pick in his first game back this season.

  5. The Eagles have now played 6 games…

    Pass interferense has decised the outcome of all 6 games.

    The referees…replacement or not…decide the winner of 2/3 of NFL games…

    I will no longer gamble on NFL games…my “fandom,” wich belonged to the Eagles for the last 20 seasons…will no longer be of much importance to me…

    Fantasy Football will now be the only reason for me to care…

    I am sad.

  6. Hey this looks like Lions football again. Lots of penalties, good defensive pressure, kind-of-ok secondary play. If we could not suck so hard on offense in the first half, I think we’d be ready for a big run.

  7. Howard Mudd should retire, the Eagle offensive line is the worst in the NFL.I’d hate to play QB behind that line they suck.

  8. Michael Vick is awful, but the idea that Nick Foles is a solution is ridiculous. His scouting reports arent good. Even if you think he will be good, you have to acknowledge that the needs a season or two on the bench. The ebst thing he has going for him, is that Vick is so bad that it wont be hard to outplay him. However, outplaying Vick and playing well are two very different things.

  9. I am an Eagles fan in Michigan, and I honestly don’t see playoffs for either of these teams with the amount of turnovers and mental mistakes they make.

    The Eagles are highly touted every year and nearly every year, they underwhelm. I am not a fire Andy guy…but something has to change in order to improve. Turnovers are apparently acceptable if nothing changes to deter them.

  10. LOL @gosuhgo But seriously…My best friend is from philly…last time they played I lost a bet and couldn’t say anything positive about the Lions in his presence until the next season started. Today…I didn’t make that bet…but could have…but not even going to gloat. Winning this game only keeps Linnehan confident in his own ineptitude as a coach of offense.

  11. nflfollower says:
    Oct 14, 2012 5:21 PM
    Drew05—-what do you expect? That was a blatant pass interference call. It gets called every time.

    I agree, that PI committed on Burleson was a horrible no-call.

  12. Did Vick hit any secondary reads the entire game? It looked like he’d stare down his first read and then take off if it wasn’t Jackson. Has Vick looked off a safety all year?

    If not for the blown coverage that led to the Maclin TD it would’ve been alot worse.

    Thank god their defense has been showing up so far because Philly has one of the worst offenses in the NFL despite all that talent.

    Complain about the oline all you want. Nothing is stopping Vick from moving around in the pocket a little more or getting a pass off in 2-3 seconds. Every other play he’s going for the deep play which I don’t know is him just looking for his buddy Jackson or if Morningwig is just clueless.

  13. Not sure why my fellow Eagle fans are concerned. There is plenty of season left to finish 7-9, and miss the playoffs. As long as Andy and Vick can continue their mutual admiration society, it’s all good.

  14. rickastleydancemoves says:
    Oct 14, 2012 5:07 PM
    I ‘m starting to believe that Lesean McCoy isn’t as good as ESPN and Philadelphia fans want me to think he is.
    The Eagles only ran one play to McCoy the entire game.He is as good but the run play calling was terrible.

  15. I am a Lions fan but that offensive pass interference on Celek`s TD was an awful call and it probably cost Philly the game.

  16. the 2 Celek plays the bogus pass interference call and the drop were both touchdowns and the Eagles score 31 pts. and there’s nothing said about Vick, the offense gave the team a 10pt lead with 5 min. to go this one’s on the defense.

  17. 1. I couldn’t be more proud of this team. We had a 10 point deficit with 3:28 to go, and continued to fight. Clearly we have flaws, our biggest being what seems to be an inability for all three phases of football to connect in the same game. Still, the Lions continue to show “progress” as an organization. This Lions team fights with pride, mental toughness, and today, a great deal of passion.

