Jets banged up at running back after big day


The Jets ran for 252 yards against the Colts on Sunday, a welcome development for a team that had struggled to move the ball at all on the ground during the first five weeks of the season.

All of that activity has left the Jets with some injury issues at running back, however. Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight both picked up scrapes during the game and the results of MRIs on both players leave open the possibility that the Jets will be short at running back when they head up to New England.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that Powell has a dislocated right shoulder and will miss the game against the Patriots. Powell had four carries and a catch on Sunday and has run for 131 yards overall this season. Once Powell left the game, McKnight broke off a 61-yard run down the sideline to set up a Jets score. McKnight came up limping after the play, however, and an MRI revealed a high ankle sprain. That will likely keep him out this week and, with a bye in Week Nine, the Jets could be without both players for multiple weeks.

Shonn Greene had 161 yards and three touchdowns yesterday, so the Jets offense could survive without Powell and McKnight if Greene and the line repeat their performances from Sunday. With only undrafted rookie Jonathan Grimes behind Greene, it wouldn’t be a shock to see them at least take a look at available backs this week.

16 responses to “Jets banged up at running back after big day

  1. Playing the Patriots with their secondary,the Jets could survive by not running the ball at all. Just throw the ball on every down.

  2. suddenly it’s like this matters. Greene is still a bad back, Sanchez still is not a good QB, and the Jets are still a bad team. They beat a team rebuilding around a rookie QB playing on the road. Don’t unpack the confetti..

  3. peytonsneck18 says: Oct 15, 2012 7:14 PM

    Thomas Jones is out there JUST SAYING

    hes too busy making it rain in the clubs
    That’s Adam “Pacman” Jones. You get a pass though, since Raider fan is kinda slow…

  4. Timmy is a good runner and if hes’ really the “unselfish” and “team-first” guy who will “do anything to help the team” (as the media tells us) he will be lining up at rb all week.

  5. “the Jets could survive by not running the ball at all. Just throw the ball on every down.”

    You do know that sanchex is still the QB, right? He will never be able to carry a team on his own. You’re inviting a record number of picks.

  6. That’s Adam “Pacman” Jones. You get a pass though, since Raider fan is kinda slow…

    no u must be, he has a music video that came out a lil bit ago and hes in a “club” making it rain, check yr facts 1st buddy

  7. Sanchez and the Jets’ “passing attack” vs the worst secondary in the NFL three years running. It’s the resistible object vs. the movable force.

    The Patriots are great at stopping the run (their front seven is really good much better than the Jets’) but the defensive backs stink. Tom Brady has to be perfect every week or the Patriots could easily lose.

    Personally I think it’s coaching. There is no way the all these draft picks can be this bad. Every CB and S gets worse every year in the Patriots’ system.

    Saying all that I think the Patriots will play with an edge this week and get the job done.

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