Ravens hold on late to win 15th straight at home

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The Ravens beat the Cowboys 31-29 on Sunday to improve to 5-1 and extend their winning streak at home to 15 games, but it wasn’t without some serious tension at the end.

The Cowboys cut the lead down to two with a touchdown pass to Dez Bryant with 32 seconds left to play and then recovered an onside kick after another pass to Bryant went through his hands on the two-point try. A pass interference penalty moved the ball into Ravens territory before the Cowboys made some dubious time management choices. With one timeout, the Cowboys threw a short pass to Bryant and then took way too long to get on the ball to spike it. That meant they had to use their timeout and Dan Bailey had a 51-yard field goal try to win the game.

He missed, obviously, and the Ravens survived on a day when their defense did not play a very good game. They gave up 227 rushing yards even though DeMarco Murray didn’t return to the game after hurting his foot in the second quarter. They had trouble tackling Murray, Felix Jones, Phillip Tanner and Lance Dunbar and the issues were not specific to any one player. Everyone struggled and the Ravens were fortunate that they got help on offense and special teams.

Jacoby Jones tied an NFL record with an 108-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in the third quarter while Joe Flacco threw for 234 yards and Ray Rice gained 106 overall to keep the team’s defensive woes from overwhelming the team. Things bogged down a bit in the third quarter offensively, but Flacco was able to lead a 10-play drive culminating in a Rice touchdown to give the Ravens a eight-point lead in the fourth.

Tony Romo almost brought the Cowboys back, but they wound up falling just short. Blaming the Bryant drop or the time management snafu for that is tempting, but there were penalties and a costly first half interception that kept Dallas from putting up enough points to make a last-ditch comeback effort unnecessary.

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  1. Ravens proved they are overrated. Helped by the refs and a kick that just missed. I would be very nervous ravenator as your boys got run over 200 yes on the turf. Mr Flagg52 ray ray the killer is hurt, nata is hurt, and one of your no name SB’s got hurt. Ah yes another gift for the lucky ravens the most over rated team in awhile.

  2. I’ve been a cowboys fan since they started as an expansion team in 1960. Dallas will never have a championship team as long as Jerry Jones is the owner, president and GM. That’s too may hats and his head doesn’t fit any of them. They also need a head coach than can actually have control over the team. Not an OC that thinks he can do both, and bows to every whim Jerry wants things his way… It’s time to stop blaming the players and look to the source of the problem. The last Championship team the Cowboys had was with a team Jimmy Johnson put together, and he left because he couldn’t put up with Jerry’s BS. And don’t even try to bring up Switzer…

  3. One of these days the horseshoe will fall outta the ravens a**. Theyre rubbish. They aint going anywhere. 1 and done in playoffs. Its easy to see. Keep saying youre the best ratbird fans. But that product you put on the field is less than good. We can all see it.

  4. Once again, the whole team (including kick returners who score TDs) chip in to bail out Flacco — why even the OTHER team’s wide receivers chip in by dropping easy passes in the end zone! And once again, Joe Flacco is the most irrelevant QB in football.

  5. The refs in this game were pathetic especially Mike Carrey.The Cowboys however have only themselves to blame.Once again Jason Garrett can not manage the game.The offense ALWAYS seems confused.Stupid penalties on the offensive line etc.Oh by the way,Smiles Austin you should donate your paycheck to charity as you SUCK.Joe Flacco and Ray Rice will say that it was all about them as they are the most obnoxious QB/RB duo in the game.

  6. Nofoolnodrool says:Oct 14, 2012 4:53 PM

    Ravens proved they are overrated. Helped by the refs and a kick that just missed. I would be very nervous ravenator as your boys got run over 200 yes on the turf. Mr Flagg52 ray ray the killer is hurt, nata is hurt, and one of your no name SB’s got hurt. Ah yes another gift for the lucky ravens the most over rated team in awhile.


    I would say the steelers are overrated but after losing to the Raiders and Titans, they’ve fallen off of everyone’s radar. Oh, and you steeler fans complain about the refs more than the packers.

  7. Oof… 200 yds on the ground.. Damn thats bad. I like my swiss cheese overrated with a little but a luck sprinkled on top.

