Brandon Lloyd may be injured, but no one is talking

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One of the troubling footnotes for the Patriots following Sunday’s stunning loss to the Seahawks relates to the health, or lack thereof, of receiver Brandon Lloyd.

Lloyd possibly emerged from a late-game reception with an upper body injury of some sort.  In the aftermath, everyone has clammed up.

Here’s how Mike Reiss of described the situation on Lloyd:  “Receiver gets up slowly after making a catch late in the fourth quarter, but returns to game.  He goes for tests afterward and walks out of the stadium stone-faced.”

It’s the Patriot Way to not give away any information about injured players prematurely.  Even then, all we ever get is the absolute minimum.  So we’ll wait for the Wednesday injury report for clues as to whether and to what extent Lloyd practices.  And we’ll wait for Friday for an official label for Lloyd.  And, ultimately, we’ll wait for Sunday as to whether he suits up and plays against the Jets.

20 responses to “Brandon Lloyd may be injured, but no one is talking

  1. The sky is falling as most Patriot haters would love to believe. Yes, The Pats are 3-3 and have lost the three games by a total of 4 points.

    This is a young team that needs to close out games and has made mistakes but it is more important how they close out games in November&December which will improve.

    Good to see Jets fans talking trash with their BIG win over the Colts because it is back to reality Sunday as the Pats will blow the Jets out once again.

  2. Like what the Patriots players delivered yesterday…the absolute minimum. Nice Bing Crosby wierdo white sweater robe Brady. Wierdo.

  3. Brandon Lloyd’s status is the least of New England’s concerns. Unfortunately, the result of Sunday’s matchup with the Seahawks is an old story—i.e., the Patriots’ inability to “close the deal” in the fourth quarter. Too often it seems the Patriots’ lose games where they’ve led throughout, only to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the waning moments. Championship teams like the Giants often excel in the fourth quarter because they play for sixty minutes and have something remotely resembling a pass defense.

  4. Being a Jets fan Lyod’s injury is the least of the Jets worries, (Awesome catch by the way), let me see Welker, Hernandez, Gronk, Riddley, O Brady, and besides the Pats being pissed off on losing on a lucky bomb I’d say again Loyd’s injury shouldn’t be to much of a problem for you guys. Jets are a team in trouble I know I watch them all week long, the Colts are a depleted team at the moment with losing there RB, Freeney being hurt, and have a run defense comparable to the Jets, so next Sunday I hope we can pull out a win, because I really do hate the Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. For all those whining about Belichick and the Patriot injury reports: shut up. Nobody cares what you think.

  6. They don’t need to say anything, it was on TV. He either has a separated/dislocated shoulder or broken clavicle.

  7. Before you go saying the Patriots are “bending the rules” by not releasing information about his injury, maybe you should learn the rules. Teams don’t have to submit an injury report until Friday. Until then they don’t have to say anything.

  8. BB is a cheater and a jerk that cares nothing about his players health. Welker got knocked onto queer street and he had him right back in there. Probably payback for some of his comments.

  9. Eh. Let em talk smack. I think it’s great that their teams aren’t worth their time but ours is. Go Pats! We’re like the perfect girl everybody wants but you have to go out of your way to “show that you don’t like her” because of your low self esteem. Hilarious!

  10. The lack of understanding of the rules of Patriots haters tells you all you need to know about the fans of other teams.

    The injury report for next Sunday is not due on Monday, yet they’re crying foul and apparently expect Belichick to be held to a higher standard.

    And after all these years after “Spygate” apparently some fans still don’t know that the NFL still allows taping of signal calling – but simply has prohibited sideline taping since 2006 (so of course they fault Belichick for not following a 2006 rule in their 2001, 2003 and 2004 Super Bowl seasons)

  11. sj39 says: Oct 15, 2012 10:52 AM

    BB is a cheater and a jerk that cares nothing about his players health. Welker got knocked onto queer street and he had him right back in there. Probably payback for some of his comments.

    And you were on the sideline so you know that’s how it went down, BB sent him back out with no regards.

    The lame A$$ stuff you haters come up with is incredible!

  12. OK, a number of subjects going on here. First off, usually if it’s a serious injury, a team ain’t gonna disclose it the day after. As noted, nothing underhanded about that. But we can assume it’s serious..the impact looked gnarly.
    Next…if Lloyd is lost for more than a game or two…it will be devastating; because it appears Deion is sorta finished, and both TE’s aren’t near 100%; on top of which, Slater (reserve WR) is also hurt.
    Next…what IS the problem, exactly ? Does the secondary stink ? OR…is the lack of a pass-rush (it diminishes as the game goes on) leaving the pass defense exposed ? I see 4, 5, 6 guys rushing the QB late in the game and getting zero penetration….regularly. Why bother ? Just rush 2 or 3 and drop 8 or 9…it couldn’t possibly result in anything worse. (IMHO…the secondary is sub-par but this is exacerbated by flaccid pass pressure).
    Next….HUBRIS. Bill and Brady cannot overcome their own Hubris. 6 seconds left in the half, no TO’s left. You had 2 failed passes at a TD. You were already handed a gift to get to the red zone. You do NOT take one more shot at a TD. You kick a FG and go ahead by 2 scores. Period. (Just like in the middle of a Super Bowl and within FG range, you do NOT go for it on 4th and 13).
    Lastly…so much for a more balanced offense. The sideline seems to throw away THAT notion 5 minutes into an intense game (just like they did vs. Baltimore). This team has problems and is in decline. One wonders, honestly, if it’d be better for this whole affair to be blown up and restarted, as opposed to continually trying to tweak an aging machine.

  13. Those Seahawks have a pretty good Dee & run game so they’ll win their share. Play action is going to work well for them.
    Jets are going to have their hands full being way under manned and visiting an angry Pats team.

  14. He was hurt. Man did he ever lay out for that catch, more so than Moss every did in his years here, that’s for sure.

    He turned his body mid-air and tried to “land” in bounds. In doing so, he landed directly on his left shoulder. It looked like a separation or something to me, the way he laid there limp. I think if it was a broken clavicle he would not have been able to get up / get back in the game, as those are incredibly painful.

    No I’m not a doctor, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express… just watch a lot of football. My guess is you’ll see the Pats trying out more receivers tomorrow, which is a shame.

    Yesterday was a disaster. It wouldn’t surprise me if Welker has a concussion, too, the way he got knocked around.

  15. jagsfan1 says:
    Oct 15, 2012 7:48 AM
    Like what the Patriots players delivered yesterday…the absolute minimum. Nice Bing Crosby wierdo white sweater robe Brady. Wierdo.
    You actually thought your sweater joke was so good that you took the time to post it on TWO Patriots articles, Jags “fan”?

    Yeah… Welker, Wilford, Woodhead, and the rest of the team really weren’t trying yesterday. You nailed it on that one, too, genius.

  16. Oh, yeah….also…the Seahawks are a good team. From the get-go, they proved the game was evenly matched and they can hang with any other good team…..let’s not forget that. Credit where credit is due.

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