Carson Palmer takes blame, even after leading rally

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After leading a game-tying drive in the final minute to tie the last undefeated team in the NFL on the road, Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer had every right to take solace.

The fact he didn’t spoke to his character, according to teammates.

Instead of taking comfort in the way he rebounded in a near-miss at Atlanta, Palmer shouldered all the blame for the 23-20 loss which dropped the Raiders to 1-4.

“We had a great game plan, and I let the team down, I let the fans down.” Palmer said, via Jerry McDonald of “Making the mistake I made was crucial. It’s my fault.”

The mistake was an interception which Falcons cornerback Asante Samuel returned 79 yards for a touchdown, and not even the 80-yard touchdown drive which tied the game with 40 seconds left was consolation, not when the Falcons responded with another last-minute win.

“There are no moral victories in this game,” Palmer said. “There’s wins and losses, and that’s a loss. It’s on my shoulders.

“I didn’t think he was going to make the play he did. Give him credit, he made a good play, but I can’t put us in that position. I’ve got to at least make the tackle. It’s a mistake I can’t make, and it’s a mistake I made that cost us the game.”

Otherwise, Palmer played a clean game, and had the Raiders in position to win the kind of game they needed. Defensive tackle Richard Seymour said the game-tying drive “showed the heart of a champion.”

But until the Raiders put some results on the board, it won’t matter much.

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  1. He’s taking the blame because that’s what leaders are supposed to do.

    The fact is, the coaching yesterday was horrible.

  2. “There are no moral victories in this game,” Palmer said. “There’s wins and losses, and that’s a loss. It’s on my shoulders.

    I respect that. I also think any real Raider fan can look at this team and realize that the QB position has actually been at the lower half of our concerns. That pick yesterday was painful, and of course made us all say “typical Carson”. But the fact that he went 80 in 8 plays right after says alot. Especially when he was under duress all day. I’ve been thoroughly disappointed this season because of the ZBS and DMC, but if we could somehow give this effort in heart in our next three games, 4-4 isn’t out of the question. Who knows. This year, it’s truly “any given Sunday” in the NFL.

  3. And the Falcons continue to ride with a horse shoe up their butt.

    Unfortunately for them, they don’t get to play teams like the Raiders in the first game of the playoffs.

  4. If we had started the game with 2 TD’s instead of 2 FG’s, you would be writing the same article, only with Matt Ryan’s name in the title.

  5. The Raiders looks like they just lack cohesiveness, which makes sense with all the coaching/owner/player changes.

    That pick aside, I’ve been impressed with Palmer, and Moore looks like he’s going to be a star real soon.

  6. Pick Six Palmer strikes again. Take it from a Bengals fan, Raider Nation, you’ll be seeing a lot of it. Oh and he’ll take the blame for each one too. He’s had a lot of practice.

  7. I’d like to see Pryor mixed in the way the 9ers user Kaper. Although I know that Pryor is focusing hard on being a pocket passer.

    One other comment, McFadden was a beast in the power run game last year. This year’s zone blocking scheme doesn’t suit him as well. Let’s go with what works and stop pounding our heads against the wall with stuff that doesn’t.

  8. pskotte says: Oct 15, 2012 9:31 AM

    Pick Six Palmer strikes again. Take it from a Bengals fan, Raider Nation, you’ll be seeing a lot of it. Oh and he’ll take the blame for each one too. He’s had a lot of practice.
    Didn’t Dalton have one of those yesterday? That was a bad throw from Palmer, but Oakland had other problems. 2nd and goal from the 1, and they couldn’t punch it in. Holding penalties. Playing soft defense with 40 seconds left in the game. Lots of blame to go around.

  9. I went to the game yesterday and all I can say is the Falcons tried so hard to give this game away. The Asante pick-6 was right in front of me and he was gone. We thought it was over. Palmer must just not be bringing the same level of intensity to each drive. The Falcons can be exposed, as McFadden showed.