  8. Costly First half Interception??? Whatever, people are just itching to blame Romo when this was not even close to his fault. He played an awesome game and special teams screwed us… Ravens should just count their blessings they got out of there with the win….

  9. @rgag 52 we know your annual choke time is coming. You lucked one out today, but you know karma always get the arrogant ones. Hope the killer is ok. Nose breaking nata is getting his payback. I’d say it was a good day for rat bird haters. Your run defense is a joke and will expose you if you get the playoffs. Lol, rat birds stopping the 49’ers run game can’t wait!

  10. Being a Steeler fan, well they (Steelers) are horrible. The Ravens are severely over rated though. I can’t wait to see A. Foster break the single game rushing record on these bums. Trust me they will BOTH be watching the SB. The only difference is the Steelers will get a decent draft pick. Take solace though Raven fans I’m sure you will beat Pittsburgh ( probably twice) and Johnny boy will get his gatorade showers.

  11. Typical cowboys fans blaming the refs. Worry about your overrated defense and underachieving receiving core while we remain 3 games up on our division-the better division by the way.

  12. Dallas: for a team led and run by an ivy league grad, they sure have a habit of doing the dumbest things. The list is too long to get into.

    Not a Dallas hater per se, just find moronic football appalling – and the Cowboys have been the epitome of that for quite some time. Awful.

  13. Thoroughly unimpressed today with Ravens and their alleged “awesome fans.”

    The COWBOYS of all teams ran it down your throats and meanwhile it sounded like a Dallas home game.

    Lucky to win this one Ravens, but if I had to guess I would say you’re gonna see a looooot more of the run. Better toughen up boys…

  14. Wins are wins haters…we will take our 5-1 and you can hang on to your “they still suck” moronic anger talk. I’d rather have to worry about the ravens choking in the playoffs than what high draft pick they might have in 2013. That being said, lot of season left to play, but again, better 5-1 than not.

  15. Keep on hating haters ravens will keep on winning and you cab sit with your team and watch us on the couch in the postseason

  16. Wow, a whole lot of butthurt Steeler fans in here. Maybe when you get to .500 you can start talking.

    Anyway, a win is a win. It wasn’t pretty, but the Ravens got it done yet again. Currently 2 games up in the division.

  17. Jason Garrett, once again, proved that he is not the head coach or the disciplinarian that the Cowboys, or any team, needs. Mental errors – such as overall game time management, bad play calling (rushing Romo with 1 second on the play-clock every time), strange inconsistency, turnovers, terrible special teams, penalties, the lack of causing turnovers have cost this team – 5 times last year (aside, maybe, vs the Pats) and 2 times this year. Romo almost pulled the game out and his 1 int definitely hurt them in the red zone, but it comes down to the head coach. Look at the Niners – same personnel (aside from Moss and Aldon Smith)and they have turned it around immediately. Garrett has a .500 record with a fairly talented team. It time for him and the special teams coach to be fired immediately. The season is essentially over, start organizing for next year.

  18. Randall flag21. No one takes you seriously with your homer mentality. Ravens are good, but what will you do when the refs don’t help and your luck runs out. Everyone knows you choke the the orioles in the big ones. Today’s performance reinforces your proclivity to choke when it counts. Enjoy the regular season as you will watch the SB as person with no dog in the fight.

  19. By the way people sound you’d think the Cowboys outplayed the Ravens, but from what I recall, the Ravens had the lead for the majority of the game, up by as many as 11, and it took a last minute TD, an onside kick, and then a very questionable pass interference call for them to even be in position for a game steeling kick.

    No matter how it ended and how many yards the Cowboys rushed for, the Ravens were clearly the better team and the outcome reflected that.

  20. make no mistake about it, the cowgirls won this game hands down. The ravens stink and they counldn’t stop the 22 ranked offense in the league. If I was the coach of the ravens, I would tell the nfl to give this game to the cowgirls. man the ravens SUCK!

  21. As a steeler fan, i think it’s time to admit that this might just be the ravens year. Things are just going their way. From the missed field goal to the chiefs fumbling at the goal line.

