Peyton Manning steps up, Philip Rivers screws up as Broncos win

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What a Monday night comeback. What a difference between two halves. And what a difference between two quarterbacks.

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning turned in a sensational second half, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers turned in a lousy second half, and the Broncos won a wild Monday Night Football game, coming back from a 24-0 deficit at halftime to win 35-24.

In the first half it looked like it was going to be a San Diego blowout: Antonio Gates caught two touchdown passes from Rivers, and when Manning had a miscommunication with receiver Matt Willis, Chargers cornerback Quentin Jammer turned it into an 80-yard pick-six. It was all Chargers through the first 30 minutes, and as Manning jogged to the locker room at halftime, he wore a look of frustration on his face.

But the Broncos turned it on in the second half. Manning was on fire, with three touchdown passes, and Rivers couldn’t get anything going. The Broncos’ comeback was aided when defensive end Elvis Dumervil hit Rivers to force a fumble that Broncos defensive back Tony Carter picked up and ran 65 yards for a touchdown, and the Broncos’ comeback was clinched when Rivers threw an interception that Broncos defensive back Chris Harris returned 46 yards for a touchdown.

Stats don’t always tell the whole story, but the stats of the two quarterbacks on Monday night come pretty close: Manning was 24 of 30 for 309 yards with three touchdowns and one interception, while Rivers was 25 of 41 for 242 yards, with two touchdowns, four interceptions and two lost fumbles.

Now the Broncos and Chargers are tied atop the AFC West at 3-3, but the Broncos hold the head-to-head tiebreaker. It hasn’t been an easy first six weeks of the season, but Peyton Manning’s Broncos are the favorites to win the division.

131 responses to “Peyton Manning steps up, Philip Rivers screws up as Broncos win

  1. Why does gruden keep calling Peyton “the sheriff”? I have never heard anyone else reference Manning as “the sheriff”. Can we agree that this Monday night crew is the most annoying crew covering the NFL? I mean at least Simms and collinsworth have decent partners… Espn sucks…

  2. Good stuff Manning. Not a Broncos fan, but it’s nice seeing him back to his old self.

    Guy still has it.

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahsshaha take that nutella69 and all u charger fans. More broncos fans at your own stadium. How bout em broncos? Saaaan Diego super chatters

  4. To truly understand how wretched Rivers was today – he orchestrated an offense to only 7 points on his own. He himself gave up one fumble for a TD return. And then he was handed a ball in FG position and made a TD out of it. So he gets 4 points to his credit that he wasnt given. But then he had 5 other turnovers,.

    So Rivers would have had a better game if his offense just punted every time.

  5. In last nights game, you got the feeling that the Texans would not get back in the game.

    In tonight’s game, you got the feeling that it was not an insurmountable lead.

  6. Well norv Turner will be fired soon!!! And ny got the best of that Rivers, Eli trade, no wonder why Eli refused to go to SD

  7. Man, that was a historic thing to watch! I’m not a fan of either team, but am I glad I didn’t turn off the TV at halftime when it was 24-0.

    Why Norv Turner still has a HC job in the NFL is a real head-shaker.

  8. The chargers fan base was pretty weak before this game, they should be pretty much nonexistent for the rest of the year. Fairweather fans at their finest.. Talk trash when they are up and disappear when they are down.

    The chargers should not have even been in this game. Two special teams fumbles and a manning pick 6 will not happen again when you come to Denver.

  9. This has become embarassing. Two weeks in a row now, San Diego has blown 2nd half leads with awful play. It was one thing over the past few years when the defense would lose the game, but you absolutely cannot have your offense giving the other team points.

    As extreme as it might seem, it’s time to move on from Rivers. Something clearly isn’t the same. He lacks the same velocity and he just looks plain scared out there. We’ve been waiting a year and half for Rivers to return to form and it’s just not happening.

    Honestly, the whole organization needs to be cleaned out and they need to start over. You’ve got a good core of young defenders, a young running back that might end up being pretty good, and outside of that, the rest of the team looks old and a step behind. Hopefully they don’t waste the next three years before deciding things don’t work.

