Tannehill impressing with his ability to handle the heat

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Rams coach Jeff Fisher did what you do to a rookie quarterback.

And Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill handled it smartly.

The Rams blitzed Tannehill early and often, and while he didn’t put up huge numbers, he was efficient, and he did put up a win.

“He’s got too much poise, too much experience in the system,” Fisher said , via Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post. “He’s going to be a good player.”

The Rams weren’t the first to try to rattle Tannehill, but he’s shown he doesn’t rattle easily. He threw for 306 yards against blitzes against the Cardinals, proving he can make good decisions in short windows of time, and he keeps making good decisions with each passing week.

“Tannehill is balling right now,” Dolphins rookie right tackle Jonathan Martin said. “I think he’s got to be the best rookie quarterback out right now.”

That may be a stretch, but Tannehill’s cool under fire has proven him able to at least survive a year when the Dolphins lack enough offensive weapons to make him look better.

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  1. Clearly there is some delusion regarding this rookie class. RG3 has already had his bell rung and it will continue due to his style of play… don’t see him lasting as he is smallish.
    Wilson makes some plays but also makes bonehead mistakes….. plus he is also smallish.

    Luck and Tannehill will be the two best coming out of this class.

  2. Havign never seen anything but glimpses of him on tape I figured he wouldn’t be a success in the pros. He has proven me wrong and I see a bright future for him. At least 4 of the 5 rookies are looking like they will have a bright NFL future. Russ is the only one im not sold on yet

  3. A lot of people don’t realize that the Fins are running a no huddle offense about 50% of the offensive snaps. For a rookie QB, that is almost unheard of (Andrew Luck is running some, but not nearly as much.). Even Peyton Manning didn’t start running no huddle until he had a couple years under his belt. Im not saying he will be a perennial pro-bowler yet , but has a potential to be a pretty good player in the league if he continues to put the work in, and Miami gets him a good surrounding cast.

  4. Tannehill’s stats and QB Rating are better than Luck’s and Dolphins have the same record as the Redskins so he must be doing something right

  5. Tannehill has been poised since Week 1. Sure, he’s gotten better since then, but he wasn’t even fazed when Miami had that string of awful turnovers in Houston, and he hasn’t been fazed since. Not many sports writers noticed, since they didn’t actually watch the game. They saw the box score, published “OMG 3 INT 32nd in power rankings,” and forgot about Miami. But Dolphin fans have already seen the confidence and know that Tannehill has the potential to be a special player.

  6. RGIII is the only rook QB you can say has been definitively better than Tannehill thus far. If you don’t agree, you haven’t watched Miami at all. Or you just looked up Tannehill’s stats. If you are going to go on stats, base it on progression of stats- three straight weeks of rising completion percentage and rising QB rating (not to mention rising wins).

    Out of the six picks he’s thrown, three came in week one on the road against a Texans D that is, uh, pretty good. The most impressive aspect of Tanehill’s game has been his poise and the fact that mistakes from one week are corrected the next. Kid’s a keeper, and already the 2nd best QB in the AFC East.

  7. How can you call him a scrub?? Do you even watch football? Hes played better then alot vets not just most of the rookies. Kevin Kolb, Matt Cassel, Mark Sanchez, Gabbert, Locker. He also has zero weapons in the passing game. Fasano sucks and all his recievers are number 3’s on almost every team in the league. Wake up buddy!

  8. Why are some people so obsessed with predicting which rookie QBs will fail? I love seeing them succeed, unless they’re playing for a division rival, which none of these kids are. Luck, Griffin, Tannehill, Wilson, and Weeden have all shown flashes of brilliance. Tannehill, in particular, seems to get better every week.

  9. I honestly don’t see where this perception that the Dolphins have no weapons comes from. Coming into last week we had the #1 WR(Hartline) in the league! Bess is one of the best slot WRs around, has been among the top in converting 3rd downs for a couple of years now. And Bush is one of the best catching out of the backfield. We’re no greatest show on turf, but we’re definitely better than a lot of teams, including two of our division rivals.

  10. Tannehilll is better than his stats.. and his stats aren’t too bad.

    As a lifelong Dolphins fan, I don’t wanna say too much because I don’t wanna jinx it, but I’ll be buying a jersey soon if he keeps it up.

    Last one I got was Zach Thomas’s.

  11. I would like to see how Tannehill would be with a great WR like Reggie Wayne……or even Santana Moss or Pierre Garcon……

    Miami’s WRs are not as good as those three – but yet Brian Hartline was leading the league in receiving yards prior to this week.

