Nnamdi Asomugha questions late defensive strategy


The Eagles had a 10-point lead with a little more than five minutes to play, but they couldn’t hold on and wound up losing 26-23 to the Lions in overtime.

There are several reasons you can point to for the Eagles’ failure to pull out a win that was there for the taking, but cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha thinks a shift in defensive philosophy in the late stages of the game was at the top of the list. Asomugha spent most of the first three quarters locked up on Calvin Johnson, holding him to one catch, and the Eagles didn’t blitz much during that part of the game, but things changed in the fourth and the Lions were able to capitalize.

Johnson had five catches as Dominique Rogers-Cromartie started covering him on some plays and the Eagles started blitzing more regularly. Asomugha mentioned those two changes after the game, leading to reporters asking him if the team should have changed what was working well for them. Rich Hofmann of the Philadelphia Daily News recorded the exchange.

“As a player, when things go so well for three quarters, is there a sense of wanting to make the other team prove that they can beat what you’re doing before you start trying to change things up?”

“Um . . . yeah.”

“As a veteran guy on this team whose opinion is respected, is that a spot where you go to your coaches and say, ‘Hey, this is working, let’s try to use more of what’s working.'”

“Um . . . yes.”

Asomugha avoided saying anything too inflammatory, but the message remained pretty clear anyway. It should give the Eagles plenty to chew on during their bye week as they try to fix what’s led to two straight losses in games they led heading into the final minutes.

19 responses to “Nnamdi Asomugha questions late defensive strategy

  1. I’m a huge Eagles fan… It drives me crazy watching these game. Lets start on offense, we were the best screen team as long as I remember, it’s like they lost that section in there play book. How do u slow down the pass rush U ask? SCREENS WITH ONE OF THE BEST HB IN THE GAME that’s how. I feel like our O line is playing at a high school level.

  2. I used to respect this guy. Now all he and the Eagles do is bitch when things do nto go there way. Man up and make plays. Nothing like throwing your coach under the bus.

  3. And the obvious question is why can Vick only get the ball out of his hands when he is falling to the ground. His mental game is like a rookie so maybe it’s time to let a young rookie start and make those mistakes least he will learn from it.

  4. Andy Reid will NEVER win the Eagles a Super Bowl. He just cannot stop coaching poorly. Run the ball with the best RB in the game. He puts this team in positions to lose.

  5. total defensive wreck and offensive shamble i want to see foles handle the offense all players and coaches stunk up the ending great poise detroit the eagle has crashed clean the birdcage

  6. I have my beef with Nnamdi Asomugha too. I think his play thus far is Over Hyped and to say the least “SOFT”. But i will say this… he played well against the Lions (Calvin Johnson) So for the first time i was proud he was an Eagle!

  7. Nice. Way to throw your DC under the bus Namdi.

    I’m not sure why you felt compelled to air that opinion in public. Wouldn’t a team player keep that in house and discuss it with the DC privately?

  8. “dccowboy” i see what your saying about keeping it in house but.. sometimes you need to air it out to the public to start getting your team to listen. Maybe he tried that route already and got no where. its crunch time and changes need to be made yesterday!

  9. Namdi showed for 3 quarters covering Megatron why we paid him big money to come here.They changed the coverage and it cost them the game….sitting in the stands I could not believe what I saw them doing !

  10. Namdi did a great job all day covering CJ with a safety or two. Lets be for real, the team did a great job for 3 quarters DRC had safety help as well. The lions just turned it on in the 4th again which is so frustrating for lions fans.

  11. Nnamdi change since he got to philly, I remember a reporter asking him about Jamarcus russell play, he gave positive thoughts on him, but now he sort of call out the DC, what is going on with him???

  12. At Andy Reids press conference he mentioned they mixed it up all game and no major changes were made in the fourth quarter. I don’t think he was watching the same game. 1st 3 quarters, Nnamdi on Calvin. 4th Quarter, no Nnamdi on Calvin. Nnamdi is wrong for popping off in the papers but the hard part is…he’s right. Eagles diehard for life…but this is getting stupid.

  13. Wasn’t about you eagles, lions have a track record of slow starts and turning it up in the fourth. He’s just salty he chose the wrong team to sign with when he was a FA. Should have signed with Detroit nnamdi…

  14. Get serious Nnamdi. The Lions had at least 10 offensive penalties. Their QB was horrific in the first three quarters missing wide open guys left, right and center. Not to mention that you and Rodgers-Cromartie should have been flagged at least twice each for defensive holding.

    The ineptness of Stafford (6 for 19 after 3 quarters) made your D look pretty good.

    What happened in the last 10 minutes was that when Calvin Johnson and Matt Stafford decide to get going, they beat you and your “D” quite handily. You looked gassed in the 4th Quarter and OT and Burleson and Johnson did not. Oh and the Eagles pass rush was also pretty lousy all game.

  15. Let’s not act like it was Nnamdi out there on an island with CJ. He had a safety over the top at all times. Dropped passes and Stafford’s inability to hit wide open WRs in the first 3 quarters made the Eagle defense look better than it was. No coincidence they didn’t even have a single sack in the game…

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