  10. What am I doing wrong? My hometown CFL team is hopeless at times, today I broke my hand in a hockey game & my 20 year love NFL team Chargers always finds a way to let me down… unbelievable:(

  11. Manning 10.3 ypa. Rivers 5.9 ypa. Isn’t Rivers supposed to have the rifle and Manning the duck launcher? Guess Manning’s arm is ok after all.

  12. 2 weeks in a row they get shut out in the 2nd half.
    Can’t blame this one on Ingram or the refs.
    That was a national embarrassment, hopefully it’s enough to finally get rid of Norv and he can take rivers with him.

  13. Wooooo! Great way to go into the bye week! Now we won’t have to endure 2 weeks of hearing how Manning is done, after tonight it’s obvious there’s a lot left!

  14. Told ya broncos would blow the weak chargers out. They even gave you a first half head start. Rivers=most overated qb in nfl. Norv worst coach in nfl. Y all are the raiders 5 years ago. Weres all the trash talkin sd fans. We know u didnt go to the game

  15. Hey Humbolt..How’s the Charger’s Superbowl Express coming along? On a side note-Phillip Rivers is terrible and painful to watch throw the football. After the last pick he tossed up his mouthpiece and even fumbled that one

  16. Where are all the nasty comments about Denver now? Two hours ago Manning was called the biggest mistake Denver ever made.

  17. I don’t care what Peyton said to Lisa Salters after the game… he must have chewed the Broncos a new one at halftime to get a comeback for the ages like that.

    Norv just moved up on Florio’s Hot Seat list after this power-choke.

  18. Rivers Romo’d it! LOL!!! Great comeback from Manning and the Broncos, regardless of how bad Rivers played. And what about that little hop over the defender by Manning to get a completion! Didn’t think I’d ever see Manning do something like that!!! Lol

  19. Hahahahaha I agree where did he get the name the sheriff from? This was an awesome game, in the first half if the broncos didn’t have the two special teams fumbles it would have been a blowout

  20. Adam Schefter is reporting three unnamed QB’s are scheduled for ‘cervical fusion’ surgery on Tuesday in an effort to improve poise and accuracy. Copycat league.

  21. Diehard Chargerfan here, I predicted the Broncos winning 31-24, i was pretty darn close.

    For all those that want to blame Rivers, don’t. The Broncos have 2 of the best pass rushers in the game and the Chargers have 2 of the worst tackles on each side. Rivers has every right to be scared and he was.

    Norv is the reason the Chargers lost. Tell me im wrong here, with a 24 point lead, you could’ve probably played martyball and never throw a pass in the second half, and wind up with an ugly win. Instead they literally threw it away.

    This is Norv Turner football. I’m not shocked at all, I’m probably the most calm Charger fan right now, because I saw this coming. Check last week

  22. And there you have your real San Dieaggoo Dolts. Every year as Turd-ner puts more and more of a stamp on this team, the Dolts freefall into the toilet. To think how far this group have fallen since the Marty ball days. Yeah, go 14-2 and fire the coach. Good luck. This franchise had a brief window, but that window is long gone. Have fun being bottom feeders the next 20 years……… LA to boot.

    The West remains wide open. Not saying Oakland will dig themselves out of the hole they are in, but they still have a shot.

  23. Laugh if you want but Raiders have Jacksonville, at Kansas City and Tampa Bay. If they can win those three games they’ll be 4-4 at midseason and VERY much in the AFC west race.

  24. i am going to beat this drum all year because no one else will. Why is the no outcry about how bad these Ref’s are. Every week you see as many bad calls made than the replacement ref’s but hardly a peep from the media.

  25. When he’s not playing you team, Manning is fun to watch. Thankfully Broncos don’t plays the Bills this year…Go Bills

  26. “Norv” should enter the language as a verb used thus:

    “Yeah, I got hit by a dump truck, and now my car is totally norved.”

    “Jenny, I smelled cologne on your dress. Are you norving someone else?”

    “Oh, I lost my keys! Norv me hard.”

