Eagles wondering why they play selfishly, out of control

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Eagles wide receiver Jason Avant’s not a star, but he is a respected voice in the locker room.

And he sounded a warning siren Sunday, after an overtime loss to the Lions dropped his team to 3-3. He knows that after winning the three games by a total of four points, they’re fortunate to be .500 right now.

It’s just undisciplined. That’s the bottom line,” Avant said, via Marcus Hayes of the Philadelphia Daily News. “It’s undisciplined football. An undisciplined team at this point. Six games in, it’s embarrassing. That’s the word. Embarrassing. For coaches. And veteran players.

“With the mind-set of, ‘Me before the team,’ in certain instances. And we need to address that before we play another ballgame.”

Sunday’s meltdown featured rookie defensive tackle Fletcher Cox ejected for punching a Lions player, which coincided with the Detroit comeback. There were also three more turnovers involving quarterback Michael Vick.

They were also unable to run out the clock with the ball, a three-point lead and under four minutes to play.

“Yeah. It’s definitely undisciplined at this point,” right tackle Todd Herremans said. “A disciplined team would be able to go out there and run the ball, run the clock out with 5 minutes left.”

Other than the part about running the ball, it’s not what you’d expect from an Andy Reid team.

“The interesting thing about it is, Coach Reid is such a disciplinarian,” cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha said. “And there are times in the game where that becomes an issue. It makes no sense.”

Then again, little about the Eagles season to date does.

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  1. “They were also unable to run out the clock with the ball, a three-point lead and under four minutes to play.”

    The Eagles didn’t even try and run the ball. Even in overtime they didn’t give the ball to McCoy once. The coaching is so bad on the Eagles as they take the their own best player (McCoy) out of the game. I’m sure opposing teams love that.

  2. I think the Eagles panic and as Mike McCarthy of the Packers said last week, “I think it’s a punk mentality, frankly. I think it’s a loser mentality.”

    And I think that’s the Eagles mentality.

  3. So tired of reading about Vicks the problem, Rieds the problem, o line, why didn’t we run the ball more?!?!? These r the reasons we lost or other reasons we lost…Bottom line is Philly lost!!!! All these Eagle fans complain and whine about this every week but try being a Lions fan for 20 sum odd years and then talk to me!! And one more thing I think it’s funny that we have not seen one article on here about how the Lions had 16 penalties and just as many bad calls as y’all but still won we only read about how the Eagles blew it how bout some credit where it’s due!! Problem with the Eagles is that they r not as good as everyone thinks they r so when they lose everybody wants to point the finger get over it Philly.

  4. Why is Vick responsible if center Dallas Reynolds snaps the ball early and hits him in the helmet with it? I don’t understand that.

    In other news, I saw DRC quit on 2 coverages yesterday. Fletcher Cox punching his way out of the game. Once again, NO pressure really on Stafford. No sacks. What has happened to Washburn’s d-line play?

  5. It is absolutely amazing that Andy Reid is revered around the league as a great coach.

    *ahem* we…uh…gotta do a better job…*ahem*…

    Week in and week out

  6. All the hating aside, you’ve gotta remember that Andy lost his son. You can say all you want about professionalism, but that kind of loss has a corrosive effect on one’s ability to do his / her job effectively.

    It’s no wonder he appears to have lost the team. He’s burnt out, and now half of his consciousness is staring down the black hole that is the loss of his son.

    They’ve got a lot of talent there, but as we always say, this is a coach’s league. Without a focused guy running the show, even the best talent spins out of control.

  7. I will say this about the Eagles and then I’m done…U guys were so sweet on the screen play to Shady why have they stopped doing that!!!! Everyone who blitzed knew it was coming and it torched teams esp. Last season I just don’t get it!?!?!?!?

  8. Someone needs to save Andy Reid from himself.

    Defensive linemen are getting aggressive because they KNOW they can sack Vick and possibly strip the ball.

    You know how an offense counters that?

    Throwing screens that punish aggressiveness from defensive linemen.

    Gee, if only they had a super-elusive running back who could take a screen pass and do great things after the catch?

    Wait, they do? Why the heck do they NOT give him the ball more?