    Good QB’s make good WRs and Tannehill is definitely making the most of the lack of talent around him. Only Reggie Bush can be considered a true offensive weapon and he has been limited with his knee.

  12. Bess is undoubtedly one of the best slot receivers in the game right now. The only trouble is that he’s getting a lot of playing time outside the slot because we don’t have a third receiver. So, yeah, we are short on weapons. Hartline has to keep it up, but I think part of the reason that his numbers have been falling of a bit is that he’s getting a lot more double-teams since that break out game, and defenses aren’t yet afraid enough of our twos and threes at that position to ease up.

    Of course, that might be why Moore caught Janorice Jenkins sleeping, so that might change.

    Another thing worth noting is that Tannehill’s first rough game owes a lot of its misfortune to J.J. Watt, who is playing out of his mind right now. He’s giving lots of QBs jitters on his way to a Pro Bowl season. He’s also made a habit of slapping down balls.

    So, maybe that first ugly game has more to do with J.J. Watt and the rest of that Houston defense being really good, and less so about Tannehill playing poorly.

  13. Dolphins only started 3 WRs yesterday….Hartline, Bess, and Marlon Moore…..yes, Marlon Moore…..Bush was his 4th option a lot……give him some weapons and he’ll be good….real good, as a Dolphins fan I’m excited because I think after all these years and 17 QBs since Marino I think they finally got a baller

  14. Tannehill shows great poise and ability to be an in-pocket QB. Luck is the greatest QB out of college since Peyton b/c of his ability to manage a team and adjust against a defense. Tannehill will get there.

    RG3 does not have these mental abilities. Significant physical talent, yes… but mentally, not a great QB. Example, number one… Cam Newton. Russel Wilson… not sure, undersized but beat out Matt Flynn (who Hawks spent a lot of money on). May be something there. I just don’t like Carroll.

  15. hehateme2

    It’s funny that the two QBs you think will suceed seem to have something in common and the other two don’t. Just wondering if you point of view is shaded just a little

  16. miamatt says:
    Oct 15, 2012 3:53 PM
    Out of the six picks he’s thrown, three came in week one on the road against a Texans D that is, uh, pretty good.


    Pretty good? In what world is giving up 6 touchdowns in a game pretty good?

  17. Eventually, the best qb in this group will be the one that wins the most Superbowls.

    However, as of now:

    RG3 = Michael Vick

    Luck = Neil O’Donnell

    Tannehill = Johnny Unitas

    Tyrone Wilson = Dog Flutie

    Weeden = George Blanda

  18. I will be the first to admit that I was wrong about RT17. I was against drafting him. I was dead wrong. I have watched some of the other rookie qbs but not enough to compare. I have watched every RT17 snap. Here is what I have noticed. Great arm strength and accuracy. Great control of a no huddle offense for a rookie. His adjustments at the line make him look like a vet. He rarely makes poor decisions throwing the ball. At least 4 of his interceptions came off of tips by d linemen or his own receivers hands. He gets better every week. Poise in the pocket, in fact he may hold the ball a little to long on occasion. In the rare occasions he makes a Mistake, he moves on and does not compound them. The Dolphins got this one right. He will be a pro bowl caliber qb in the near future.

  19. @finsuppatsdown

    I respect you for admitting you were COMPLETELY wrong!!! Many of the Fins fans bashed the Thill pick. Many of you should have to write Ireland an apology letter and sign a waiver form saying you denounce your opinion on future drafts.

  20. Lifelong Phins fan here. I was thrilled to see the Phins draft Tannehill….not because I thought he would be the answer to our QB problem….but because there was a “chance” he could be the answer to our QB problem and I was please to see Jeff Ireland and crew take a chance on him.

    So far, I have been thrilled with his progress and his ability to remain calm in the pocket. He can make all the throws and you can see the confidence his teammates have in him growing each week.

    I am a very happy by what I see.

  21. Hey mfinsrule…. Obviously you didn’t watch the game because Bradford had a much better game than Tannehill yesterday and Bradford will have the better career… The Dolphins are a joke of a franchise- that’s why our hall of fame coach chose the Rams over your pathetic franchise.. The only positive thing the Dolphins have done is Reggie hooking up with Kim K .. Buffalo will be better than you this year… Enjoy the bottom of your division. The Rams play in a better division than you and you know your joke of a team had no business getting the win yesterday if you look at the stat line… Enjoy that arena league coach you have…

  22. stlpimp….. Rotfl. That’s me laughing my way to the win column Sunday. I could easily.slam everything you said, but you can’t fix idiocy so, I won’t even try.