  27. Peyton needed a lot of help to pull this one off. Yes PR did his best at aiding him but Manning was near perfect. Give him back that terrible call (seriously) on Deckers catch and PM ends this game on his own terms.

  28. Every week im gonna have to live with the haters just hatin. Then when forehead pulls off a big win the haters disappear. Have some balls guys. When we were down 24-0 the comment section lit up w how manning will never beat sd, and in week one it was all about james harrison breaking mannings neck, etc, etc. getting quieter and quieter around here now! Bums! Id love to see someone have the sack to post that they were wrong.

  29. Peytonsneck18,

    Seriously bro, you trash manning and the broncos two posts before when they are losing. Then after the broncos win, all you talk about is how norv turner and the chargers are choke artists. Are you a fan of an actual team? Or are you just a troll?

    Oh and about Peyton’s neck, it seems to be holding up just fine. He has taken several hard hits and jumped back up no problem.. He also has a top 5 qb rating. You should change your name to something more relevant, like greatestqbeva!!!

  30. I could watch Rivers humbled like that every day. Rivers needs to sit, AJ needs to walk, and Norv….. well I hope he’s past breeding age because that gene pool has run its course.

  31. As i go to bed, please all law enforcement officers keep an eye out on every bridge or else peyton’sneck and a host of haters who made negative comments about Manning might jump off.

  32. Ryan Mathews anyone? What’s up with Norv and Ronnie Brown. Did I miss something somewhere where you bench your best player to bring in Ronnie Brown in the 4th quarter. Not a fan of either team but Norm sucks….

  33. I smell anoter story about phillip rivers getting wasted and bring found passed out in some old ladies home again.

    That was rivers, right?

  34. Natelan…Natelan…anyone? Didn’t get to see the whole game, but I saw his earlier posts. At least come back and say, “I’m an idiot” Or something to that effect.

  35. Bob McNair should sit Kubiak, Wade and the entire Texans team down and make them watch the film of tonight’s MNF game, in which Peyton Manning and all 3 phases of the Broncos, offense, defense and special teams came back from 0-24 to even the score in the 3rd quarter, then BEAT the Chargers 35-24 in San Diego !

    That’s what winners do, rising to the challenge and overcoming adversity, no matter the odds, and not crumbling into a heap of disgrace like the Texans did against the Packers Sunday night on national TV!

    Signed – A very embarrassed Texans fan

  36. I’ve seen Manning hurt my Patriots repeatedly over the years. Now the AFC west can enjoy. Manning has been great this year, especially as my 5th round pick FF QB

  37. I’m a Colt’s fan first but Peyton made my favorite team a force to be reckoned with. I’ve got to say that this come back by the Peyton led Broncos could not have had a better victim than Phillip Rivers.

  38. I literally want to know how/ why is Norv Turner a head coach??? He has been good as an OC position, but lacks the “it” factor and leadership needed at the NFL level.

    Always seems lost/ goofy out there and why is his best weapon (Ryan Mathews) always off the field on 3rd downs and in the 2 minute drill?? These are the most critical parts of the games and he has his best player sitting next to him on the sideline.


  39. Wow! Peyton is who we thought he was! This guy is unlike anyone else playing the game. He is just fun to watch! Always liked him, and he is my husbands face player, but it is even better to watch him after everyone dismisses him.

  40. As if we needed more proof…

    This ladies and gentlemen is why the Chargers will not sniff a Lombardi Trophy for a while.

    A lot of people believed San Diego had the game won heading into the halftime.

    Then, all of a sudden, the Bolts were zapped by Manning and a resurgent and determined Broncos defense.

    Broncos-Chargers tied for first place in a messy AFC West.

  41. This injury news just in………..

    In the 2nd half, when the Broncos made it 24-7, it was reported that Phillip Rivers got a bad case of TBS (Tight B*tthole Syndrome). Apparently, it got worse and continued to tighten up as the second half proceeded.

  42. Too funny. I can’t stand either one of these teams, but an epic collapse in front of your own fans…perfect.

    Anyway, if there was ever a sign the Chargers need to clean out the stable, this is it. Norv Turner isn’t a NFL head coach. The thing is, San Diego could bring a real quality head coach in but AJ Smith wanted a coach who didn’t want a big say in player personnel decisions.

