Report: Robert Griffin III will start

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We’ve been expecting to see Robert Griffin III at quarterback for the Redskins on Sunday since the rookie was able to practice without setbacks all three days this week.

The league’s concussion protocols demand that Griffin pass multiple cognitive tests before he’s given the clearance to play in a game. Some of those tests go on during the weekend of the game, so the Redskins couldn’t make any kind of confirmation of Griffin’s status during the week. Mike Shanahan said that Griffin would start as long as he passed all the tests, which was about as far as he could go.

It looks like Griffin’s gotten the green light he needed. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Griffin will be in the starting lineup against the Vikings. The Redskins have already said that they don’t plan to change much of anything about their offensive scheme to protect Griffin, so it should be a familiar offensive look for the Redskins this week.

The key for Griffin will be to protect himself. He spoke earlier this week of the need to get down or throw a ball away in order to avoid a big hit, something that he’d be wise to keep in mind with Jared Allen on the other side of the line on Sunday.

22 responses to “Report: Robert Griffin III will start

  1. A concussion, that’s it?

    Does he know that Aaron Rodgers got poked in the eye and “actually lost vision for a second”?

  2. The kid is gonna light it up today! Show all the haters what the future of the QB position will look like.

  3. I hope this kid is a fast healer. That hit he took, he’s the size of a DB, looked like it broke him in half.
    Use him wisely

  4. Imagine a Steeler fan making fun of a Redskins injury…..Can #43 play a whole season without an injury? RGIII is far from being a bust you hater……6 rings wont help those Steelers this year,ask Rephrase

  5. Fine. Just remember RG, it was your insistance to play so stay the heck away from lawyers 25 years from now trying to sue for your head injuries.

  6. The Redskin’s will have a chance to win this, as they have each week so far. Whether they win or lose really depends more on their defense than their offense.

    Why some people want to see RGIII get hurt is beyond me… Elway had 2 concussions his rookie year that we know of. He adapted his play style, I don’t see why RGIII can’t, he has the brains, no guarantee he will though either. Just gotta wait a see, given it’s been a whole 5 games that allows us to predict the future with certainty… smh

  7. As a Vikings fan, and more importantly, a human being, I never want to see anyone hurt. As a football fan, I am glad RGIII will be in there because I either want to win or lose vs Washington with no excuses from either team.

  8. bust? really steeler fan? based on what, that he was concussed last week? in five games he has one turnover , one of the highest completion percentages in the league and the offense is #1 in rushing yards and averages 28pts a game. a bust would be kordell aka slash trying to be a starting qb in this league, that was a joke. and as far as rings go wake up to present day. you guys are 2-3 and looked great last thursday losing to the titans. maybe worry about your own team and quit hating on rg3.

  9. boyshole25 says:
    Oct 14, 2012 10:16 AM
    Harrison couldn’t catch rg3 if his life depended on it


    Yeah, because a 4.46 40 time is just way too slow. (Sarcasm.)

  10. Steeler fan,

    If RGIII is a bust after 5 games, what would that have made Eli Manning after 5 games in his rookie year.

    You win most idiotic comment of the week!

  11. duncanthecat says:
    Oct 14, 2012 9:45 AM
    Vikes aren’t as good as their current record.

    A loss is in the works.

    Redskins by 6.
    Really Biff? Can I borrow you’re Sports Almanac? Have you seen the Redskins defense and Secondary? They have 2 former Viking castoffs starting in that secondary……what does that tell you?!?!?

  12. I hope they aren’t rushing him back. His career just started being picked 2nd in this years draft…

    Then again, I thought it was scary to start AP week one of the season…

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