Trent Richardson day to day with rib injury

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The news is in about the rib injury that forced Browns rookie running back Trent Richardson out of Sunday’s win over the Bengals.

It should lead to a sigh of relief from the team. Coach Pat Shurmur gave an update on Richardson’s condition during his Monday press conference and it sounds like serious damage was averted.

“Trent’s fine. He has a right rib cartilage injury and he’s day to day,” Shurmur said, via Marla Ridenour of the Akron Beacon-Journal.

Richardson had 14 carries for 37 yards against Cincinnati on Sunday before leaving in the third quarter after taking a helmet to the side during a play. Montario Hardesty replaced him and ran for 56 yards and a touchdown on 15 carries, which helped the Browns snap their losing streak without one of their leading lights.

If Richardson is able to go next weekend, he’ll have a shot at putting up some good numbers. The Browns face the Colts, who were abused by the Jets run game on Sunday afternoon to the tune of 227 yards that included a huge game for Shonn Greene. Richardson is capable of that kind of performance if he’s healthy and that could move the Browns quickly from losing streak to winning streak.

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  1. I want to believe in T-Rich as a big star who will help this woebegone team finally turn it around, but I need more evidence than I’ve seen so far. He’s only had one really impressive game this year. It may not be a coincidence that the offense caught fire in the fourth quarter of the Bengals’ game when he was on the sidelines. When he’s in there, the coaches funnel the whole offense through him, and the defense knows it. We played better when he was out of the game, possibly because the defense no longer knew what to focus on.

  2. Richardson’s career is off to a rough start with the injuries he’s had. He’s due for a big game.

  3. @coop16
    I think it’s on the coaching staff if the opposing D is focusing too much on T-Rich. They need to do a better job of mixing things up. Of course, better play from WRs & TEs would help. Most importantly, the O-line needs to do a better job. They played better yesterday coincidently or not when Greco subbed for Pinkston.

    Maybe T-Rich needs to read where the holes are and Hardesty has an edge in this due to his 3rd season as a pro.

    Giants broadcaster and former great LB Carl Banks said T-Rich was the best RB he’s seen against the Giants in several years.

  4. The only thing Cleveland’s victory accomplished is that they probably blew their chance at the #1 overall pick in the 2013 draft.

    Oh, they’ll still be in the hunt, but this franchise has a history of goofing up everything they touch.

    They would probably draft a bust anyway. Next topic please.

  5. The only thing Cleveland’s victory accomplished is that they probably blew their chance at the #1 overall pick in the 2013 draft.
    It would have been a struggle to get the #1 pick anyway, as the Chiefs are formidable opposition for that slot.

  6. i agree, my colts defense is tuurble as charles barkley would say, start any rb’s in FF against the colts D, they made shonne green look like jim brown testerday

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