Report: Scott Fujita has neck injury that may be career-ending

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Browns linebacker Scott Fujita may have played the last game of his NFL career.

Fujita has a neck injury that could be career-ending, and he may never play another game, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports.

That news comes as a major surprise. Fujita missed Sunday’s game against the Bengals with what the team called a shoulder injury, but he had played in four straight games before that, and there have been no previous reports that Fujita’s career could be in jeopardy.

The 33-year-old Fujita is currently embroiled in a fight with the NFL over his suspension in the league’s investigation of the Saints’ bounty program. The league initially suspended him for three games before cutting his suspension to one game. He is appealing that one-game suspension, and he is still eligible to play at least until his appeal is heard.

But now comes the possibility that Fujita may never play again, ending an 11-year career that has seen Fujita play for the Chiefs, Cowboys, Saints and Browns.

69 responses to “Report: Scott Fujita has neck injury that may be career-ending

  1. You will not meet a player with more class and honor than Scott Fujita. True warrior on the field, gentleman off it.

  2. I hope it was a bounty hit I really do. Maybe then Fujita would get it.

    What goes around comes around Scott.

  3. Well unfortunate to have a neck injury, but I don’t have the facts to convict him of doing anything wrong, so I won’t taunt him at this time. If he is truly innocent, then whether he can play again or not he should fight for truth and justice to clear his name at least, just for the record. If he is convincingly guilty then hopefully there is a way for him to be fined or brought to justice.

  4. Seems like a nice guy and I don’t know if he was part of bounty-gate or not. But, for his lack of production on the field and the number of games he has missed, he sure did steal millions of $ from the Browns.

  5. Wow they are some terrible people in this world. Fujita is innocent until proven guilty. There is not one shred of evidence linking him to any type of bounty. To call it karma that this guy may have a neck I jury that will affect the rest of his life…. I hope karma gets you for making a comment like that.

  6. The Madden Curse couldn’t get Calvin Johnson, so it’s taking out the rest of the NFL. Calvin Johnson will be the only player left Week 16.

    It all makes sense now.

  7. This could be detrimental to any legal actions against the NFL – the Mootness Doctrine might apply. The events he would desire to effect through legal action (the right to play in football games) could be placed beyond the reach of law by his physical inability to play in football games.

  8. somebody said:
    “You will not meet a player with more class and honor than Scott Fujita. True warrior on the field, gentleman off it.”
    …if you ignore that he is a liar and two-faced.

    Fujita never played to his potential. That’s why he was passed around the league. Yet, it gave him personal opportunity to become a politician and have his fellow players believe he really cared about them. Obviously, he did not.

    Fujita may have a neck problem but he has worse problems in that area above his neck.

  9. There is ABSOLUTELY ZERO evidence that links Scott Fujita to any type of pay to injure program. Uneducated people on this matter need to keep their mouths SHUT.

    For you to sit there and call this karma is disgusting. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Wishing injury on an innocent man…. you really wanna talk about karma?

    Have a safe trip to work today. Buckle up.

  10. Scott is one of the great guys in professional football. He did have significant neck surgery when he was 20 and I wonder if this is a reoccurrence of the same injury.

    To all of those who are yammering about karma, shame on you. First, there’s no actual evidence of any wrong-doing on Scott’s part. That’s been the whole discussion to this point; even Goodell is reducing his suspension. Secondly, never, EVER wish something like this on anyone, not even your worst enemy. Nor should it be celebrated. Shame on you.

    Best of luck in the future, Scott. Forget the haters; brave men behind their keyboards.

  11. crazy how so many comments are about karma. you guys are so quick to judge. I have been shown absolutely no proof that fujita was in on the bounty scandal. prove me wrong goodell.

    if he was, then i can understand the whole “what goes around comes around mentality” but none of us are sure he was and to be so happy that someone has a career-ending neck injury is sickening.

    im glad i dont have the mindset that you people do. by the way, being happy that someone is injured isn’t exactly going to give you any good karma…

  12. For all the morons screaming karma, you guys do know he wasn’t involved in the bounty case, rather he is being suspended for not speaking out about it?

  13. Lots of trolls spreading their hate. I don’t know if you realize how pathetic you look to the rest of us. Taking pleasure in someone’s injury is bad karma. I wonder how many of you call yourselves Christians?