    The Raider coaching was terrible. 2nd and goal from the one and they made three shifts in the back field, loading up the right side as DMC was going to run right and then the bootleg. Stupid. You could have run it right up their a$s. They got 3 and that was huge.

  10. It’s easy to blame Palmer for everything.Yet it was the defense who allowed the Falcons to get into position to kick that game winning field goal.There were mistakes by both teams yesterday and the Raiders looked a lot better than they have all year and this includes the Steeler game.Yes the pick 6 was a killer but McFaddens fumble earlier didn’t help matters and neither did that sack on Palmer resulting in a fumble(which Valdher totally got burned on).The Raiders ,to quote from Denny Green,are who I thought they were.They play hard but ultimately this isn’t a very good football team this year.Lets see what Reggie and Coach Allen can do this upcoming offseason to improve.

  11. Raiders played their hearts out. A crying shame the way the refs hate the Raiders. The Raiders had 4, 20 yard runs taken back by holding calls and also got called for ticky tack PI, and roughing the passer because a hand touched Ryan.

    Glad I’m not a Raiders fan. I’d have been pissed.

  12. The 4 runs got called back because guess what thet were actually holding. You know that actually impacts the play lol. The dude was holding abraham all day and he still had 3 sacks. And to the nola guy that made the horseshoe comment, the saints entire 2009 season was the definition of horsehoe up the butt. But hey thats the saints right so that doesnt matter

  13. Can someone please explain why Kelly and Seymour are still starting, and why 300lb Lamar Houston is still playn DE in a 4-3 instead of moving him back to his natural position at DT? Didn’t we draft 2DEs and sign 2 DEs from FA? Maybe I’m crazy for thinking Houston would be more effective at generating some pressure at DT,, he’s young, strong and athletic but playing the wrong position. But hey what do I know,, I’m just a fan,,,, with common sense but,,, just a fan.

  14. Palmer is a stand up guy, and I’m glad he’s on this team. Palmer has been solid so far his season. He’s the least of our worries.

    Here’s why the game was lost yesterday.

    1) Settled for FG’s instead of TD’s.
    2) Came out of the locker room flat (again) after halftime and didn’t get anything going until late in the game on offense.
    3) Penalties – 12 for over 100 yards (with many wiping out big gainers) isn’t going to cut it.
    4) Super conservative D on the Falcons game winning drive. They just let Atanta rack up the yards underneath thiking the cloack would run out or the FG try would be too long. Guys, I have news for you, a 55-60 FG isn’t that tough these days, especially in a dome with zero issues with the elements.

  15. bottom line afc west stinks….it is still up for grabs, at that includes both the chiefs and raiders..

    7-9 wins the west

  16. pskotte says:
    Oct 15, 2012 9:31 AM
    Pick Six Palmer strikes again. Take it from a Bengals fan, Raider Nation, you’ll be seeing a lot of it

    and the brown’s are thanking the bengals for their only victory, and because they play the bengals again they will be seeing another victory.

    I mean Andy Dalton, really?

  17. All I can say is bye bye Rolando McClain he will be another draft bust that may not even be in the NFL next year.

    The Raiders played great with out that bum.

  18. I live on the east coast and of course they don’t show any Raider games. Can someone please explain to me why Seymour only gets 1 or 2 tackles a game now while raking in all that cash? Where is Kelly and why is he not doing anything? How much money is he being paid? To much for to little. I’m pissed at Knapp and his blocking schemes. Why change something that was working on the power running schemes? The Raiders are not close on offense with Knapp and his loser schemes. Go back to the power running for DMC and take the load off of Carson. I’m also disappointed in McClain and his playing. This is his year to shine and so far he’s disappeared. A great pickup was Wheeler. This guy is all over the place, great move on picking him up from the Colts. Burris is another great player. Raider player that’s been waiting for years to return to the playoff’s

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