    Most people would say the ravens are a mediocre teams beating below mediocre opponents, but to honest no one in the nfl looks like an elite team this year. So the ravens might just be the best team.

  22. Garrett has no control over the offense. They looked confused the entire game. I couldn’t believe how many times the play clock ran down to 1 sec before the ball was snapped. He’s certainly no head coach and stinks as an OC as well. But he’s Jerry’s boy.
    I’ve been a Cowboys fan for over 35 years and I’ve come to the conclusion that as long as Jerry Jones and his family has control of the team they will never have the consistency the Cowboys had when Clint Murchison owned the team and had Tom Landry coaching with Tex Schramm has GM. It’s time to keep the roof closed on the new entertainment building you built, God doesn’t want to watch the Cowboys play anymore. Jerry Jones has been a disgrace to this franchise from day one when he fired Tom Landry. Jimmy Johnson built those 3 Super Bowl teams and after he was fired it’s been all Jerry Jones since and that’s exactly how he wants it. It’s a sad story for such a storied franchise.

  23. Cowboy fans are the only ones commenting with hate on this thread. Every penalty was an actual penalty. Ravens was ran on however, never made the mistakes the Boys made. Dez Bryant choked and forgot what he was paid to do. Time management was horrible even though they had the ball 20 more mins.

    Cowboy fans always look elsewhere for losses but not at the team

  24. We can all see that the garbage the Steelers put on the field if PURE garbage…they will not win another game this year…Lost to the Titans…bwaahaahaahaahaahaa

  25. Forget the steelers theyre irrelevant. Ravens are the Creme dela Creme of the AFCN. Looking forward to playing the texans, should be a tightly contested matchup.

  26. Good teams find ways to win when they’re playing poorly. Bad teams find ways to lose:

    Ravens: 5-1
    Steelers: 2-3

    No team is flawless regardless of record. Even the 16-0 Pats had tough games.

  27. 5-1 yes. Overrated-absolutely. The Eagles…seriously? c’mon, probably more overrated than the Ravens. Cinnci(how good are they really?) lost to the Browns today who the Ravens barely walked away from with a win. A win against the Pats in week 3 play that game now I’m sure Brady’d light you up. Shredded by K.C….K.C. you talk about the Steelers losing to the Titans? K.C.(playoff?playoffs?-referring to the commercial)imagine if they could’ve thrown the ball. Ran all over by the struggling Cowboys with help from the refs, and a missed kick. But the truth is a win is a win and any team would take it…5-1 yes, overrated-yes.

  28. There’s no denying the Ravens are the best in the AFCN…right now. The laundry list of problems with the Steelers is too long to list, and with the other 2 teams in the division…it’s no wonder. If it’s not the Steelers as it usually is, by default it goes to the Ravens. Enjoy it while it last’s. It won’t last forever.

  29. What’s up with all the hate for the Ravens. I’ll take 5-1 any day, Texans are losing right now & the Ravens will be on top of the AFC & next week game will be huge.

  30. The Romo blame game is ridiculous on this game. He threw a horrible interception, that is true but this is not on him this time. To even suggest that they wouldn’t have to win by a onside kick or whatever if he didn’t throw the INT is dumb. The game would have been different. Who knows. The cowboys could have missed that FG and they’re in the same seat. Or, maybe the raven’s would have just drove the ball down the field to win the game. To blame Romo’s INT which was early in the game is just a example how he’ll always somehow be at fault for any lost game. This is on the coaches. As a cowboy fan I am so mystified how they go to the line on offense every game, every snap, and barely get the ball off on time. I don’t know if its due to the plays coming in late or what. Its crazy. And this has always been an issue. That is what I can’t understand. They are just so unorganized it seems. Now clock management has been an issue for a long time as well. Thats on the coaches, head coach to be exact. I hate opposing coaches icing the kicker but at the end of the game and the missed field goal I was just hoping they said a time out was called prior to the snap. Oh well. Garrett needs to learn how to watch the clock. Dez needs to learn how to catch easy passes. When you run the ball after the 2 minute warning, slowly get to the line and waste 40 seconds and still on the 30. Down by 8 (And I think only 1 TO). Thats just dumb.

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