Asante Samuel throws a jab at Andy Reid

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The firing of Juan Castillo as the Eagles defensive coordinator has generated a lot of response from around the football world.

Former Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel is one of those weighing in. Samuel was traded to the Falcons this offseason with reports after his departure indicating that coach Andy Reid believed Samuel’s play was in steep decline. On Twitter Tuesday, Samuel wrote “ain’t no decline over here” just after another tweet that shared his thoughts about Reid’s decision to shake up the coaching staff. Let’s just say that Samuel thinks the wrong guy has been asked to turn in his keys to the office.

Reid might have fired the offensive line coach he chose to coach the defense, but he won’t have many other places to point the finger if the Eagles don’t start winning games. And that will likely mean that Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie decides to start doing some finger pointing of his own.

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  1. He’s right. There is no excuse for losing to the Detroit “We only play the fourth quarter” Lions.

  2. Decline is a code word for saying you were too expensive. Just like your tweet is code for showing you’re too stupid to understand the salary cap.

  3. You think for a second maybe he’s talking about himself of the defense as a unit?

    It’s just an assumption he’s talking specifically about Andy Reid.

  4. Stay classy? Shut up dude(elmaxoh)! Did Asante saying anything that wasn’t true in that statement? Andy Reid deserves all the credit for how the team has performed. He made the hires, he ok’d the personnel moves, he is the one who has never won a superbowl championship as a head coach. All the players that have come and gone, only Coach Reid is the constant. You can be a GREAT coach, but a bad head coach, I think that best describes Andy Reid’s time in Philadelphia. The Eagles have players who are ego driven and almost no heart. That is a Head Coaching issue, plain and simple.

  5. Asante was part of the problem in Philly. He was never going to be part of the solution.

    Samuel isn’t even playing as well as DRC or Nnamdi this year he’s a gambler that tackles like a little girl.

    We’ll see what happens in a few weeks but he is right about one thing Reid is on his last legs in Philly. His time is coming he’s going to need a 2008 sort of run to keep his job, and while I want to say I have faith that something like that could happen I can’t ignore all the evidence that screams it won’t happen.

    Fact is the Eagles have been a 9-7 team since 2005 most coaches get fired for less, Reid is living off those early 2000’s teams, and unlike Bill Belichick he has stopped producing winners it’s over Andy.

  6. sadly hes right, the defense is the best unit on that team. ST’s is horrible and April needs to go, Marty calling 7 step drops with a horrible o-line, vick turning the ball over at record breaking speeds, and andy is just too blind to see it all. castillo should have been the last one fired not the first.

  7. I was glad the Pats let Asante go find the money elsewhere, when he left.

    But after this week’s game against the Seahawks… I’m rethinking my feelings on the deal. I think I would take Asante and his tweeting over Ras-I, McCourty, Arrington.

  8. Samuel is a ..’me first’ player.

    Perhaps he should also tweet about how many missed tackles he has…and how many gambles he makes, that fail.

    My lasting impression of Samuel …missing an easy interception in 2007 Super Bowl, that would have ended Giants last drive…right in his hands, noone near.

    Wouldn’t want that clown on my team…an easy guy to hate.

  9. @ mistrezzrachael

    Why does so many people say that he dropped an easy int. IT WAS NOT EASY. And it wasn’t right in his hands, he had to jump just to even get some of his hands on it. Look for yourself. It would have been easier for a taller CB like Asomugha or Rodgers-Cromartie.

    Steve Smiths drop in Patriots territory was an easy catch, and Sam Madison’s dropped int was easier. Just like Antonio Pierce turning around to catch an int would have been easier than committing that pass interference penalty in the endzone to even give the Patriots the ball at the 1 yard line.

  10. Reid: “Juan, here comes the team bus. Make sure you’re under it.”

    Castillo: “Thanks, Andy. I’ll save an axle for you.”

    Vick: “Man, that is cold! I wouldn’t do that to a dog! Oh, wait…”

  11. No doubt Reid can be questioned on his decision making but was it’s Reid’s fault that Samuel wouldnt try and ever make a tackle to save his life?

  12. Asante is a ball hog, love that guy. Truth always comeback to haunt you. Andy Reid knows deep down he made a mistake by hiring an OC to be an DC. Lurie is going to take some keys at the end of the year if the Eagles do not win a championship. Lurie spent alot of cash last year for a winning team. I bought into the hype last year that the Eagles might have a shot this year. Seems far fetch.

  13. Guy’s we are all missing the point, the Eagles lost to a VERY talented and very composed Lions team on Sunday. There is no shame in losing to a good team!

  14. WTF is Asante talking about? Andy Reid is a die-hard apologist and he ALWAYS takes the blame for the shortcomings of his team. He’s been doing it for over a decade now. Taking the fall at press conferences and saying HE “has to do a better job”

    The reality is Juan Castillo was never qualified to do the job in the first place and it was evident listening to him talk after the game. The guy has no clue how to coach defense. It was the right move for the Eagles.

    But they have more problems than just their defense. Marty Mornhinweg needs to go too. His playcalling is horrendous.

