Suspended players may choose not to pursue CBA appeal

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When the internal appeals panel issued its final ruling regarding the question of whether Commissioner Roger Goodell stayed within his lane of jurisdiction under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the reasoning arguably created a minefield for the Commissioner the second time around, forcing him to stay away from anything relating to a secret cash incentive program while at the same time re-issuing discipline for a bounty program, which necessarily relates to a secret cash incentive program.

But with the Commissioner re-issuing discipline that uses terms like bounties and offers of money, the suspended players currently don’t seem to be inclined to launch another attack against the decision under the CBA.

The thinking, we’re told, is that the CBA-based challenge will take too long, and that Judge Ginger Berrigan will most likely defer any final decisions in the lawsuits attacking the league’s investigative process until the arguments under the CBA are full resolved.

In our view, the best move would be to file the challenge under the CBA anyway.  Even if it causes Judge Berrigan to tap the brakes on issuing a final ruling regarding the viability of the league’s suspensions, she’ll undoubtedly allow the players to keep playing until all various challenges are resolved.

Which could let the suspended players until they’re ready to retire.

7 responses to “Suspended players may choose not to pursue CBA appeal

  1. But if this season ends up being a lost cause then it might be better to get suspended this year as opposed to next year when they have their coach back and a much better position to work from than what they currently have. We don’t know what the future will be for sure, but we do know they start 0-0 next year which is statistically more valuable than their present record. I think they get better bang for their statistical buck by forcing the issue earlier.

  2. bartpkelly says:Oct 14, 2012 10:18 PM

    In my view the best thing is to realize that your intent was trying to injure people and to take your punishment.
    Good thing your view doesn’t count for anything

  3. But you were so proud that they fulfilled your prediction of hiding behind the word “offer”.

    Are you now telling us you were mistaken?


  4. They are trying to force a full disclosure of the NFL’s evidence including sworn testimony by Roger and Williams in a federal court. This is a fight for their reputations – esp for Vilma and Fugita.

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