Vick’s future remains unclear

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From the moment the details first emerged regarding the supposed six-year, $100 million contract signed last year by Eagles quarterback Mike Vick, we explained that it’s a two-year deal with a year-to-year team option on the rest of the contract.

More recently, others are waking up to that reality.

Now, the popular theory is that, if Vick doesn’t take the Eagles to the playoffs, he won’t be back next year.  Given that, if the Eagles don’t go to the playoffs next year, coach Andy Reid won’t be back, it becomes a no-brainer that the new coach won’t want to invest $15.5 million into an underachieving, turnover-prone quarterback for 2013.

The real question is whether Reid will still want Vick, if Vick and the Eagles do enough to save Reid’s job.  In theory, there’s an outcome to the season that gets Reid another chance, but that results Reid reaching the conclusion that Vick can’t be trusted with the job of starting quarterback.

Then there’s the middle ground:  Reid stay and Vick stays — but at a significantly reduced contract for 2013.

If the Eagles offer Vick less and what the Eagles offer is still as much or more than what anyone else would offer, Vick would be stupid to reject the offer, if he wants to stay in Philly.

That’s the option no one has considered.  If the Eagles could get Vick to accept a rate that better reflects his market value based on what will have been a pair of subpar seasons, maybe the Eagles will keep him.

But first the guy who runs the show needs to save his job.  And with 3-3 possibly becoming 8-8, Reid could be gone, and Vick undoubtedly wouldn’t be far behind.

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  1. Vick should be a receiver, with option for end around/flee flickers, and return kicks and punts.

    Denard Robinson will be the same. Use them to their strengths and stop trying to force it.

    Why is that so hard to comprehend?

  2. The fans are extremely fatigued of both Vick and Reid. I think Vick is gone almost no matter what barring a miracle run this season. Reid is gone..the only thing that could save him is if Nick Foles coming in this season and looks great for 3 or 4 games…and people conclude Vick was the problem and not Reid. But as an Eagles fan, I think we need to clean house. Reid, Vick, Marty, and Castillo all must go. This team is 11-14 in their last 25 games.

  3. i say we ride the vick roller coaster untill we know for sure we wont reach the playoffs, which wont be too hard seeing we play atlanta and the saints back to back.., in which we then play foles and get ready for a new season.

  4. I did not get a chance to watch Vick and the Eagles yesterday, only highlights. Reid needs to feed his RB which is a elite RB and has a low turnover ratio. As long as the OL continue to open holes for the running game, that will discontinue Vick from having turnovers. Reid is making terrible coaching decision when it comes to Vick making plays.
    Philly has the talent but they are self destructible…

  5. I must say that part of the problem, is the Eagles lost their best two offensive lineman. Jason Peters and Jason Kelce. The backups have not been adequate. The offensive line was terrible yesterday, especially running the football. Vick compounds the problems though by holding the ball too long. Can’t take two sacks at the start of OT.

  6. I have said it before. No team can win a Superbowl with Vick at QB! He is just plain not good enough. Too many turnovers added to the fact that he is just not smart enough equals BAD NEWS!!

  7. when the offense can not get a first down with a 10 point lead its time for a change in qb offensive coordinator and head coach they can not get the job done you have one of the best running backs in the game try a screen geez

  8. They have NO offensive fkn line! That’s the problem. The problem AIN’T Vick. Its Dallas Reynolds snapping the ball right past the QB before its even time. The QB has ZERO time to throw. He’s getting pounded.

  9. Okay, do we need to recycle this article EVERY weekend? We all know about Vick’s contract, and nothing is guaranteed except his next start. But if you are singling out Vick, you must not be watching the entire game. The offensive line is banged up, and awful. Even on 3 steps drops where he was getting rid of the ball in 2 seconds he was still getting drilled. Stafford went untouched all game! A joke.

  10. Vick is one if not the toughest players on the field, the man takes a severe beating every game, kind of like the dogs he owned.

    And in the end, sometimes you just don’t come out a winner. $ 16 mil for Vick next year…not so much !

  11. This is a pretty unpredictable team. They’re 3-3, but they could easily be 5-1 the same as they could easily be 0-6. I think that Vick is more likely to go than Reid. Even if the Eagles finish with a winning record and make the playoffs, I still don’t think Vick will be back next year.

