Tom Brady gets mocked by Seahawks corner, Twitter style


It’s relatively rare that Tom Brady loses a game.  It’s extremely rare that he gets called out in defeat, on Twitter or anywhere else.

It happened on Twitter after Sunday’s stunning loss to the Seahawks.  Via, Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman wrote on Twitter of Brady, “He told me and [safety Earl Thomas] to see him after the game when they win….. I found him after.”

It appears that Sherman has since deleted the tweet, which included this photo of Sherman approaching Brady with the words “U mad bro?” typed onto the image.

In our view, it’s harmless fun.  The Seahawks pulled off a huge win, and they’re entitled to enjoy it.

But not for long.  They have a showdown with San Francisco on Thursday night.

88 responses to “Tom Brady gets mocked by Seahawks corner, Twitter style

  1. Also…it seems it was in response to Brady’s boasting before the game, the Seahawk player didn’t seek Brady out to taunt him after the win just to rub it in for no reason.

    However, if the two meet in the Superbowl later this year, I wouldn’t want to have given Brady any reason to play better. Smart to delete it.

  2. HILARIOUS! The best QB in the NFL played on Sunday Night Football, threw 6 tds and actually beat the Seahawks on their field before fail mary.

  3. With how the 49rs looked against the giants I don’t think it will be that big of a showdown lol seattles D will manhandle their offense and hawks offense will manage the game just enough to win

  4. HAHA
    The arrogant and obnoxious Brady got schooled by the Hawks. He was the 2nd best QB on the field today

  5. New England has been outscored 38-15 in the 4th quarter during their games against Baltimore, Denver, Seattle and Arizona. Led 31-7 vs Denver, 23-10 vs Seattle, 13-0 vs Baltimore & officials. If they want to return to the title game, they need to play much bigger in the clutch, not disappear and play terrible football.

    Letting a QB play 500 with your secondary is embarrassing.

    Tom and company better get their act together quickly.

  6. I have ZERO problem with Sherman giving it back to TB if TB did trash talk him. HOWEVER…I feel that belongs on the field, not in the public eye. And that would go for my team’s players as well.

    I thought it was absolutely hilarious when Rodney Harrison was taunting Billick one time and Billick made kissy faces back at him. You dish it, you’d better take it. But neither man spoke of it to the media as far as saying what was said. They left it on the field. That’s as it should be IMO.

  7. Love it! All and all, a great damn day of football, and not just because little Russell and the Seahawks managed to make Brandy eat his words. Definitely impressed by Seattle’s defense. Regardless of where you stand on that infamous fail Mary call, they are still winning games they are supposed to lose. That being said, you couldn’t pay me enough to take them on a short week against a pissed off 9ers team.

  8. Seahawks aren’t used to winning and know they aren’t as good as their record shows. This picture proves it. Good luck sustaining this with that chump at quarterback…

  9. Uh oh, somebody’s in trouble now. How dare anyone mock Pretty Boy and his invincible team’s 3-3 record. Sherman may be hearing from the Commissioner’s office about this.

  10. Haha no video cameras and your QB is going to need a walker soon.

    Hahahaha, enjoy going back to being irrelevant NE. You’ll be lucky to get 30k people to make the drive to Foxborough when you’re winning 3 games a year again.

  11. As jacked as I am over the win, it’s slightly embarrassing as a Hawks fan to follow it up with this twitter B.S. players use these days.

    Sherm, ya showed Brady on the field….be happy with that, zip it and move on to S.F.

  12. Best D in the league, they’re corners are massive and highly skilled, fun to watch that D swarm anything that moves

  13. Nice. They deserve to talk smack to Brady. They won the game. Brady is a smack talker so these guys definatly have the right to find him on the field n rip him. Bellicheck n Brady are two of the most cocieted and ego manical personalities in the NFL so is refreshing to see them knocked back down to Earth.

  14. I have no problem with the this. He wasn’t disrepecting Brady at all. This young safety is excited. When Tom Brady tells you he’s going to beat you, and your team pulls off a shocking upset at the end, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to shout it out to the world.

    This kid is excited because he knows Tom Brady is one of the best ever, and his team just pulled one on him.

  15. As for Sherman, it’s often difficult to gauge the tone of the printed word. There are no winks, nudges, smiles or intonations in voice inflection to accurately determine intent — but any sensible football player, coach, fan, front office person, etc. would (or at least should) respect the heck out of Tom Brady.

    One guy will be first ballot, and amongst the opening discussion regarding best ever at the most difficult position in all of professional sports. One of these guy’s post-NFL career appears to be very promising, with untold opportunities. The other guy? We’ll see in due time.

    Even most of us in Steeler Nation respect the great Tom Brady. Legend.

  16. Tom Brady is a great QB, but multiple players have said he trash talks.

    I see no harm in a player trash-talking back – especially his team wins.

  17. Bad games happen. Especially in the rain. Does any single living human being alive think this would happen at gillette? Does anyone even think this would happen again? I dont. One goooooddd game.

  18. Oh man, that is too good. Especially if Brady actually said what Sherman alleges he said.

    You’d think that Tom Brady’s last two Super Bowl trips would stop him from looking past opponents any more.