    2. Matthew Stafford struggled immensely in the first three quarters. He missed guys, and when he didn’t, Young, Scheffler, and Leshoure dropped passes. Again though, his moxie and mental toughness shined in the fourth quarter and OT. Stafford connected on 75% of his passes in the the two latter periods, scored two touchdowns, and threw for over 200 yards. Our QB will sometimes drive us nuts, but he’s proven that judging him before the final bell tolls is a grand mistake.

    3. Our D Line dominated ALL game. This game could have gotten out of hand, but Fairley played his best football, and truly looked like a first round pick. Suh was a beast. Avril played the best I’ve seen all season, and our linebackers had McCoy’s number all day long out of the backfield.

    4. The addition of Louis Delmas can’t be overstated. Delmas made play after play in the run and pass game. Houston was beat a few times, but ultimately had a huge INT. The rookie DB’s seemed to grow up a bit as well. Even Jonte Green made a great defensive breakup in the third quarter.

    5. Schwartz still didn’t coach a very good game. The one thing that can’t be argued, however, is the teams willingness to fight for him through the entire game. Today, we did that. Tactically, I disagree with much he does, but at the end of the day what matters is his team wanting to play for him; they do.

    6. Jason Hanson. Boom.

    7. I’ll take penalties when penalties are passion, hard fighting penalties. Sure, we had some awful penalties. Still, our team needs to play with an edge to be successful. Through the first four weeks of the season the Lions penalties were down, but we were 1-3. So hell, give me the penalties!!!

  18. Your dumb if you want to blame Vick that D got beat 3:45 left up by ten. That loss Is not on Vick and the o-line no QB could play behind that. You guys want to blame everything on Vick I guess he have that big play to the lions TE at the end of the game

  19. lionbloodwinning says:
    Oct 14, 2012 5:25 PM
    LOL @gosuhgo But seriously…My best friend is from philly…last time they played I lost a bet and couldn’t say anything positive about the Lions in his presence until the next season started. Today…I didn’t make that bet…but could have…but not even going to gloat. Winning this game only keeps Linnehan confident in his own ineptitude as a coach of offense.
    Couldn’t agree more. Linnehan has got to be THE worst OC in the league. I’m admittedly not a professional but I feel like I could call better plays out of my Madden playbook. He doesn’t know what to do with the players he has.

  20. Andy deserves all the blame for allowing Marty to continue with this ridiculous play call. Mike Vick is tough, but not an NFL QB. Foles please.

  21. I’m very glad we won. No one gave us a chance. I feel bad for Eagles fans. It sucks to lose a game like this.

    What decided this game was when Philly’s o-line decided to quit protecting Michael Vick towards the end of the game. That and Andy Reid preferring to throw the ball rather than rely on his running game to eat some clock.

    Megatron had a great game and is putting an end to that dumbass “Madden Curse.” I wonder how much he gets paid for being on the cover, and all the other marketing using his image? He’s already rich! I could use the money – put me on the cover.

    It really looks like the Michael Vick era is coming to an end, and that Vick could take Andy Reid down with him. It seems like Andy Reid deserves better.

  22. The problem is that most Eagles fans want to blame Vick for everything. Not everything is his fault. If the O-line sucks as bad as it does, which I do believe, then why is the putting a different QB in there the solution? Foles is not mobile and will only be killed in the pocket. Also Edwards is a statue so when those 2 do not work what next Also if this defense is so good then why are they not able to get off of the field and stop an offense in the 4th. The defense sucks just as much as the offense, so where do you begin? Stop being a dumb Eagles fan and wake up to the fact that the players as whole suck right now. I am an Eagles fan and I do bleed green, but come on it is not just Vick or Reid that need to be changed.

  23. Wow I’m a Vick fan, but he has regressed. He is always good for 2 turnovers per game. That is not acceptable for someone who is suppose to be a star in the nfl.

  24. hatesycophants – Im aware you havent been able to identify with quality football as a Lions fan, but you should know something about bad QB play when you see it. And Vick is a reckless turnover machine. So shove your ” Eagles fans” nonsense where the sun dont shine.