  9. Classicactcalvin- why are you even commenting on the team you don’t follow? Arent you aware that we also haven’t won a Superbowl ? to say something as shallow as well “you lost” underscores the very reason why we lost . the things you hear of Eagles fans complaining about are the reasons why we keep losing year after year . we don’t consider making the playoffs as being a winning season

  10. see Calvin, it’s obvious you’re not an Eagles fan. In Philly we realize all Andy Reid wants is to hear people say “I just don’t get it”. First and goal from the 1 with one of the best RBs in the league – EVERYone knows you hand it to the RB. But Andy has this obsesion with surprising the opponent (apparently no faith in his players and he of course has to do a better job of putting them in position). So he dials up a 7-step drop with 6 receivers bunching up in the far corner – NObody would expect that! Then – after they kick the field goal – he fades back into Vick’s dream to celebrate the dynasty. (all the while snickering at the rest of the world that thinks they’re smarter than him just because they beat him in a silly football game)

  11. classactcalvin81 says:Oct 15, 2012 1:50 PM

    I will say this about the Eagles and then I’m done…U guys were so sweet on the screen play to Shady why have they stopped doing that!!!! Everyone who blitzed knew it was coming and it torched teams esp. Last season I just don’t get it!?!?!?!?

    Vick has trouble throwing the short ball like that, that is why their offense is two outs and a post every damn play.

  12. Philthy hasn’t made sense in years. Massive amounts of talent at all positions, a defense that is monstrous, and one SB appearance to show for it. Now, this is a team that is in decline. They made a last gasp at trying to buy a champoinship last year and tried again this year, hoping chemistry was the problem last year. The only thing consistant about the Egals is that they are inconsistant and unpredictable.

    Drives me nuts that they keep beating my Giants, but you keep your 8 of the last nine, I’ll take the SB wins! Flop, Eagles, Flop.

  13. I’ve said this before to Eagles fans and I’ll say it again here. Andy Reid is his own worst enemy. He just can’t help himself when it comes to airing out the ball down field and getting the big play. He has one of the best running backs in the league and yet refuses to utilize him the right way! This has been going on for 13 seasons now with the fact that Andy loves to pass the ball and he’s gotten a pass for so long because it sometimes works. And for all the Eagles fans that criticized Donovan Mcnabb, he at least got you guys somewhere. Michael Vick is not the QB you want to have throwing the ball 60 times a game.

    Until Andy Reid is gone, I don’t see this team going much further than they’ve gone.

  14. The lack of discipline starts with Andy “Hey, It’s On Me” Reid. No accountability is demanded from players, he thinks he is smarter than everyone else in the league (wonder if everyone thinks the Kevin Kolb trade was such a stroke of genius now?), and he has never developed the toughness on offense that only comes from having a legitimate NFL running game. (No, Andy, thirty three yard passes are NOT the same thing as thirty three yard runs. Ask opposing defenders in the fourth quarter.)

    With the talent he has had for 13 years, Reid should have had similar success to the Giants in that time. But he hasn’t, and no one except the fans who want to run him out of town is willing to hold HIM accountable either. I am betting he finishes out of the playoffs again, and is finally sent packing.

  15. I may be wrong but I think the problem is that Andy Reid simply doesn’t like to (or value the importance of) run the ball. If I have a $1000 for every time Reid has gone for it on 3rd-and-1, I would not be spending time posting on football blogs! A few years ago I watched the Eagles squander multiple opportunities to convert 3rd-and-short because they decided to pass….even though they came into the game so bad at 3rd down conversions that the commentators were talking about it all game long. And Andy Reid called passing plays on multiple 3rd-and-shorts.

    Anyway, I hope they don’t figure it out until after their Nov. 18th matchup with the Redskins.

  16. As a giants fan it baffles me why they give McCoy 20-25 touches a game!!! This guy kills us game after game and it just seems like unless they play the giants he is extremely under utilized……smh

  17. I am just wondering what game some of these Eagle fans were watching?? Run the ball??? Are you kidding me?? We were eating your O-line like tic tacs. McCoy the so called top running back in the game got shut down, faked an injury after getting pummeled, and your defense gave up after Megatron and Stafford found their rhythm.

    What good is a highly paid DB core if they give up? Burleson, Scheffler, and Megatron tore the Eagles a new a$$.

    Bottom line is even after committing 16 stupid penalties, our physical play and will to win destroyed you guys. I had even more pleasure watching this game knowing that your “leader” is a piece of crap dog killer. I was just hoping the low hit knocked him out for the season. This one was for the pit bulls baby. The eagle has NOT landed! hahaha Gooooo Lions!

  18. Haha, that’s funny, cuz it’s week 6, and you are the sub .500 Lions. Let’s see who is where in the playoff race week 16… Eagles win streak coming, one way or another.

  19. Losing 2 weeks in a row by walk-off field goals hurts. Badly. But it’s not the sign of a team that’s as bad as some want to make it out to be. Stafford has played about as bad as Vick alot of the year, and has less wins. And he is a great qb. So, yeah, there’s that.

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