    I don’t think the Broncos are that good. But the Chargers…you have to be that bad to look that bad.

  43. Thanks Chargers

    Now our collapse against the Bears on MNF doesn’t look so bad

    -Dallas Cowboys

  44. As a Redskins fan I can tell you first hand Norv Turner will take a team and make them completely average across the board. Just like his buddy Dave Wanstadt.

  45. Demolition501,

    I agree Phillip Rivers has the ugliest throwing motion in the game. I’ve always thought he had just an average arm anyways. Rivers talent seems to be fading into the abyss. There’s going to be a major overhaul in San Diego after this year and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Phillip get shipped somewhere else next season. A place like Buffalo, Arizona, or even Dallas and Philadelphia as a possible destination spot. The Chargers need a fresh start. Let’s face it they suck. If the Raiders, can beat The Jags at home this week. I wouldn’t put it past either Denver or San Diego to lay an egg this week and watch the Silver and Black crawl back into the wild wild west.

  46. Rivers moved to within one turnover of Vick (13 – 12). Romo has had his bye & only trails by one with 11. The dubious distinction of top turnover qb of “the elite” will probably go down to the wire.

  47. Time has come for Rivers’ future with the Chargers to be discussed. These second half meltdowns simply cannot continue. And it’s a given Mathews is a bust and will never match the hype. Chargers had the opportunity last week and this to go to 5-1 and take a commanding 3 game lead in their division. However, as usual the Chargers choked and are falling faster than hell. Trademark of a Turner coached team is, failure to capitalize on key opportunities and destined to mediocrity. The Charger culture needs a shakedown at it’s core. As a 30 yr Charger fan, I am fed up with implosions and mediocrity. Spanos clan: Give us a true contender with mental fortitude and a smash mouth attitude. Oh and at least one SB championship in my lifetime would be awesome.

  48. Manning is great fodder for the press.

    The come back credit should go to the Broncos Defense.

    Manning was good.. The Denver “D” was great.

    Todd Marinovich, playing nude, would have won this game for the Broncos by 45 points.

  49. To all the Moronic Peyton Manning haters, doubters, critics……………………Losers all ! He will beat your team 8.5 times out of 10. I’ll bumper sticker your tombstone with it. Even if Denver goes only 8-8 he is still the Man. All about the game, not supermodel wifes, personal stats, or other BS. As Herm Edwards said,”he plays to win the game “. I never rooted for Colts or Broncos( except against the Faiders) I respect Peyton as a complete pro making a great comeback after adversity. And his little brother ain’t so bad , leading my Gmen to 2 SB’s. Just ask 49er fans , eh ?

  50. The Chargers gave up 35 unanswered points. How are they to be trusted? I don’t know. What a fraud over there. From their GM to their Head Coach right on down to their lousy 3/4 shot put no good for nothing noodle armed QB. Oh did I forget to mention that defense that forgot how to play in the second half. I know the turnovers were crucial. But at some point you have to really dig in and get after the QB, which they did none of that. The Chargers are not very good and they are sinking fast after B2B losses. It’s time to get the noose ready for Coach Turner, he’s done plenty of damage already, he’s ready to hang from the gallows of the coaching pole. If this guy survives this season then I will say the man is a magician. But the jury finds this man guilty, hang him.

  51. this defense in the second half was what we were expecting the whole year, if we keep this up and have manning doing him, the sky is the limit

  52. That was awesome.

    Peyton- Thank you for an entertaining/unbelieveable MNF game.

    The silence is deafening from “charger fan”….. As it should be.

  53. Not a fan of either team but I stumbled upon some cheap tickets and attended the game.

    First off, the place was half orange….and they were the louder group in the 2nd half.

    2nd, we need to as a country, officially demote Phillip from elite top 5 status. I know there are some nostalgic folks here who think Rivers can still carry a team. His window has passed, and let’s just not make this more awkward than needed.