  14. Up until now I’ve enjoyed the debate with fans on other teams concerning the bounty issue. I found some of the post amusing. But, now this has taken a turn that is ugly. First of all I stand proudly and say that I’m a Saints fan. And, may I suggest that means something special. For most teams in the NFL they have at the very least moments in the history that they were great. Even the Browns can point to two AFC Championship games. The Vikings and Bills can look to four Super Bowls. But, during that time Saints fan suffered through season after season of loses and we never once considered not supporting our team. So, when the bounty issue came up we backed them. And, because of our loyalty we had to take abuse and jokes once again. And, that’s each Saints hater right to make fun of us. I will take that and smile. But, to suggest that a man, a human being that has a neck injury somehow deserves what happed to him based upon an issue that very few of us have any personal knowledge of is wrong.
    Now I have never met Scott Fujita personally. But, the memory I have of him as a Saint has absolutely nothing to do with football. It was the night of the Super Bowl parade. While the rest of the Saints rode floats Scott was in the crowd with a ten year old inner-city little boy. A reporter spotted him and asked him why he wasn’t riding on a float. Scotts answer was, “I’m not riding on a float because I wanted to share the moment with the fans. The little boy was black. Here was a man that stood on the top of his profession and he chose to share his moment with someone that may never have the opportunity to get that close someone else again.
    That’s the player and man I know. So, for anyone to say something so stupid as this is Karma reflects a level of inhumanity that goes beyond sports. Keep in mind that your lord and master RG stated that he punished Scott for not stopping a bounty that he and the rest of the team still claims didn’t exists. He was not punished for participating in it. By your reasoning many of you have a price to pay. Every time you teased someone and you laughed or every time you stood by and watched any injustice without saying anything has karma coming your way. I only hope that when it happens someone that has a little more humanity then most of you will be there to show you more compassion then your showing now

  15. Even Goodell has decided Fujita wasn’t actually involved with ‘bounties.’ But I am deciding from reading the comments on here that a lot of you are terrible people.

  16. I haven’t seen much in anyone claiming Fujita was involved in the bounty program.
    By virtue of his position representing players against injuries he has made us wonder. We wonder why he stood by and said or did nothing while Coach Williams did his sociopathic rant.
    Cannot say you weren’t there, Scotty. You were. You did nothing. You are a weak coward and subsequent liar.
    Political career over, dumbass.

  17. I knew when I saw this headline I could find endless comments about karma and implications that he got what he deserved. Seriously, all you little b*tch weasels that are saying that stuff, go home, slap your mommas right in the face for not raising you any better. Then be sure and thank her for letting you live in the basement or garage.

  18. vikingsvoice, why don’t you shut up and go away just like your team did in the 09 NFC Championship game? By the way, the leader of ur team, Brett Favre, said he thinks the Saints are innocent of having a bounty on him. Wow, you must feel pretty alone. And stupid!

  19. I think the most telling comments about Fujita were from the guy who did the documentary who said Fujita was curled up like a little kid with his girlfriend talking about how wrong it was and then the text where he says, “it is okay all they have is hearsay” He got off on a technicality, but make no mistake he is guilty. He got off light. Williams out of the game, Hargrove out of the game, now Fujita, only two left. Karma is tough, whine if you want Aints fans.

  20. The people who know Scott Fajita all agree he’s a man of integrity as well as being an NFL line backer who plays with a strong passion for the game. He inspired others to play at a higher caliber, and he doesn’t deserve the abuse and false accusations Goodell forced on him. For those who don’t know Scott, please stop making your hateful comments about a man you know nothing about.

  21. Fujita today, Taco Vilma tomorrow…….what goes around comes around. I wonder if Drew Brees will ask for an explanation.

  22. I don’t think the majority of fans like to see any player get hurt but from reading the posts, it’s rather obvious that fans really hate cheaters.

  23. obvious that fans hate cheaters???? then the fans need to simply stop watching all sports. what a stupid comment.

    so should we all hate Michael Jordan? that dude got away with murder on the basketball court not off like some players that still play the game and simply cheat the system.

  24. should we hate the Patriots for actually cheating the damn game? I mean they had a competitive advantage with the whole spy gate fiasco. They should be stripped of all Super Bowls.

    I hate the Seahawks bc they technically cheated by not being honest about the TD that stood when everyone in the universe knew that it was an INT. Perhaps if they weren’t cheaters they would have set an example for young kids but no, they decided that winning at any expense (even cheating) was the way to go. Gosh what a bunch of cheaters…maybe we should all wish for bad things to happen to their players….you morons!

  25. Regardless of team allegiance or take on Saints mess it is poor taste to delight in this news. My Texans play the Ravens next and I’m not cheering the news about Lewis and Webb. A thought for everyone to ponder: One day you’re the windshield next day you’re the bug.

  26. I won’t be screaming about karma. Instead I’ll focus on the fact that every Saints fan on here has found it deplorable that people would delight in the injury of another human being….which I do not….and THAT is why I find the bounty scandal so deplorable. They knowingly tried to cause injuries to other “human beings”….then when this is pointed out to you you preach about how its a “tough sport” and that “you obviously have not played”. The release of the audio as well as the story behind its release is all the evidence I need to believe Scott Fujita was involved. Do I delight in the fact that he seems to have gotten a taste of his own medicine?….nope. That would make me just as bad as them.

  27. People that believe in karma are the same that believe in unicorns and pots of gold at the end of rainbows.
    Football is what hurts these players, not bad juju vibes.

  28. Scott Fujita has had 3 personal fouls in an 11 year career. Look it up!
    For you that do not know what you are talking about….please don’t talk!

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