Ahmad Bradshaw says rare 100-yarder on SF wasn’t a big deal

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When Ahmad Bradshaw did what few have, he admitted it wasn’t as hard as he thought.

The Giants running back was the first back to rush for 100 yards against the 49ers this season, and only the second since November of 2009 when he went for 116 yards in a 26-3 road win Sunday.

Bradshaw was asked if it was the hardest 100 yards he’d ever run for, and his answer surprised some people.

You know what? It really wasn’t,” he said, via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News. “I knew my offensive line was coming out to fight today. . . .

“We were able to make a couple of big plays.”

Yeah, maybe one of two.

The Giants rushing offense wasn’t exactly a world-beater before, but it looked like one Sunday.

“People don’t think that they can do it against this defense, but that’s not true,” center David Baas said. “That was our goal coming in. And I think we established that. . . .

“We just kept fighting. We just wanted to make a statement today to show everybody we’re a great team.”

They did that for sure, showing how ridiculous it was for coach Tom Coughlin to try to convince anyone they didn’t have a chance.

15 responses to “Ahmad Bradshaw says rare 100-yarder on SF wasn’t a big deal

  1. SF is still a very good team but they certainly showed they are not invincible. There was one poster last week who said looking at their schedule they wouldn’t lose another game. Um, lost to Giants. Short week road trip to Seattle? NE? Chicago? Could win those three, could lose those three.

  2. “….showing how ridiculous it was for coach Tom Coughlin to try to convince anyone they didn’t have a chance.”

    Great closing. Completely wrong, but very catchy. Coughlin was complaining that no one in the press was giving the Giants a chance to win it. Ask your two co-workers which one picked NY to win. Coughlin NEVER said that HE felt NY had no chance. He was complaining about the press. Funny how you guys change the story around to suit your needs when you wake up with egg on your face. How refreshing it would be to read a sports column where someone mans up and says, “Hey, I was completely wrong about that game and that team. They’re better than I thought.”.

  3. This is why the Giants are who they are, True champs nobody gave them a chance to win, and then here they come and completley dominate the 9er’s at home. This is typical Giants Football.

  4. There’s obviously a lot of bad blood developing between these two teams. Ahmad is simply trying to turn the knife here. It is a big deal to get 100 yds on this team. If it wasn’t, it would happen every week. But it’s only been done 1 other time since 2009.

    It’s about as credible as Justin Smith saying he doesn’t know who Kevin Gilbride is.

    That aside. As 9er fan since 1981, good win to the Giants and their fans, even the less gracious ones. The Giants seem to play very well when it matters most. The 9ers simply aren’t there yet. Looking forward to the next matchup.

  5. Don’t worry 49ers fans. Back in 1994 they got rolled by the Eagles 40-8 at home. The 6th ring is on the way.

  6. How many times did Justin Smith or the 49ers defense sack Eli Manning?

    The answer is zero, the same number of Lombardi Trophies that reside in Philadelphia.

  7. I don’t see where Bradshaw says it wasn’t a big deal. This is just another columnist trying to put words in someone’s mouth. Bradshaw just gave credit to the O-line for playing lights out. Funny how the media sets these guys up just to make an article about their response. Good showing by the Gmen maybe now we won’t have to hear about how lucky the Giants were last time.

  8. The Niners can’t beat good teams. The have four wins and two of those teams have losing records and two of those teams are 3-3. The Niners have played just two teams with winning records Vikings (4-2) and the Giants (4-2) and they lost both games. There is nothing impressive about the Niners!!

  9. giants are fast becoming 9ers bogey team… may be they got in 9ers head… may be 9ers are just not as good… either way i have a feeling a rematch is coming in play offs…

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