    3rd, watching Rivers throw a football is akin to watching Shaq put up free throws. Dude’s motion is something between a shotput and an 1980’s era side-arm pitcher. He doesn’t have Vincent Jackson going aerial to catch his inaccurate passes now. Gates is clearly not what he was 4 years ago.

    His passes were late, under thrown and infield grounders. I will concede that he was missing his left guard.

    10/15/2012 – The day Rivers was demoted to mid-tier QB.

  54. As Mike Vrabel, former Patriots linebacker told Rivers, ” Your not Drew Brees. I know it, you know it, and your entire huddle knows it”.

    Always hated that deal and always thought Brees was the better qb.

  55. It’s not that I hate the Chargers…even though I do. It’s that I completely disrespect them on every humanly level possible. They are the most disgraceful team in the NFL. I can’t remember a team in history who chokes more…across all genres of sports. This team will NEVER win anything. And I love it. I am so so so sorry Charger fans. You must hate your lives and wish you were born in a city where your team actually has a chance. I would rather root for the Bills or even the Jaguars….you cannot get any worse than the Chargers. I’m so glad I’m from Colorado.

  56. I have to give the Broncos respect for pulling off a monster win like this one. I do agree however – Rivers did help Manning out a LOT with all those picks he threw. Bonehead……

    It’s probably time to clean some house down there in Sandy Eggo – no one takes a loss like this one without repercussions.

  57. Broken. The organization is broken and it starts at the top. The owner is uncaring; sitting in the owners box just staring. But the owner just scratches checks and leaves it in the hands of the GM to fill a roster for the HC to operate with. Somewhere in this arrangement is the evil bad that is rotting the charger team; how to fix such a thing is beyond 99% of the posters on this forum.

    Give it up to Manning for being able to take advantage when opportunity is presented.

    We all know now that you cannot blame refs ( the rivers ballstrip / fumble ); a good head coach finds a way to get his team to look past the refs. Rivers needs to stop whining to the refs and focus on his position, on the huddle, on the next play. A head coach should be able to tell his QB to snap out of it.

    Rivers is not the alpha anymore but neither is Norv.

    Yea I want Norv and AJ out but I grip over who is next; Dan Henning v 2.0?

  58. As a fan that yells on defense, Manning always frustrated me by using the entire play clock. Tonight, the no huddle was killing me. I can only imagine how Charger defensive players felt.

  59. The really tough games are now behind and Denver heads to a bye week. The AFC West will take shape knowing that Denver’s oppponents get the teams that Denver lost to in the last 6 games. A 3-3 record is quite commendable considering Denver’s schedule. Good things to come! Gotta get Williams back in Nov. Go D!

  60. idk why but something tells me that Norv or Gruden will be the head coach of the cowboys next season after garret resigns and Cowher or one of the Ryan brothers will be the eagles head coach after Reid is fired and then named head coach of the jets after red is canned this year!! The greatest division in NFL history the NFC east could end up having all head coaches that have won at least one Super Bowl!!!

  61. They call him the Sheriff because he’s the law on that field. making sure everybody’s following his play calling and always directing offensive traffic.

  62. I’ve seen many meltdowns in my day but man, that’s as bad as it gets.

    This is so typical of the Chargers, no balls at all.

    Hats off to the Bronco’s and Peyton Manning, that was one hell of a comeback.

    natelin69/humbolt won’t be around for a while, nor will the Chargers Super Bowl Express. Choo choo! 🙂

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  64. natelan69 says:
    Oct 15, 2012 9:12 PM

    In my lifetime, Raiders and Chargers are both 0-1 in Superbowls.

    But my Chargers lost a superbowl to a 49ers team with countless hall of famers. Your Raiders lost to a Buccaneers team with nobody on it.

    Meanwhile, my Chargers are in first place and leading the Broncos 10-0 with the ball. I wonder when/if the Raiders will ever have a winning record again?

    lol, what a loser.

  65. I’m still trying to figure out why Norv keeps sitting his best RB for an RB whose most memorable play last year was giving up a headscratching fumble at the goal line last year.

    Norv, you keep showing Mathews that your the boss but you keep losing games. At some point, the owner or GM might want to get a coach in there who wants to win instead of just being a yes man who takes out his frustrations on his RB.

