Randy Moss “having a great time,” despite lack of action


Randy Moss may not be making much of an impact on the stat sheet, and in the past that was a recipe for disaster.

But that doesn’t mean he’s crabby.

Moss told Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com he was having a blast with the 49ers, primarily because it was a new kind of offense for him. Coach Jim Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Greg Roman preach a kind of offense that he hasn’t necessarily been around before.

That overshadows the fact he’s playing about a third of the offensive snaps, and only has nine catches for 99 yards and a touchdown this season.

“Coach G-Ro, Greg Roman, and his staff have shown me a different side to an offense,” Moss said. “And that’s the thing about being a student of the game. You think you know so much but each level or each year that you grow, you’re still learning. I think if I stop learning, then I’ll stop having the love and the passion to go out and play the game.

So, right now, I’m having a great time.”

Certainly, the level of activity is different for the guy who caught 23 touchdowns for the Patriots in 2007, and still identifies closely with coach Bill Belichick.

“One thing I still hold to my heart before I even went to New England, I thought I knew a lot about football,” Moss said. “Coach Belichick taught me a lot about football. And then when I came here to the 49ers, I’m still learning. And that’s a good thing. . . .

“I learned a certain way in Minnesota,” Moss said. “Then, I went to New England, and learned a different way there. And then coming here, it was just like re-energizing my thought process of how I thought that it was.

“I learned from coach Dennis Green and his staff. Then going to New England, and learning from Coach Belichick and his staff. Now, I’m here learning from coach (Jim) Harbaugh and his staff. It’s like the three different levels I’ve been on. I’m still learning and still having fun.”

Harbaugh raved about Moss’s approach, one which hasn’t always appeared from the outside to be so geared toward the good of the team.

“If not daily, it’s weekly, most days,” Harbaugh said. “Randy’s got an enthusiastic suggestion for what we can do or try. The neat thing about it is, it’s never a self-centered thing. It’s never how to get him more balls. It’s how it would help the team or help the group or the unit.”

A Moss that’s gone happy go lucky for the good of the team runs counter to the perception most have. But the 49ers are winning, so for the moment, it’s all working out.

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  1. Randy is a good ‘ol country boy from West Virginia, loves his Nascar, fishing, hunting, etc.

    He has to be so good for the Niners, maybe not making a difference in the stat category but the players on the team most likely grew up watching him, idolizing him, pretending to be him on that back of the endzone last second catch from your buddy to win the Super Bowl. Players and fans love Randy Moss, he is one of the greatest of all-time for the impact he had on the game during his time and now he can help a new generation of players. Randy is along for the ride with the Niners and he will have a couple of important catches for this Niner team, don’t know if they will go to the SB but they look tough.

  2. I’ve always wondered if he resented or appreciated what Cris Carter did for him in the late 90’s. Regardless, he’s my favorite Viking of all time — right up until Tice ruined everything with the Randy Ratio, he was the most exciting player I had ever seen. I hope he gets a ring before he retires.

  3. On the field, Randy has been about what any reasonable fan would have expected. His toughness after the catch is as advertised: he goes down quicker than your little sister on prom night. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to seem him blocking down the field (which is one of the most important tasks for a WR in this offense). Otherwise his value as a decoy is going to be more valuable than his actual production. We just need to hit him deep a couple of times (he’s already drawn triple coverage a couple of times).

    I think Brandon Jacobs is the blowup that is far more likely. He’s not going to suit up for the active roster consistently. A #3 running back that doesn’t contribute on special teams? You do the math. His injury has been a nice excuse so far for the coaches. However, he was healthy last week and has to be wondering what the coaches really have planned for him this year.

  4. Im still expecting that one of these weeks they’re just going to unleash him against an unsuspecting defense. Call me crazy, but I think it just might be today against a banged up Giants secondary… just maybe.

  5. Sitting out a year obviously gave him time to think about what mattered most. Plus, a lot of guys come this realization at the end of their careers. Sign on with a team in the hopes of getting a ring. It’s really the only thing he hasn’t accomplished. He’s been the best WR. Been on the best team that came up short, twice. I wish him the best.

  6. Notice he didn’t mention Chokeland when he was speaking of places where he learned about football…

  7. Moss was the most dominant receiver in history. Defense had to be reinvented because of his utter savageness.

    Go to hell green bay, your going to lose again today, somewhere randy will be smiling.

  8. Moss has so much history as a malcontent. Can a leopard change its spots ? Let’s just wait a few more weeks to see how this all plays out. I’ll bet he starts to spout off if he still isn’t getting the ball at the 10 = 12 game mark. If he stays quiet, maybe he finally has grown up. Then kudos to Randy.

  9. There’s a plan in place for randy.. Just wait, end of the season, playoffs.. Sometime around then, when other teams are banged up, randy will be fresh, and still running his sub 4.2 40…. There will be a lot of 9 routes later in the season, when db’s are wore out and tired and banged up. A whole new wrinkle to the 9’rs that people won’t be ready for. Just have that funny feeling.

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