Andy Reid: I’m evaluating Eagles, firing Castillo “is one of the moves”


Eagles coach Andy Reid hinted on Tuesday that firing defensive coordinator Juan Castillo wasn’t the last move he’ll make during the team’s bye week.

“I’m going through and evaluating our football team, both coaches and players,” Reid said. “This is one of the moves, and we’ll see where this goes from here.”

What will the next move be? Reid didn’t say. But Reid did say that he deserves as much blame as Castillo for the problems the team’s defense has faced in the season and a half since Reid made the surprising decision to move Castillo from the offensive side of the ball to defensive coordinator.

“I put Juan in this situation and things didn’t worked out as I’d hoped,” Reid said. “I take full responsibility for putting him in that situation.”

Reid acknowledged that the Eagles’ defensive game plans have been far from the only problem during their 3-3 start.

“Offense, defense and special teams right now, we need to get better, and I’m going to continue to work to that and it’s my responsibility to do that,” Reid said. “And I’m just bringing this to you because this is what’s happend so far. I’m not going to tell you anything that’s going to happen past this, anything that will happen, I’m not telling you that, but this is what has happened so far.”

Reid said that he likes and respects Castillo and considered firing him “one of the tougher things I’ve had to do.” And Reid made clear that he’s looking in the mirror, too.

“I can obviously do better,” Reid said. “I think collectively we can all do better but I can do better myself.”

If Reid’s moves don’t turn the Eagles around soon, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie may be ready to make a move of his own, and fire the man who hired Castillo.

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  1. Honestly, Mornhinweg deserved the axe. His ridiculous playcalling kept putting this D in tough situations. OT was a disgrace in the Lions game.

  2. Reid should have been fired first. He started this debacle by putting Castillo in a position he wasn’t qualified to handle, then stubbornly sticking with Vick.

  3. That’s like taking a band’s drummer and making him lead guitarist – and then firing him when he’s unable to recreate Hendrix’s riff in “Are You Experienced”

  4. Andy can say he’s “looking in the mirror” and evaluating himself all he wants. However, Lurie is the one that has to come out and makes him accountable for his decisions.

  5. “Translation:

    “I need my job and it was either fire or be fired.””

    I disagree. Andy doesn’t need his job. He’ll be a head coach somewhere next year if he wants to be. Either he turns it around and stays in Philly or he’s coaching somewhere else.

  6. This came as a surprise especially not firing OC or OLC and start with DC. Personally, it could be refresing move but OC should be gone first because of his bad play calling habits.

  7. Andy Reid didn’t hire Castillo. He was on the team when Reid got there and was one of the few that stayed with the team. I’m a Broncos fan and I know that. Get your facts straight, MDS,

    Michael David Smith: Reid hired Castillo for the job of defensive coordinator, which was obviously what I was referring to.

  8. The way the Eagles have played, it’s mind-blowing that they’re a .500 team at this point.

    It’s not necessarily the coaching; it’s that Vick sucks. He always has. He’s had one great season and two decent seasons in his entire career — the rest has been either mediocre or flat-out awful.

    Reid was screwed the day he pushed all his chips in on Vick.

  9. If Andy wants to avoid being fired his next move will be bench Vick and let Nick Foles take over. He’s bigger and Vick has prooven that he is incapable of adjusting his style of play.

  10. This is hilarious. Phillys defense has actually played well considering the offense has left them in terrible situations all year. So lets fire the DC, and the dog murderer is still starting. Haha dirty birdies. Dream team 2012.

  11. after the lions game, andy said he was sticking with juan. 2 days later he is fired. with was definitely lurie’s decision.

  12. joetoronto says: Oct 16, 2012 12:11 PM


    “I need my job and it was either fire or be fired.”


    I should hope not, the dude’s been a coach for seemingly forever. If he hasn’t stored away enough cash to retire at this point than he’s even worse at managing his real life.

  13. NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!

    Andy Reid has just fired Andy Reid!

    ” After evaluating Andy Reid, I have decided that it will in the best interest of the Philadelphia Eagles to replace Andy Reid as the head coach. Juan Castillo will become our intrem head coach for the remainder of the season” – Andy Reid

  14. Castillo was a stupid move to begin with. He was a good Oline coach but didn’t have a clue on defense. The next move has to be special teams. Eagles have to fix special teams in a hurry. I do think Eagles can fix the turnovers if they run the ball more and come out with a balanced attack.