  15. I am curious to see how many former players come out of the woodwork after Andy is fired and speak like Asante is. One thing over the years is you have never heard players talk smack on Andy after the were sent packing. It’s always been respect, love, loyalty and much of the same since Andy always shouldered the blame for failures to the media. Once the line is broken and he’s out of Philly I wonder how much that’ll change

  16. Samuel should be thanking Reid for trading him to a 6-0 team, rather than bashing him. All talk after his first pick of the year (although it was a pick 6). Let’s see how quickly the Atlanta fans tire of his inability to wrap up while tackling…it will come.

  17. Hey” Geniusfan ” u obviously didn’t c the Monday nite game where Asante laid out about 5 or 6 great tackles he still got it bruh!! And DRC/Namdi r way over rated!! And u ” BlackandBlue ” don’t attack my Lions cause ur still SALTY about Sunday bro Philly lost to a better team plain and simple who else has 16 penalties and still wins ON THE ROAD!! Watch the game again as a fan of football and not just Philly and u will c that Detroit dominated that whole 1st half!! Real Talk!!

  18. LOL @dallassux 2 point comment. At least as asantes new team made the playoffs where was his old team in the playoffs?

  19. I know he is so glad to get out of the City of Brotherly Hate! I can close my eyes and see the band playing one the deck while the priest is praying!!!!

  20. Reid’s comments that he blames himself as much as Castillo is a bunch of bull. This is a statement coming from a man trying to save his own job. And the defense is ranked 12th overall?

    To be clear, I don’t like the Eagles at all. But I think this is ALL Reid’s fault, and he should be stepping down on his own if he REALLY believes he deserves as much of the blame.

  21. Reid has to blame himself on this one for sure. It just really irritates me that Asante is opening his trap. He was the same player in New England that he was in Philadelphia, but even more of a Diva because there were no veterans to really check him.

    When Asante failed to tackle, hustle, or gambled wrong it was Reid who took the blame. I did not see Asante say he had to be more physical, say he needs to focus for 60 minutes, or had to play with better technique.

    I disliked you tremendously in NE and it never changed in Philly. Who’s to blame for your image Asante?

  22. Easy to dislike Asante when he’s not on your team. Me, I love the guy. He singlehanded won that game for the Falcons against the Raiders. Tweet on homey!

  23. As much as I hate the Eagles, their defense was doing great all season. This is just a way for the organization to direct the blame elsewhere so the fans aren’t calling for Reid’s head at the end of the season. The most points they gave up in a game was 27 at Arizona, but let’s not forget about the defensive touchdown the Cardinals scored, as well as the barrage of turnovers Vick had in that game, along with every other game this season.

  24. Asante should be happy and tweet things like that. He doesn’t own the team. He didn’t help them win much last the couple of years there. He didn’t want to play there. So homey Asante SHUT UP!

  25. beckzhere says: Oct 16, 2012 1:53 PM

    Easy to dislike Asante when he’s not on your team. Me, I love the guy. He singlehanded won that game for the Falcons against the Raiders. Tweet on homey!

    And he almost cost you the game.

    He will when the Giants come to town.

  26. beckzhere says:
    Oct 16, 2012 1:53 PM
    Easy to dislike Asante when he’s not on your team. Me, I love the guy. He singlehanded won that game for the Falcons against the Raiders. Tweet on homey!
    I hated him when he was ON my team. Is that ok with you? Never cared for finesse CBs.

    @ Situs….
    I don’t blame him for that INT, it was a tough catch. I blame him for blowing it on the coverage that resulted in the Tyree velcro helmet catch. And I’m almost madder that Mr Personal Responsibility (HA) never owned up to that because now a guy who was a bazillion times the player A$ante ever will be has to live with getting taunted about it every day just about.

  27. situsavaisprier says:Oct 16, 2012 11:50 AM

    @ mistrezzrachael

    Why does so many people say that he dropped an easy int. IT WAS NOT EASY. And it wasn’t right in his hands, he had to jump just to even get some of his hands on it. Look for yourself. It would have been easier for a taller CB like Asomugha or Rodgers-Cromartie.

    At $9 Mil/year…He is paid to make that play,,game should have been over,,& I would have won $5000 on SB pool.

  28. Here’s my problem with Andy Reid in all this: Who put the o-line coach in charge of the defense? Andy did. Even if Castillo was totally wrong for the job (and they’re actually playing better than last season, so that is debatable) it’s still Andy Reid’s fault.

    It’s been a lot of years of “we’ve got to do better” from Reid and he had a horrible personal tragedy that lots of times will lead people to take a new look at what’s really important. I think it would have been far classier for Reid to stick with Castillo and see how the year plays out. If it costs Andy his job, then it was a good run and he would have went out staying loyal to his guys. Instead, he throws the one guy who seemed to be doing a decent job under the bus. And odds are Reid will still get canned when the year is over. Is there nothing Reid will put ahead of keeping that job?

  29. @ CKL

    Fair enough.

    @ mistrezzrachael

    Oh so now I get it. No matter what, 9 million, 10 million, 1 billion, etc. The catch was a high difficulty catch, low percentage. It doesn’t matter the money, there are things that are very tough, even for the highly paid. If he jumped and hit the palm of his hands or it hit his face that’s different. It’s just like saying something like as a WR so and so is paid highly to catch one hoppers or even passes 10 feet high.

    Also not to beat a dead horse or anything, but betting that much on a team that in a previous meeting gave the Patriots their biggest deficit…..

  30. While there is the occasional poster on this site that knows a smidgen about football, for the most part the comments rank a little lower in quality than drunken tweets

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