Ta’amu arrest puts Steelers in a pickle

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The Pittsburgh Steelers, like most sports teams, have a long history of making exceptions for key players who get in trouble and making examples out of scrubs.

For the Steelers, it’s unclear where defensive tackle Alameda Ta’amu fits.  For now, he’s a scrub.  But he was a fourth-round pick who may have real potential.  So if the Steelers make Ta’amu pay for his DUI with his JOB, he may fulfill his potential with another team.

Complicating matters for Ta’amu is the fact that he fled from police who were trying to pull him over.  It’s an open secret in Pittsburgh that the cops have a tendency to look the other way when it comes to Steelers players.  If Ta’amu had simply complied, there’s a good chance he would have gotten a ride home and a talking to.

That fact could make the Steelers more inclined to find a shoe that fits — or that doesn’t — in Ta’amu’s tookis.

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  1. Do the Steelers only issue everyone XS jerseys? That’s the second picture of this bum wearing a too tight shirt. He’s problem one of the linemen complaining about the new jerseys making him look fat.

  2. Just keeps gettin better. Before titans game i thought hey….teams have started worse and made playoffs. Then the titans game happened… Ike taylor is not only an embarrassment to the steelers but to humanity with the way he has born torn up…..then the injuries…..now this….some might say it would take an act of god to make playoffs….i say…even that wont work were so terrible this year.

  3. Is he still in custody? He should be given the sheer number of crimes he was arrested for. You would think they would keep him until he goes before a judge to determine bail since this isn’t a simple case where a set bail can be read off a chart in the office, paid and we’ll see you next month for your hearing. I would think an assistant DA will want to review all the charges.

    And then, too, it only happened less than 9 hours ago. He probably is still sleeping it off.

    If he has been released already we’ll know he did get actually get some of the “Steeler’s Privileges”.

  4. What looked to be a great steeler draft is going south in a hurry. Influx of youth at those positions was much needed. Between injuries(Spence, DeCastro), bad scouting(Adams) and now this, it’s gonna be hard to rebuild. Especially with the cap restrictions they’ve put themselves under.

  5. What the Steelers do is irrelevant here (though they better cut him). According to WPXI news, at one point he swerved towards an officer with his car on his way to picking up his 5 felonies and 10 misdemeanors. No way he avoids jail time.

  6. It’s an open secret in Pittsburgh that the cops have a tendency to look the other way when it comes to Steelers players. If Ta’amu had simply complied, there’s a good chance he would have gotten a ride home and a talking to.

    Objection your honor. Hearsay by the “I can’t make it as a lawyer, I’m now an NFL Blogger Mr Florio.” If Mr. F has evidence of the police force looking the other way, I’m sure the police commissioner and mayor of Pittsburgh would like to see said evidence.

    I’m sure every city with a professional sports franchise has police who “might” look the other way during a minor infraction such as a speeding ticket. However to paint the image that the steeler players get away with murder, such as ray Lewis did, is an absurd accusation. And unless you have factual information, you shouldn’t print such a statement.

    Also don’t act as though no other team doesn’t give their superstars preferential treatment when it comes to making off the field errors.

  7. How about we wait and see what the steelers do, before making assumptions. Besides, lets look at what the steelers did when it came to plexiglass burress, and Santonio Holmes….gone!!! No matter how much talent they had. I don’t think anyone would classify either of those players as scrubs, but Pgh released them both !

  8. He’s gone. I am disappointed they gave the boot to Wesley Saunders. I hope there is more to the story.

  9. Ravens own the Steelers? Yeah I remember when u beat us in the AFC Championship game and went on to win the Super Bowl. Wait, no the Ravens haven’t won a big one since Ray Ray was in his killin days. Keep trollin Steeler boards and luckily Tony Choko blew the clock management yesterday or u were going down at home. People say the Steeler D is washed up they should take a peek at the Ravens. Yikes

  10. Such a shame, someone with so much potential for a bright future doesn’t have the sense God gave a cheese sandwich. No pickle here though, if he’s found guilty he should be shown the door – end of story. Let another team pick him up and deal with his garbage.

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