  25. I just can’t take this anymore. Andy & Michael = 8-8. He won’t run the ball. Calling 100 pass plays a game; you’ll never win. I’ve been an EAGLES fan since 1984. I’m sick of it.

  26. Andy Reid’s play calling is ridiculous. No way Det secondary can cover the Philly skill guys if you max protect, but he sends out 5 receivers even though Vick will NEVER get past his second read and Vick gets pounded all day. Those 2 sacks in OT from their own 20 were just plain stupid.

  27. what’s more sickening is that after the game reid holds a 3 1/2 min press conference and just says “I got to do a better job”.

    as eagles fan, lions deserved to win this game.

  28. it is vicks fault. he cant keep ahold of the ball and hes not improving as a qb either. he’ll start after the bye, but if he dont improve foles gets it the next week. foles will be good. he has more poise at the position than anyone on the team. reid does need to change if they are to win. i dont think that will happen.

  29. Turnovers did not beat the Eagles!!! Hello, Eagles were up by 10 with 4 minutes left in the game!!!! All the uneducated fans that want to place the blame on Vick need to have their heads examined!!! In the immortal words of Bart Scott “THAT DEFENSE COULDNT STOP A NOSE BLEED”!!!! Losing a 10 point lead at home with 4 minutes left in regulation is inexcusable and has nothing to do with first half turnovers!!!!

  30. @bohica so your saying that the whole Eagles team is terrible, but it isn’t Reid’s fault? Reid made this team, it’s his team. What about play calling? 3 passing plays on the last possession in the 4th quarter.

  31. @bohica it is all on Vick and Reid! Vick is terrible. 14 possessions givin to the other team in 6 games. Given to them. Foles is 6 inches taller than Vick. He can see over the offensive line. Lets not forget that Foles went to the same high school as drew Brees and shattered all of his records. He is a good QB. And on Reid, he constructed this team that you are saying is so bad. This is Reid’s team. I am also a die hard Eagles fan and I bleed green as well. (My Vick Jersey is on the side if the GSP right now) Vick only looks at his first read and if its not there he gets sacked or makes a 10 yard run. I am willing to bet that he has more sacks than 10 yard runs this year. If Reid wants to save his job than Foles will start against Atlanta

  32. I’m so sick of no credit going to the Lions. It’s always what the Eagles did wrong, not how the lions overcame numerous penalties, a slower than slow offensive start, and a 10 point deficit in one of the harshest places to play in the NFL. Great win Lions…. You lost 2 you should have won, so now you have to win 2 you weren’t picked to win…. Next week, get ready Chicago… won’t be as easy as I’m sure we’ll hear you all promote next week.

  33. bigblu73 says: Oct 14, 2012 7:48 PM

    Turnovers did not beat the Eagles!!! Hello, Eagles were up by 10 with 4 minutes left in the game!!!! All the uneducated fans that want to place the blame on Vick need to have their heads examined!!! In the immortal words of Bart Scott “THAT DEFENSE COULDNT STOP A NOSE BLEED”!!!! Losing a 10 point lead at home with 4 minutes left in regulation is inexcusable and has nothing to do with first half turnovers!!!!

    The Eagles would be 0-6 without their defense. Don’t post nonsense like this. They’ve been the only reason the Eagles have won anything, because their LEAGUE WORST offense sure isn’t. They have not played well enough to win any of the games they’ve eked out.

  34. Vick put up almost 400 yards of offense and you want to blame him, then you didn’t watch the game. I seen a game where Eli put up 500 yards and got praise you wouldn’t even new he threw 3 int in the first half. Check the stats of every QB today and see how many had two or more turnovers. This Is a team game and the team took a loss. Don’t put it all on Vick haters

  35. Vick has been shaky but more often than not he’s gone out and gotten the lead in the 4th quarter. The defense needs to thank Vick’s turnovers for distracting fans from the truth. This defense is S-O-F-T!!!

