Haloti Ngata will keep playing through minor MCL strain

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After losing linebacker Ray Lewis and cornerback Lardarius Webb for the season, the Ravens finally have some good news on defense.

Haloti Ngata, the defensive tackle who suffered a right knee injury on Sunday, was found to have only a minor MCL strain, the Baltimore Sun reports. Ngata left the game against the Cowboys briefly but was able to return, and he is expected to keep playing through both that injury and pain in his right shoulder.

“The shoulder was stressing me out and I hurt my knee a little bit,” Ngata said. “I had to fight through that throughout the game. They got me pretty good. I felt like I would finish all along. I just didn’t want to not finish. We had a good rotation going.”

With Webb and Lewis both done for the year, and Terrell Suggs still not back from his offseason Achilles injury, the Ravens can’t afford any more injuries on defense. So it’s good news that Ngata expects to be good to go on Sunday against the Texans.

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  1. This next game is about one thing: can the secondary step up?

    This group of guys has one without Ray before. But can they do so without Lardarius?

    We shall see.

  2. What once looked like a super bowl season in Baltimore now looks like a lost cause. No Lewis, Webb, Suggs, and now Ngata is hurt. Better hope Ed Reed can stop the run and pass all by himself

  3. I’ve never seen our defense look as bad as it has these past 2 weeks. Somehow we’re gonna have to stop Arian Foster and hope Schaub doesn’t throw to whoever Cary Williams is “covering”.

  4. What is wrong with you Ravens fans? We are 5-1; one of only 3 teams in the AFC to have a winning record and ranked first in the conference. How many other teams would love to have our problems? Yes, the defense is not what we expect, but the offense has definitely upgraded to compensate. How would you like to be a Cowboys fan and have your team lose like they did yesterday? Or, a Bengals fan whose team just lost to the Browns? Quit whining and enjoy it while it lasts.

  5. I agree with dcapettini except that its every nfl fan. Some of you guys are acting like we haven’t won a game yet. I get we’ve had some weaknesses and strengths but thats sports. And you don’t say “Our seasons over because we got some bummed up guys.” You ask “Do you wanna keep fighting or do you just wanna roll over and lose?” Good teams say keep fighting, and hopefully that is what the Ravens will do, I’m sure.

  6. Lucky for the ravens he is not out for an extended time. If he was they’d give up 600 yards per game rushing instead of their usual 500.

  7. This defense just got gashed for over 500 yards of offense WITH Webb, Lewis and Ngata.

    Scary thought what they’ll look like now without Webb and Ray and with Ngata plying with shoulder and knee injuries.

  8. Now is the time Flacco can finally show he is of the elite status and guide this team to an offensive Super Bowl. Cam needs to come up with some new offensive looks that the other teams are not preparing for week to week. Thats what makes the difference between a winner and a loser

  9. Play through it ngata. Thats a brilliant idea. Play while you’re hurt. Genius! Cant wait til we lay the burgh smackdown on these clowns!!!

  10. Although Lewis is an important piece of that defense, they’ll be fine without him. In fact, they may even see a slight improvement.

    Webb is a bigger loss and Ngata would be a huge loss.

    As long as the offense isn’t turning it over, they’ll be okay. There aren’t any good offenses in the AFC anymore. New England isn’t what it used to be and Pittsburgh can’t get through a game without all of their offensive line getting injured, so I don’t think the Ravens have to be too worried about having a bad defense.

  11. Hey steelersownnobody how about shutting your mouth and focus on your own team. Troy Polamalu played through injury. IMO I think playing through injuries is a sign of a true player.

  12. Seeing as the Stillers have been unable to beat the Raiders and Titans and lost both games to the Ravens last year (and one to Tebow) I am continually shocked at the trash talk of their fans. You would think they would have some humility. The NFL is a “what have you done for me lately” kind of league and lately the Steelers are 2-3, 3 games out of first place in the division and have the worst running game in football. At least wait until your own house is in order before you go running your mouth.

    By the way, for all of those thinking (praying) the Great Ray Lewis has played his last down, don’t believe the hype.

  13. “What is wrong with you Ravens fans?”

    I’m not a Ravens fan, but I imagine Ravens fans are upset about losing multiple All-Pro/future Hall of Fame defenders….which is pretty understandable.

  14. Ravens fans seemed awfully concerned about losing Webb, and rightly so he’s a solid corner. But what you should really worry about is giving up 200+ rushin yards two weeks in a row with Foster coming to town…

    As for Steelers fans trolling – we have our own injuries to deal with (Wood and Troy out, Decastro coming back soon hopefully) so let’s keep the injury stuff in perspective here fellas.

  15. The only reason the Ravens will still make the playoffs is because the rest of the AFC North is down. Expect a 4th seed in the playoffs Ravens fans…

  16. How long before Ngata’s injuries worsen and put him on the bench next to Ray and Lardarius ? His occupation dictates his injuries most likely won’t heal any faster and highly likely they will worsen. Pressure mounts on Flappo and RiceCake.

    Unlike Ray and Lardarius, Polamalu is likely to be back for the first Ravens game. Round and round we go…….

  17. klownboy says:Oct 15, 2012 10:32 PM

    The only reason the Ravens will still make the playoffs is because the rest of the AFC North is down. Expect a 4th seed in the playoffs Ravens fans…

    4th seed still wins the division and they have proven time again they can win playoff games on the road.

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