Ravens fear Lardarius Webb has torn ACL, MRI Monday


The enthusiasm over beating the Cowboys to improve to 5-1 was muted by the fact the Ravens lost yet another of their top defensive players.

Cornerback Lardarius Webb left the game in the first quarter with a left knee injury, and a source told Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun the fear is that he’s torn his ACL.

He’ll have an MRI Monday, but even in the post-game press conference, Ravens coach John Harbaugh said it “doesn’t look good.”

The Ravens are still winning, but their defense is a shell of itself. They clearly miss pass rusher Terrell Suggs, and without Webb, their pass defense is a question.

Their run defense already is after giving up 200 yards on the ground for the second straight game.

24 responses to “Ravens fear Lardarius Webb has torn ACL, MRI Monday

  1. Boy, its amazing what a terrible call last week and a missed FG this week can do for a team. Could easily be 3-3…oh well, good for them.

  2. Wow Webb was becoming a top 3 corner in football. This one’s going to suck if it is an ACL. Cary Williams has been smoked plenty of times this week. I guess we can see waht Jimmy Smith can do.

  3. Hahaha. Karma. That’s what you get ratbirds for making fun of all steelers injuries. Lewis hurt, ngata hurt, webb out for year. Enjoy it ratbirds your time is coming. You still have to play us twice with that poor excuse of a team!!

  4. This would be a devastating loss, and likely kill any real chance we had at the Superbowl. He’s the third best player on the team behind Rice and Ngata, and the only times that Carrie Williams and Jimmy Smith aren’t getting owned by opposing receivers is when the receiver drops the ball.

  5. It will be interesting the rest of the way now that the Ravens defense clearly doesn’t scare anyone anymore.

    Can’t imagine Suggs playing at 80% is going to change things much.

  6. Arian Foster might run for 200 himself vs that overrated Ravens d…
    Jimmy Smith- interferes every play…every play…Carrie Williams too…overrated ravens d…once again

  7. Ravens will be fine. A big loss none the less but next man up.and unlike other teams ravens can plug and play

  8. @steelersownyou – only a miscreant like you would be happy that players get injured. I have been watching this board for years and I can’t remember seeing Ravens fans cheering Steeler injuries.

    Last time I checked, we were 5-1, you were 2 – 3 and struggling. And while the defense isn’t playing well, our offense is in the top 5 in the league. Last time I checked, we swept you last year with Joe Flacco leading the party. Last time I checked, you still lived in your mommy’s basement and were hoping to get a promotion at McD’s to patty boy.

    Cheering for injuries is classless. Get a life

  9. I guess when your defense sucks worst than your division rival’s, the only thing you have time to do is troll en masse.

  10. Even without these guys we will beat your sorry excuse for a team…twice this year..mark it down.

  11. hey steelersownsyou…at least part of the reason the baltimore defense is struggling is injuries, whereas the pittsburgh defense is just old an crappy at this point…so suck on that for a while, dumbass

  12. Ravens D is definitely overrated by the Media. They’re weak up front but still have a top secondary. That being said, the Steelers suck.

    *5-1 I’m definitely expecting a beat down from Houston next week. Go Ravens!

  13. This guy is a stud. Sad to hear this.

    Even as a Pats fan, I respect the Ravens. For all the mouth-flapping they are prone to doing, at least they back it up on the field.

    Webb and Lewis… tough day for the birds.

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