  36. 1. bobhk says:Oct 12, 2012 6:54 PM
    @mjkelly77 you must be proud of these guys!
    I’m sure you are going to be thrilled to be 1-5 next Sunday.

    1-5??? Hahahahaha!!!! It didn’t work out that way, did it, bobhk? Where are you hiding? don’t be ashamed.

  37. We’re not a football team, we’re a laughing stock. Blow this team up and start over, we need to get out of the rehab business and get back to the football business. If anyone else turned the ball over as much as dog killer does he’d be benched by now.

  38. Lions fans starting to come out of their holes again. Sad. An absolutely terrible game by both sides. Pathetic. Watch the stat watchers on either side try say something positive. Those two teams are terrible!

  39. Vick under pressure all day,when he had time he connected. Two bad snaps from the center no help either, Jamaal Jackson where r u? No holes inside or outside for McCoy.
    Defense blows 4th Q lead again. Who get them the lead despite all the pressure and sacks…Vick.
    Who over the 2011 and 2012 season has blown
    7 count ’em 7 4th Q leads..can u say Defense??? Defense no sacks 3 straight games now.
    Sorry people it ain’t on Vick…protection,play calling and no defense have a bigger hand in it.
    Defense and Andy came close to blowing lead against the Giants too. Giants were close enough to try game winning field goal and Andy’s do-over time out almost blew it.

  40. I get Vick threw two interceptions but if I recall, we were up 10 with 5 minutes left in the 4th…

    I think many just have a personal vendetta against Vick.. Everyone overlooks the real reasons behind what is happening. There is evidence that a balanced offensive approach has negated Vick’s turnovers but Marty and Andy refuse to adjust even with an O-line that is in shambles. Any QB, Vick or not, would struggle greatly under these conditions as it has proved across the league. Brady threw *56* times against the Seahawks.. 2 TD’s & 2 INTs and a… LOSS… what’s worse is we actually have an All-Pro RB. Thanks for continuing to throw all of the blame on Vick and allowing Marty to get away with murder.

  41. Better balanced playcalling –> Better O-line –> Better Vick/Minimize turnovers –> Better Time of Possession… the last 3 possessions were 3 & outs… horrible playcalling. Marty is in his own fantasy world.. The dude is a whackjob.. Listen to how animated he is during press conferences & in articles when he talks. He is driving this team to the ground!

  42. Tons of young talent. Jackson McCoy Maclin Celek…DRC, Cox….plus vets Babin Cole Ryan’s Jenkins Nnamdi…with that said….we lost the best LT in the league in Peters…then his backup and our starting Center. O line it playing terrible, but that’s not Mudds fault. Lost 2 pro bowlers. Our safeties suck and wide 9 sets us up to get gashed. That and the fact we can’t get off the field 3rd and long and Vick per snap can’t read the defense. Even when he does, he doesn’t feel TW pressure and/or makes bad decisions. You gotta ask…ya, he was clutch in 5 fourth Q’s, but did he put us in those position to lose….I believe that’s 13 turnovers by him. Brady and Rodgers couldn’t overcome that stat. The winds of change are upon Philadelphia. Bye week, and Andy is notoriously flawless afterwards, but we got Atlanta. A sub .500 start after the bye week will not go over well.

  43. I see alot of vick hatred up here but he didint give up 250 yards and 17 points in the fourth. He is not the one calling the plays. When you have a ten point lead with 3:45 left you run the ball. He played a good game and gave his team the lead as he has done all 6 games they have had a lead in the fourth and thats what you want your qb to do. So stop with all the vick hate, cause its not all on vick. Who is the o line coach he need to be fire now, this is a true eagles fan not someone who say that look at one person and try to put the blame on him. The whole team as a whole need to get better. Vick has given this team a chance to win every week even with the 13 turnovers, the only game they have really been out of is the cardnials game other then that have had a chance start looking at the defense to put blame on

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