  12. Ron Jaworski was on ESPN (Mike and Mike) and he was asked if there will be a change and he said no – absolutely not. He said Vick is the guy and Reid will have no choice but to ride this out. Just thought i would throw that out there.

  13. get rid of vick and use that money on an o Line. With that receiving core any qb behind a good O line will be successful. Reid is living and dying by Mike Vick.

  14. with Mccoy being in his prime it is a great time to put a QB of the future Nick Foles in for support.

  15. You could argue that this season is going worst than last season for Philly. The playcalling is atrocious, the offensive line is non-existent, Vick is trying too hard to be a QB, turnovers finally catching up with them, and now the defense looks tired. Too late to change things this season, right the ship till the end and worry about the future next year.

  16. It’s easy to think that the Eagles look like dog sh*t and won’t go anywhere this season, but they always look like dog sh*t, so I think it’s a little early to count them out. Not saying that they will, but they could squeak into the playoffs knowing Andy Reid’s luck.

  17. Tommysaint… hahahahahaha lol I’m just laughing at that(as a falcon fan) knew this guy was garbage from watching him his entire career at atl. Wins a few games but the furthest thing from consistent.

  18. Vick was never a good passing QB. He was a good running QB. Now that he has lost a few steps, he is not even a good running QB.

    He is one of the most overrated players in the game.

  19. It’s not unclear to me.

    There is no way, zero, zip, nada, that the Eagles will pay Vick 16 million dollars next year. None.

    He will be released and signed by some QB hungry team that will overpay for him, and whose coach better start working on his resume.

  20. Eagles and Andy Reid should be embarrassed & ashamed of themselves for losing to an undiscipline team with 16 penalties…the eagles blow a 10 pt. lead with 5 min. left in 4th quarter and continue passing the ball instead of running the football and milking the clock…poor coaching and clock management…Vick and Reid time in philly is closing soon.

  21. Some of this is play-calling, that just seems obvious, but Vick has gotten sloppy. The guy doesn’t know when to keep a play alive and when to throw it away. Even more importantly, he still carries the ball like a loaf of bread. Every quarterback gets sacked, but he (Vick) manages to lose a whole lot more balls in the process. I relish the failures of the Eagles, but in all fairness, this is an issue beyond just Vick.

  22. Magic 8 ball sats Vick out of football in 5 years with no rings. Broke in 10.

    Reid gone after this year- signed his death warrant making O line coach his. D coordinator. Should have gotten a proven coordinator with his own system. Wide 9 isn’t his idea yet he has to use it.

  23. “Vick’s future remains unclear.”

    No, it really doesn’t. The past is a fine predictor of the future. It is clear that Vick will continue being terrible into the future.

  24. Please, for the love of god, get rid of Vick immediately. Many fans werent happy with him starting the season this year as our QB. And that has nothing to do with his person. Only his playing ability.

    If any one of the first round draft pick QBs were playing for the Eagles, they would be 5-1 right now, without blinking.

    No professional player turns the ball over 18 times in their first 6 games. That is so absurd, its like something you would hear from a movie clip.

    Its embarrassing. And Eagles fans shouldnt be forced to watch this mess.

  25. I’ve gone to at least 6 Eagles games a year for the last 10 years. I’ve been to 4 out of 6 this year. I traveled to Cleveland for that garbage of an opener and it hasn’t gotten any better. I knew they were going to lose to The Lions in the 4th quarter because I watched the same game unfold so many times. I’ve always been a Reid supporter, until yesterday. They really lost me yesterday. Unless they completely reinvent themselves as a new team and go at least 7-3 from here on out AND make the playoffs, I want a completely new coaching staff. I’m OK with going 4-12 next year if we are building a championship team. I heard it said yesterday that there may only be 600 minutes left of Andy Reid’s tenure as Head Coach of The Eagles. I’ll be watching the clock until the time is ours.

  26. Vick is a second string QB that never really had it….

    he’s that type of QB that is able to get a short run of impressive turn arounds, then fool someone into a contract…. but not a real thrower / leadership guy to go deep into the playoffs….

    there’s plenty of them out there, and teams in their desperation throw them oversized contracts and relearn the same lesson over and over again….

  27. prince5000 says:
    Oct 15, 2012 10:28 AM
    Ron Jaworski was on ESPN (Mike and Mike) and he was asked if there will be a change and he said no – absolutely not. He said Vick is the guy and Reid will have no choice but to ride this out. Just thought i would throw that out there.