  15. Yea it’s usually not a good idea to hand over your defense to an offensive coordinator… write that down.

  16. Now all he has to do is hand the playcalling over to Marty, and things will be much better. Pretty sure the one game we legitimately won was the one in which we had a balanced attack. Just sayin!

  17. Too many fourth quarter collapses by the defense going back to last year, and culminating with Sundays fiasco against Detroit led to Castillo’s demise. Defensive rankings aside…you have to hold the lead in the fourth quarter…final score is all that matters.

  18. 10/15 – “As I sit here today, Juan Castillo is still calling the defensive plays.” A. Reid

    10/16 – “As I sit here today, Michael Vick is still the starting quarterback.” A. Reid

    Translation – “Hey Nick Foles, why don’t you stick around Philly this bye week and get loose.”

  19. John Gruden, please report to the Nova Care Complex. Andy Reid, please get your play book and report to the office. Times all yours now

  20. @If Reid’s moves don’t turn the Eagles around soon, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie may be ready to make a move of his own, and fire the man who hired Castillo.

    He’s going to fire Ray Rhodes???

  21. Lets see under Juan the team went SACKLESS in the past 3 games which doesn’t should up in any defensive STAT, Add that they were coughing up LEADS in the final minutes for the past 2 games.

    The straw that broke the camels back was when Nnamdi question why he was taking off covering calvin johnson in the 4 quarter when he was doing a good job for 3 quarters.

  22. Hispanic heritage month is from Sept 15 to Oct 15. Great timing by Eagles to fire Castillo on the 16th.

    Castillo was a good OL coach and he always wanted to coach defense. Reid decided to jump him right to the top job as defensive coordinator when he had no experience.

    This was like DH’ing your Pitcher in the World Series because he tells you how he was a great hitter in High School. No surprise when he goes 0-4.

    Reid took a good OL coach and moved him to defense and now the OL is in shambles too.

  23. So when I become a manager instead of a grunt, they hire me as manager instead of promote? He was promoted, not hired. I love you guys, but I have to point out when you have one of your rare slip ups.

  24. Sign or trade for some better linemen. Give Vick time to throw and open up lanes for the running game. Also teach Vick to throw the ball away instead of trying to keep the play alive.

    It’s shocking that more NFL starting QBs don’t play smarter. They are the best in the world what they do and have the best coaching. The Manning’s and Brady are great examples. Go through your reads. If the play isn’t there throw the ball out of bounds and move on to the next play.

  25. It’s kind of funny, Juan Castillo played linebacker in college and the USFL and coached defense for his first 7-8 years in the college and HS level. Then one day he’s hired as a college offensive line coach, now offense is all he’s known for. How did that ever happen in the first place?

  26. When is someone going to “evaluate” Andy Reid, and fire him?

    13 years as a head coach, and 1 appearance in the Super Bowl. Not exactly a glowing record.

    He has lots of appearances in the NFC title game, but can’t close the show.

  27. Andy Reid just made an in-season firing after all of the criticisms I have come up with about him? Hmm, well I can’t say that I’m not at least encouraged by what he has up his sleeve. At least he is showing that he can take responsibility for making a bad decision and is willing to be aggressive in trying to fix the problems. That buys him some momentarily credibility. Hopefully he continues making good decisions and can do the right things and get the job done.

    At least he passed Step 1. Good for him, and the Eagles.

  28. Fire the DC who runs the 12th ranked D in the league?

    Keep the OC who runs the 31st ranked scoring O in the league?

    Hmmmm.. seems like Andy might have fired the wrong guy? The Eagles Offense is good at putting up yards, but not so good at putting up points. That tells the average Joe a few things. The Offense isnt scoring in the red zone. The Offense is holding the ball a lot but not moving it far enough to score. Or, the team (Mike Vick) is turning the ball over on good drives.