  66. Normally, I would mock the Chargers mightily. But I’m a Bills fan. Chargers, we understand (sympathetic pat on the head).

  67. does anyone else notice how awful rivers’ throwing motion is ?! his passes have no zip whatsoever.aj and norv will finally be gassed, question is, do they keep noodle arm rivers or go with a total housecleaning?maybe he can get some pointers on his mechanics from godboy in ny. ha!

  68. Can’t for the life of me understand why Ryan Mathews is sitting on the sidelines on 3rd downs and at the end when they were in the hurry up offense. Ronnie Brown is horrible.
    It can’t still be about that 1 fumble he had 3 weeks ago right? If it is the Rivers should be benched for his 4 ints and Eddie Royal should be cut.

  69. Manning… the man looks like a really good guy but I hated the player from the Colts era. Now with the Broncos, I really like to watch what he is doing on the field. This man is going to Canton for sure.

    Rivers… this guy is always looking his teammates like if everything was their fault. This guy can’t handle pressure, time to move on San Diego! Oh, by the way, get rid of Norv Turner too!

  70. saintsfan26 says:
    Oct 16, 2012 12:15 AM
    Thank you for Drew Brees, San Diego.


    The Who Dat Nation.
    Thumbs down just for using that stupid “Who Dat”

    No one is going to take you seriously when you talk like Buckwheat or insist on referring to yourself as “Nation”

  71. And that’s why Manning makes the big bucks! Not too many QBs out there today who could do what he did last night. Brady is about the only one who comes to mind (and he’s a little iffy this year).

  72. Chargers had a bad second half, get over it. The Broncos are not a lock at this point to win anything, they have been beaten 3 times also. The Chargers (when they play with their heads out of their asses) can keep up with any team in the NFL. I’m not ready to write off the season in week 6, and I suggest you band wagoners don’t either. This years NFL is anyone’s ballgame, a lot of teams losing games they shouldn’t. The Bolts will still make some late season noise, Norv has no choice but to turn it lose before he gets fired.

  73. as a long time Charger fan i like to say that Rivers is officially a Bust. he hasnt won a close game in years and is perhaps the worst late game QB of all time. he simply sucks without his super star RB and other greats that used surrond him. Champ Bailey said about Rivers years ago that he is surronded by great talent and is nothing without them. he was right on with that. I hope Norm and AJ would just leave town and take this bum qb with them.

  74. All Ive got to say is that if TEBOW brought the Donkeys back like that, everyone would say “it was the defense…..the defense should get the credit”. Gotta love the media bias on this.

  75. I hope S.D.keeps Norv for a long time. I loved him when he was at the Raiders. If the do let him go. I hope he ends up in K.C.

  76. What ever happended to Eddie Royal? He must be sniffing too many of those smelling salts….or something.

  77. joetoronto says: Oct 16, 2012 5:27 AM

    natelan69 says:
    Oct 15, 2012 9:12 PM

    In my lifetime, Raiders and Chargers are both 0-1 in Superbowls.

    But my Chargers lost a superbowl to a 49ers team with countless hall of famers. Your Raiders lost to a Buccaneers team with nobody on it.

    Meanwhile, my Chargers are in first place and leading the Broncos 10-0 with the ball. I wonder when/if the Raiders will ever have a winning record again?

    lol, what a loser.
    Yes he is. But then again, so are you. And he does have a point….

  78. This is very much a TEAM sport. NOT one person on any team can get it done. However,that was a total scre up by Rivers!! HAHAHA!! He said “I wasnt fooled by anything I saw.” Well if my Broncos D didnt fool him…maybe it was his own recievers. I do love taking it to Rivers. The Chargers messed up big choosing Rivers over Brees. And The Chargers recently may have had our number…But we had to go through the Josh McDummy era and for a short time,the Teblow circus. But overall back to our beginning, The Broncos own the Chargers several times over. So call us the “Donks” all you want…but the Orange and Blue own this division.
    Chargers prediction…they move to the Land of Fruits and Nuts..and John “Chucky” Gruden becomes the HC. Orange and Blue Forever.

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