    With Andy Reid, that is always the case. Sit and wait, sit and wait, sit and wait. I have never seen a more lackadaisical person in my life. Especially in a competitive sport like football.

    I honestly dont understand his fascination with riding things out. I honestly believe if his car broke, he would just wait and see if it fixed itself.

  28. Anybody but me notice Vick just ain’t as fast as he used to be. A lot of the sacks/turnovers are caused by him trying to use his athleticism to avoid things and what I see are d linemen catching him. If he has lost his quicks he is not even an average player. He never was a QB. Just an athlete playing QB who wowed the talking heads because he possesed skills no one else at his position had. But not necessarily QB skills…

  29. There will be riots in Philly if Andy stays another year. He and Vick need to AT LEAST win one playoff game in order to stay.

  30. While I they clearly won’t pay him $16M next year, I don’t think Vick is really the problem.

    The OL and the playcalling are the problem.

    One of these weeks he’s not going to get back up after getting pounded to the ground for the 20th time, and there won’t be any question whether or not Foles goes in the game.

  31. Vick is one the best QBs in the league. This is so unfair. He is a genuinely good guy, its just that every little thing he does or mistake he makes, the media is on him like a pit bull!! None of those picks were in any way his fault! Yall jes be a buncha stoopit HTT8ERS!!

  32. The exciting Vick is getting stale. Compounding this is the turn overs.
    Reid has NO imagination when it comes to play calling and should tell these offensive geniuses to run McCoy more, have Vick stay in the pocket, dump it off, throw it out of bounds, step out of bounds, etc.
    Egad, its so sickening listening to all the excuses from Reid

  33. Eagleswoot, lol @ your line about the car, classic.

    Reid made Vick as good as he was ever going to get. The guy hit his ceiling in the first part of 2010 when he got the starting gig and it’s been downhill ever since.

    At least your team is 3-3 in the GOOD conference. Mine is 3-3 in the inferior conference, and I’m so desperate to get the secondary fixed that I would get on my knees and beg Eric Mangini to return because he was an excellent secondary coach. Now THAT’S desperate. And my team has a QB who will likely walk into the HOF but he was a big reason for that L yesterday as well.

  34. blahblahblah1313 says:
    Oct 15, 2012 11:14 AM
    Anybody but me notice Vick just ain’t as fast as he used to be. A lot of the sacks/turnovers are caused by him trying to use his athleticism to avoid things and what I see are d linemen catching him. If he has lost his quicks he is not even an average player. He never was a QB. Just an athlete playing QB who wowed the talking heads because he possesed skills no one else at his position had. But not necessarily QB skills…


    A specific example would be the second down (i think) sack in OT.

    He was going to get sacked for a 2 yard loss and he tried to run away from the defensive lineman backwards and still got sacked 12 yards closer to the end zone. He lost an additional 12 yards trying to avoid the sack which put the ball on the 2 i think.

  35. I’d clean house of everyone but Mornhenwig.
    his offensive scheme is the same one that has set the scoring records the past 3 seasons.

    it’s the man calling the plays and making the personell decisions. he continually ‘outsmarts’ the league and puts under talented players on the field.

    Andy Reid has done/been nothing since the late Jim Johnson left.
    Every coach (besides bowles) has been a failure. This wide 9 is a failure.
    The OL is a huge failure.

    we need to get a coach in here with the right mentality. Andy is S O F T and routinely gets out coached..

  36. I’ve been an Eagles fan since 1947. I’ve been hoping to see them win a super bowl before I die, but I really don’t think that will happen. Reid is compelled to play Vick in order to keep his coaching job in Philly. Foles won’t save Andy and for that matter, neither will Vick. Bring back Buddy Ryan or somebody of that ilk. At least Buddy was good ‘copy’, instead of hearing each week “It’s my fault. we’ve gotta get better.”

  37. vicky and reid will both be gassed. vicky still cannot make presnap reads and he never will. great athlete, mediocre qb , no more than a backup somewhere else next year

  38. I think Reid’s broom-stache has grown into his brain. McCoy is a freakin machine, yet he’s perfectly fine with Vick dropping back 30-40 times a game. Letting Vick throw that many times is a sure recipe for disaster. Up 10 points in the 4th qtr, it should have been the McCoy & Brown ground show, with some screens and short passes mixed in – keep the chains & clock moving.