  29. Defense is the reason this team isn’t 0-6 right now and Juan was set up for failure from the beginning but if you blow SEVEN 4th quarter leads over the course of a season and a half. You gotta go. Hope Marty soon follows…

  30. I haven’t seen anyone say this (and I’m not sure if it was the entire fourth quarter that the coverage on Calvin was changed since I didn’t watch the game) but what about Nate Allen? Did the coverage change after he got injured? From what I’ve heard Nnamdi was getting safety help the first three quarters, but it changed in the fourth. Could the fact Nate Allen, who got injured early in the fourth, be the reason why the coverage was changed and was asked for more blitzes? I don’t know if Castillo would trust Colt Anderson to give Nnamdi safety help.

    Regardless, I do agree Castillo didn’t put out a great product, but he was not the reason why the Eagles were losing games.

  31. all eagles fans just need to take a deep breath and relax. yes vick is committing too many turnovers. but is benching him the answer ? no it is not. that will just create more issue at the qb position, and it won’t be a near term (ie, this season) solution, which is what reid needs to keep his job. despite vick’s flaws, eagles have been in every gm this season except ariz. in fact, in the last 2 gms, despite vick’s flaws, he put them up 14-13 late in pitt gm and 23-13 late in detroit gm.

    they are 3-3. there are 10 gms left. put the pitchforks, tar and feathers away for a few wks.

  32. Back when Vick was occupying the position of quarterback in ATL, I heard some analyst say that with a running quarterback you’ll basically wind up 8-8. Occasionally, you’ll have a better year.

    As pointed out by other commenters, Vick has been unable or unwilling to ‘professionalize’ his style of play.

    The Eagles are 3-3, and with a difference of just 7 total points, they’d be 0-6.

    I’m not at all a fan of the Eagles, but the biggest mistake Andy made was bringing in Michael Vick. Or maybe promoting Juan Castillo (wasn’t he the offensive line coach?) to defensive coordinator was his biggest mistake? I just cannot decide!!!

  33. Jeff McLane ‏@Jeff_McLane
    Spoke w/ Reid for 15 mins after presser and a lot of it was on his QB situation. I really believe that he doesn’t know what to do there yet.

    Eagles beatwriter above talked to Reid. Sounds like Vick’s job is far from same at this point. Foles could be in there very soon.

  34. As an Eagles fan this is so frustrating… everyone… EVERYONE knew that Castillo was a bad hire for DC, hell even Castillo probably knew that too… except Andy ‘I know better than everyone else’ Reid.
    As a result We have had to suffer for nearly 1&1/2 seasons because of it, and have missed out on hiring quality DC’s.

    Andy Reid is so stubborn, he is a classic “I think what I like, and the rest of you be damned”, the guy cant adapt…

    But what irks me the most is how has Mornhinweg kept his job for so long? A lot of people have been saying this for years. We have had so much talent, yet this guy does the dumbest play calling ever… DC’s around the league must chuckle when they come up against him. And yes Vick turning it over doesnt help either.

  35. We should take this to a WWE level and have Rex Ryan suddenly come out from behind the curtain, club Reid with a chair, and announce that “effective immediately” he is taking over as head coach of the Eagles. I would pay good money for this.

  36. It must be Castillo’s fault for the poor play calling. It must be Castillo’s fault for all Vick’s costly turnovers. It must be Castillo’s fault for all the recent personnel moves. Fire Castillo. The Dream Team is going all in this year again. Face It, Lurie will never fire Teflon Andy.

  37. Hmmm. The offense is atrocious, turning over the ball at a record pace and putting the defense in a tough spot several times a game. The offense is one of the lowest scoring in the NFL. So, the Eagles fire the defensive coordinator. Why am I not surprised that Castillo, the nearest minority, is held out as scapegoat? If I am wrong, then I want to hear why Mornhinweg still has a job today.

  38. If Andy Reid said he’s been evaluating his team and first dumps the coordinator whose squad is ranked #13 in the league instead of the one whose squad ranks 30th, you gotta wonder what the heck he’s basing his evaluations on.

  39. How can people call for marty Mornhinweg to be fired without noting that Reid has to be the first to go. Does Marty’s playcalling stink? Of course it does. But, when you take your time and lok closely, it’s exactly the same sa Andy’s was before he supposedly turned the playcalling duties over to Marty. That tells me that Andy still has the majority of theinfluence on the plays being run. So, fine. Marty should be fired, but when Andy shows him the door, he should also be the first one through it.

  40. 3-3 a game out of first place, two defensive stops from being 5-1 and you fire your coordinator this just plain and simple reeks of panic. Bobby April, Mike Vick and any of those bums on the offensive line shouldn’t be sleeping well this week.