  19. Leave it on the field, are you guys kidding?

    If Tom Brady doesn’t have to leave his tens of millions of dollars on the field and can live lavishly off the field, then he can take his dirty little embarrassing secrets from the field and deal with them off the field as well.

    He obviously was talking trash that he couldn’t back up, and the last thing that should be is private. Either back up your trash talk, or man up to it when you fail.

  20. Reminds me of the 2007 Super Bowl:

    Plaxico: “We will win 23-17.”
    Brady: “Haha, we are only going to score 17 points? Is Plax playing defense? I wish he had said 45-42 and gave us a little credit for more points.”

    Final score: Giants 17 Pats 14

    Brady is a great quarterback that ANYONE would love to have on their team but let’s face it, he isn’t great at the trash talk game. His foot fits in his mouth as well as Marino’s hands in a pair of Isotoners.

  21. Seahawk always reminds us why they’re the leading city in the nation in suicides. A more miserable lot of jealous and embittered freaks – there never was.

  22. Not a fan of either team, didn’t even care to watch game. So just got the picture shown. Looks like a no class punk-@ss dissing an opponent QB after a game….NFL has to be real proud of this picture. No doubt the boyz in da hood is.

  23. Thanks Sherman, Tom usually responds well after a defeat and you might have lit a fire under him (and his teammates) for the rest of the year.

    I thought Brady likely had a concussion after getting a helmet to helmet hit and looking dazed.

    Patriots were horrible in the red zone. Poor coaching in all three phases of the game. Pats need to learn to close out games. They have lost three games by a total of 4 points that they should have won.

  24. Seattle’s not going to the Super Bowl. Let’s not get carried away.

    Brady won’t see this guy again for four years.

  25. The legion of boom is coming full force this season. Wrs that come over the middle, the media, and even the 49ers fans sitting on your couch will feel the legion of boom’s aggressiveness creepy up on you, then all of a sudden here comes the BOOM! Thursday night is going to be a physical game!

  26. “Richard Sherman IS the nfl’s BEST cover corner.”

    He’s certainly one of them, but he will never be acknowledged as such on this board. Most people on this board don’t actually watch games carefully, they wait for the media to tell them who the best players are. His name just hasn’t been mentioned enough because he’s not in enough nationally televised game.

  27. Let’s be honest. The Hawks secondary is superior to ours. If that wasn’t a rookie quarterback at the helm, their points would have doubled. Was a great game for Seatle. We looked mediocre at best. Get some corners Craft. Its our only weakness and its huge!

  28. Brady is notorious for his trash talk and taunting during a game when the Patriots are up. That’s one of the reasons it was SOOOOO sweet watching him lose those 2 Super Bowls and get pounded by the Ravens in the playoffs a couple years ago. Always makes my week to see him reduced to pouting on the sideline.

  29. Q: “who the hell is Richard Sherman”?

    A: Your team’s QB worst nightmere. Brady tonight is waking up in a sweat yelling his name followed by – “god help me”…

    Don’t worry, whoever you follow in the NFL will be doing the same thing later.

  30. He should have smack talked the Pats secondary – thats who lost the game not Brady.

  31. I thought it was amusing watching Carroll jump around like a high school girl who just got asked to Prom by the starting QB. What a panzy. Act like you’ve been there cheater. I’m sure those kids you screwed over at USC weren’t jumping around as you bailed on them and left them hanging. What a bum. I hope someone nails him on the sideline one day.

  32. very surprised with the play calling of the Patriots in that final quarter. They gift wrapped the Game for the Hawks… Anyways Hawks obviously have a solid D, but Not convinced they are going anywhere . Wilson can only pull so many rabbits out of one hat . look for Wilson to be riding the bench by years end.

  33. I’m amazed at all the people defending Brady and questioning who Sherman is…. Brady is a notorious trash talker, he even talks trash and gestures to the opposing teams sideline during games. He is as classy as his wife who blamed Welker and not that poorly thrown ball in the Super Bowl. Just a few weeks ago their was a story about Brady telling the bills to “get off the field bitches” he’s a punk who hasn’t one a thing since spy gate, has all the “official” protection in the world, yet still finds time to S**t talk those he deems unworthy! Eat your words Brady! Not one but 2 lost Bowls to Peyton’s kid brother… Get off the field!

  34. I’d defend Brady in this case – but since he started the trash talk and told them to find him after the game, it’s only fair that they fired back.

    It was a big win for the Seahawks over another great team, no question their fans loved seeing that game. As for the Patriots, they’ve still got a lot of work to do to turn things around. But I’m glad they lost the game because I’d rather see where they need work, and not have them be happy with winning by a few points and JUST surviving in games. Fact is, if you trash talk…gotta back it up

  35. Sherman and Thomas will be watching Brady in the playoffs from their couches in January. Have a good time while it lasts guys.

  36. The bitterness of Patriot fans is fun to hear. Richard Sherman is the best cornerback in football. The Seahawks have the best defense in football. The rest of the nation is just going to have to get used to it.

  37. “Sherman and Thomas will be watching Brady in the playoffs from their couches ”

    …yeah, only cause we will have a bye that week and you guys will play a wild card game.