  39. 52 years and counting. I’m only slightly older than that, and I’m starting to doubt we will ever have a SB trophy in my lifetime.

    So I say stop buying jerseys and t-shirts, forget about the $10 beers, have a tailgate party at the Linc but don’t go in the stadium — heck, don’t even show up.

    In the meantime, root for the Falcons. Matty Ice is a Chester County kid, and deserves the support.

    One or two weeks of a partially filled stadium, and Lurie will get the message.

  40. I see alot of vick hatred up here but he didint give up 250 yards and 17 points in the fourth. He is not the one calling the plays. When you have a ten point lead with 3:45 left you run the ball. He played a good game and gave his team the lead as he has done all 6 games they have had a lead in the fourth and thats what you want your qb to do. So stop with all the vick hate, cause its not all on vick. Who is the o line coach he need to be fire now, this is a true eagles fan not someone who say that look at one person and try to put the blame on him. The whole team as a whole need to get better

  41. Look at the playoffs, at least from this early vantage point: Giants, 49ers, Falcons, Seahawks, Packers, Bears, at the least, with a host of other teams pretty much at the Eagles’ level (Cowboys, Cardinals, Lions, Redskins, Saints, Vikings). They aren’t getting far, if they even reach the playoffs, with that many better teams in the mix.

    And which likely AFC contender could they beat in a SB?

    This is not going to be a banner year for the Eagles, so look to plan B, Philly.

  42. I would have serious reservation too if i was Vick playing in front of a O-LINE that will get him killed, They consistently got blown up at the line where McCoy had to eat the ball in the backfield for no gains.

    Once again Vick left the field with a 10 POINT lead with 5 minutes to play and the DEFENSE cough it up again, Mind you they are sackless in the past 3 games poor Jim johnson is turning in his grave.

  43. two playoff teams with losing records, coming off a bye week against an eagles team that has had hard fought emotional games 3 weeks in a row?

    both the lions and Steelers had more to time to prepare, and had more to win for. of course it isn’t good that the eagles lost but they are atleast .500 and already beat the defending superbowl champs. if any of you are intelligent eagles fans like you claim, you’ll back of the edge and realize the eagles are a second half team. if they make it October 4-3 they will win the division and make noise in the post season.

  44. Vick is a warrior. I don’t know how he is still on his feet after the pounding he takes.

    The Eagles will work out the kinks and make the playoffs.

  45. We Falcon fans know exactly what you are talking about. Vick swears he is reformed, but he now has a dog, or he likes Milk Bone treats. His playing has regressed. He never committed that many turnovers per game.
    I’d probably give him one more game, and then bench him. It is hard enough to win games without giving up the ball 3, 4 or 5 times a game.

  46. Think its time the eagles go the titans way and part ways with their long time coach! Start fresh! New coach new scheme new qb in foles. Dont start him under reid then reid gets fired and the kid has to learn a new offense. Fire reid right after the season hire a new coach asap n let the kid learn the new offense in the offseason. As for vick if somehow fat mouth rex ryan keeps his job and the clown show continues under tannebum and krusty the clown vick will be wearing a jets jersey! Vick n diesel jesus will make a awesome clown show qb tandem and get the jets to the top…of every newspaper and sporting outlet just like they want and are good for

  47. As an Eagles fan I am just tired of Andy Reid. I’m tired of the same old mistakes every season with tons of penalties, turnovers, an offensive line coach as a defensive cordinator, the refusal to run the ball in a balanced attack. Our special teams hasn’t been good in years. Andy Reid has not fixed the problems he was supposed to. I think Andy Reid is a good coach in many ways, but after 15 years I am ready for a big change with this team. Every game watching the same old mistakes and excuses has become so frustrating that it kills my excitement for this team. I really hope this is Andy Reid’s last season, because I am convinced he won’t ever get the Eagles to the promise land.

  48. Cox’s punch, Nnamdi Asomugha questioning play calling and andy reid’s “I need to do a better job” 3 minute press conference after the game shows you that 2012 Philadelphia Eagles has turned back into 2011 Philadelphia Eagles.

  49. Both must go…..

    Reid has been the greatest Eagles coach in my 41 years of life, but it is time for a change. It is the same story year after year, same mistakes, same flawed gameplans.