  23. first of all RGIII is sooooooo not better,more athletic yea, better NO , stats dont lie READ”EM .. tannehill has proved everyone 1 wrong, he will be better then every qb rookie, n he dont get hurt “hint hint” 3-3 ,tied for 1st in division

  24. Hey mfinsrule…. Obviously you didn’t watch the game because Bradford had a much better game than Tannehill yesterday and Bradford will have the better career… The Dolphins are a joke of a franchise- that’s why our hall of fame coach chose the Rams over your pathetic franchise.. The only positive thing the Dolphins have done is Reggie hooking up with Kim K .. Buffalo will be better than you this year… Enjoy the bottom of your division. The Rams play in a better division than you and you know your joke of a team had no business getting the win yesterday if you look at the stat line… Enjoy that arena league coach you have…
    Both QB’s played well. And no, the Rams shouldn’t have won the game. If we go by that logic, the Dolphins should have beaten the Jets and Cardinals.

    And Jeff Fisher is the definition of mediocre. I was happy when the Dolphins didn’t get him. All he would be is a high profile Tony Sparano. I actually like the Rams, so I won’t bother with the weak insults which have no merit. They look like a team headed in the right direction, much like my Miami Dolphins.

  25. So Bradford didn’t have over 300 yards and your defense didn’t give up almost 500 yards to the Rams ??

  26. LMAO@homerpimp. Jeff Fisher HOF Coach?

    Please! How about “Coach Mediocre” considering he has all of 6 winning seasons out of 16 plus 6 games?
    The only reason St Louis has him is because Bud Adams finally said “enough is enough” and kicked him to the curb. The Fins ended up just fine with a progressive aggressive offensive coach instead of a flashback ground and pound tired one. And the the record, The pornstache had no intention of doing anything other than colluding with his agent’s son to ratchet up his asking price and control with Kronke by using the Fins. So while “all’s well that ends well” shame on the Fins for letting themselves be used by a mediocre coach stuck in the past!

    Tannehill is the real deal. Fisher started screwing up by trading away the rights to RG3 to keep a China Doll who’ll never be a top tier QB.

  27. Tannehill is Flacco 2.0 enjoy LOL I can see why you’re all excited though coming off of Matt Moore, Garrard, Henne, Thigpen, Pennington, Culpepper, Lemon, Beck, Frerotte, and Harrington LOL LOL LOL Tannehill won’t even be better than Andy Dalton and you all seriously need to go see a psychiatrist if you think tannebust is better than RG3 or bust. Hahahah I can see why Fisher said no thanks, not only is your owner, coach and GM delusional, the fans are too… All 20.000 of them who showed up to the game last Sunday LOL

  28. @stlpimp

    Scoreboard. is someone a little jealous? You would think your team would be better considering all the top ten picks its had in the last decade. Lets examine some of your statements. Jeff fisher a hall of fame coach? That’s the funniest thing I ever heard. As far as the Rams should have won the game, the fact of the matter us the Dolphins underperformed. That is why every single person picked us to beat you. We are a little banged up right now and still put a w on the board. Rt17 did everything he was asked to do Sunday, including putting two Tds on the board to Bustfords 1 which the refs gave him. RT17 is way better than Bustford already. You are right that your team put up a lot if yards against our d. If games were decided by yards that would matter. Take your loss like a man and stop acting like a little cry baby. You would think you would be used to losing. Lol.

  29. @hor2012.
    No, and I don’t appreciate you referring that it is a “race thing.” My thoughts were simply, running Qb’s don’t last long, see Vick and others. Small/short QB’s also don’t have great success (other than Brees for the most part)

    Luck and Tannehill seem to already be in control of the game and to me, show the most potential. Everyone stated Luck was the best Qb pick in years but Tannehill has impressed due to his being familiar with the system already. His control at the line for one who didn’t play a lot of QB in college is quite impressive.

  30. Hey “stlPimp” you really aren’t that samrt are you. Not only is the Dolphin franchise far more storied than the Stl “Lambs” they also have stayed in one city for their entire existance. You guys move around like a travling circus losing wherever you end and eventually getting kicked out and going to another unsuspecting town. Jeff Ficher is the real joke here no self respecting fins fan wanted that has been. Also you might note that to be considered for the hall of fame as a coach you need to have won a super bowl or a championship of the league at some point in your career and I don’t see that happening in St. louis with Fischer so how is he going to get in the hall. Good thing you picked him up to teach your team how to play dirty football. StlPimp I really feel sorry for your dilusional mind set I suggest you seek out professional help in this regard or at least learn how to watch a football game.

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