  41. It’s amazing the difference a play makes.

    DRC holds on to that endzone INT, they’re 4-2 and we’re all saying the Eagles are fixing their 4th quarter woes, Castillo’s still DC, and we’re praising Reid.

    Now at 3-3, we’re declaring their season over.

    The next 3 games are winnable- if they’re 6-3, are you STILL gonna want him fired?

  42. From 2010-2012 including his one measly playoff game (33 games)
    Michael Vick 60 TDs vs 60 T/Os

    For every touchdown this guy has produced either throwing or running, he’s given the ball back in an int or a fumble. He’s 1 for 1. OR he negates each score with a turnover.

    Vick is the problem, plain & simple – this guy will always kill his positive plays with a turnover. He has to go.

  43. Here is some more food for thought on this situation. The Eagles wouldnt have to worry about blowing leads if they could score a decent amount of offensive points. I think they are averaging like 16 on Offense? Good teams average mid-20s and up.

  44. I’ve always liked Andy, but making Castillo his DC has to be one of the most boneheaded moves any coach has ever made. Wonder how many times Asomugha has wished he’d gone elsewhere.

  45. The Eagles game against the Falcons should be pretty intriguing considering it could be the game that makes or breaks the Eagles season, along with Andy’s job. With that said the players respect Reid and I suspect they will rally behind their coach. Andy Reid also has an excellent record following the bye week……… That said I am hoping Andy realizes that he needs to change his approach on offense. His brand of football is old and tired. Same mistakes year after year. He has a QB that is injury prone, can not read defenses, holds the ball to long and turns the ball over at an alarming rate. All this behind a beat up O line that cannot pass block. Yet he insists on calling 40 something pass play a game as opposed to running the ball with his all-pro running back…… What really cracks me up is when he calls a play action pass after refusing to establish any type of running game……. What am I saying, he ain’t changing a thing and the Eagles will once again be 8-8 and Andy can go coach the Chargers and torture their fans.

  46. We will all be sorry when we have the rich kotites of the world. People forget the what Andy has done… There are always cycles we go though with any team. The fact that most teams would want Andy should speak volumes haters hate but u will be sorry

  47. I love how people act as if the Eagles can’t find a better coach. Andy Reid is a good general manager. He is great at developing QBs, he has shown he is capable of creating a competitive team on a pretty consistent basis but he has also proved that he is a horrible game day coach that can’t get over the hump. Yes he is the most successful coach in franchise history (a franchise that has never won anything) especially when compared to Rich Kotite. There have been plenty capable coaches hired by other teams during Reid’s tenure and there is no reason why ownership cannot find another capable coach. I also realize they may not but after 13 years of the same song and dance I don’t think it would be considered hating to accept continued incompetence from a team that has the talent to exceed Andy Reid’s shortcomings as a game manager. There is a difference between pessimism and realism and what’s real is that Andy Reid that Andy Reid continues to underachieve. PERIOD

  48. Btw the Eagles winning % is .167 when Vick has 40+ pass attempts. Hopefully Andy took notice of that stat. You run to set up the pass. Not vice versa…… The more Vick handles the ball the greater the odds that something bad will happen. Vick is an extraordinary athlete and capable of making big plays when the time is right but that time is compromised when you eliminate the element of surprise by constantly swinging for the fences. It is what it is. I am tired of settling for mediocrity from a team with the talent to have won a Super Bowl over the last 13 years as opposed to 4 NFC championship losses in which they were favored in 3 of them along with all the other continued mistakes year after year.

  49. welcome back my friends to the show that never ends we’re so glad you could attend come inside come inside. here behind the glass is Andy reid’s fat a$$ be careful as you pass move along move along

  50. As a Giants fan, this is awesome stuff. However, here is what I think should happen in Philly.

    Andy, please come in and sit down.

    Andy – your TPS Reports are unacceptable, and it’s become clear to us you have no clue how to do your job.

    Have you ever considered ‘ Is this good for the company ‘ in your decision making process ? No ? Really. Not good Andy.

    You don’t fit with our corporate ethos, Andy. As a matter of fact, you barely fit through the door.

    You sir, are fired. Collect your severance at payroll, and leave the premesis.

    End scene.

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