    Vick is mediocre QB at best. He can be brilliant at times, but in the end will always break your heart. Way too careless with the football, does not read defenses or blitzes well, and holds onto the ball way too long.

  50. Man what haters. Didn’t the Eagles win this past Sunday? Aren’t they 4-2 in a tough division? Get a life and let the man play. Its tough to win in the NFL and so far they’ve done it 4 out of the last 6 weeks.
    PS Congrats to Vick getting a new dog and a fat contract.

  51. I’m not an Eagles fan, but watching them makes me uneasy. Every time Vick has the ball in his hands there is little certainty what he’ll do.

    He will not however, do the following:

    1) Throw an accurate pass.
    2) Run without putting himself in a compromising position to turn the ball over.
    3) Be consistent.

  52. at this pt the eagles are not a good football team. if they continue at this level or do worse, both reid and vick are gone. however, if they improve, win more and vick reduces turnovers, both reid and vick get a stay of execution. also now the defense is not playing well, which adds to reid’s precarious situation. but the defense is also ultimately reid’s responsiblity, specifically because he hired castillo as def coor and has the questionable strategy of prioritizing the allocation of resources to DE and CB.

    the detroit loss was a brutal one for the eagles, make no mistake. it will add further pressure to what has become a very stressful situation for reid, vick and now the defense.

  53. Giantspunk213 says:
    Oct 15, 2012 11:14 AM
    I know how to cut down on Vick’s fumbles, ints and hits: give McCoy the damn ball!

    ———————————————they gave McCoy the ball 14 times he gained 22 yds. you happy with that ?

  54. How anyone can harbor an ounce of confidence in Michael Vick is beyond my ability to comprehend! He has accomplished absolutely nothing worth discussion as a starting quarterback for two franchises other than the distinction of being the most overrated player in the league!

  55. Reid for years ran a team with an offense that basically had interchangable QB. McNabb, Feely, Kolb, Garcia… none of them had wide outs as good as what Vick has, some had a line as poor as this one but all performed better then Vick has.

    Vick tries to do too much, always going for the big play and it seems that Reid has bought into this. Reid needs to switch QBs and tell Foles take what the D gives you the big play will happen on its own.

  56. Yet no one is questioning Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady all with equal or less wins as Vick.

    What’s wrong with this picture?


    Well, for starters, every QB you named (except Vick) has won a SB and have proven they are winners and know how to stage a comeback.

    Neither Vick nor Reid have approached that mark, save Reid showing Donovan the way to the conference championships and the one SB appearance.

    Let me put it this way, I can see all of the mentioned QB’s staging a run to the playoffs, with maybe the exception of Manning (who I’m convinced is more hurt and affected by the neck injury than has been let on) and Brees. And in Brees’ case, I think it’s more the team than him personally.

    I mean, c’mon, who CAN’T see Brady, Brees, or Rogers leading their teams back to a championship in the near future?

    Can you really see Vick and Reid doing the same? I can’t, and I’m an Eagles fan…

  57. I almost hope that Reid decides to put Foles in, just so all these mouth-breathers can see that Vick is not the whole problem and a few good preseason games doesn’t make you a savior.

    The Eagles are 1 game back in the division, to a team they’ve beat. It’s not the end of the world, it just feels like it. So stop calling for a drastic move that WILL be the end of the world just because you’re frustrated and want your pound of flesh.

  58. people look at the stat line and defend the pass heavey game plan.

    The runs that andy called were at the worst possible times and the most predictible calls.

    it’s like he does that on purpose so he can say “we tried to do that, there just wasnt much there for us.”

    this man is a joke anymore.

  59. Vick’s future should be clear, not unclear. Vick will be doing back-up duty next year and probably be out of football the following year. Vick is over-rated as a QB and always has been. Stats dont lie.

    Vick has been holding teams back since he entered the league. Given all the credit for wins and none of the blame for losses. Well, now it is coming around to where he is recieving some of the blame for losing. It wont be too long and he will be on the bench in Philly (if Reid is smart enough to see the Eagles have won despite Vick being their QB).

    If Andy continues his determination to make Vick a viable option at QB for the Eagles, they will both be packing out thier respective work areas on the same day this coming offseason.

  60. I think his future is VERY clear. Next year he will surely NOT be with the Eagles. The only UNclear item is whether he will be with another team or out of football completely.

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