  38. Would Brady have done this if the Pats won? NO.

    I’m sure Brady didn’t go searching for either of those guys before the game. My guess is they started with Brady. Brady doesn’t go seeking out players to talk trash to.

  39. mjdkid100: How do you know what Brady does or does not do before a game? Are you his best friend?

    This is good clean fun on all sides. Don’t get your “Patriot Panties” in a bunch.

  40. Great win by the Hawks. After losing both division games thus far, they’d best knock off the Niners to stay in the best division in the league. I was one hoping Flynn would get in soon, but Wilson looked great. That’s why I’m on here talking from my couch…

  41. If I was Belichick I would bring in TO to play safety. They need a physical presence back there with ball skills.

    Defensive Coordinator Patricia (and Bill) sticking with the three and four man rush in the fourth quarter seemed counter intuitive. Wilson looked great until the Pats starting pressuring him in the second quarter. The Pats keep pretending they can play straight up but their corners and safeties do not have the experience or ball skills to play that way. They ended the game with two rookies at safety and brought no pressure to help them out.

  42. Brady almost always backs up his talk on the field, but if he said this, Sherman had every right to shoot back – dude played a solid game yesterday, while Brady was uncharacteristically all over the place.

    Still, this was one game …. pretty sure a lot more people have heard of Tom Brady than Richard Sherman. Let’s see Sherman have a few more games like yesterday.

  43. What??? New England finally has to travel to Seattle and lose and Now poor Brady is hearing about it.. Oh my golly what will be next?? Wait till next year I’m sure they will get an easier schedule.

  44. That’s one thing, many people act as if the Patriots can do no wrong. Patriots aren’t Angels, they do things just like other teams do. People need to stop putting them on a pedestal, especially the media.

  45. Are you flipping kidding Brady have good and bad games like every QB. Russell Wilson played spectacular..Gronks up for 4 TD’S next game.I think Brady earned the right 3 times to trash talk, as for sherman stay focused because the 49er are coming at you mad as hell.

  46. I’m glad that Sherman came back at Brady and all of these analyst that keep picking against the Seahawks every week. Brady in the media before he said he would turn the 12th man against their own team. Did that happen?

    Someone said not smart that Sherman did this…Who is going to light him on the outside? Brandon Lloyd? Deon Branch? He is better off throwing to the other side where Pro Bowl CB Browner is..Trust me.

  47. Yawn. Move along. Pete Carroll will be fired by the middle of 2013. The Seahawks are really only 3-3 anyway and that magic will run out soon enough. Away from home there is nothing to differentiate them from the rest of the bottom feeders like Arizona and St. Louis in their own division. All three of those teams are pretenders whose defense merits discussion because their offenses are so incredibly inept. And Russell Wilson? Complete and utter fool’s gold. Nothing to see here.

  48. Your a cornerback, and your going to talk smack after giving up 390 yards through the air, and almost 500 overall? This dude should play for Rex.

    If Brady doesn’t puke on his own shoes – intentional grounding to run out the clock at the half, an interception in the red zone, and a “what the hell are you thinking pass” to Branch, this game isn’t even close….

    He should be thanking Brady for bailing his defense out.

  49. starvinharvin: Have you ever heard of the Sherman tank? Think along those lines and you get the point.

    If it makes you feel better call him TANK for short.

  50. xsfmed says:
    Oct 15, 2012 12:49 AM
    I hate the Pats, but seriously, who the hell is Richard Sherman?

    A guy with really big nostrils.

  51. If Branch is in place on one play (either the Intended reciever on grounding penalty before half, where he quit- or the 2nd interception) we are not even talking about the Seahawks at all, and are moving on.
    But no, we won’t be seeing you in February Sherman. So go ahead and enjoy your regular season upset, which the pats give out once in a while, we will check back in January when there is a serious discussion on games that matter.

  52. ialwayswantedtobeabanker says:

    Oct 15, 2012 3:42 AM
    Seahawk always reminds us why they’re the leading city in the nation in suicides. A more miserable lot of jealous and embittered freaks – there never was.

    What I hate most is when people say stupid crap “like fans should die” or other juvenile comments that has noting to do with football, only because they are children and cannot handle adversity. Your comment pushed me to look up the info and see what an uneducated idiot you are. Looks like you are the “jealous and embittered freak” you speak of.

    The 15 Most Suicidal Cities In America:
    #1 Las Vegas, Nev.
    #2 Colorado Springs, Colo.
    #3 Tucson, Ariz.
    #4 Sacramento, Calif.
    #5 Albuquerque, N.M.
    #6 Mesa, Ariz.
    #7 Miami, Fla.
    #8 Denver, Colo.
    #9 Jacksonville, Fla.
    #10 Wichita, Kan.
    #11 Pittsburgh, Pa.
    #12 Portland, Ore.
    #13 Fresno, Calif.
    #14 Phoenix, Ariz.
    #15 Tulsa, Okla.

  53. well if Brady said “to come look for me after the game” then Sherman did what he asked.
    Brady is a little smug, but he wins a lot, not a fan of Brady but I think he is better then Manning.

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