Brady stays mainly humble in response to Sherman


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman lambasted the Pats and Tom Brady after Seattle pulled off an unlikely come-from-behind win on Sunday.  Brady has opted to not directly engage the man Brady may not face for another four years.

“He’s a very good player and I have a lot of respect for that defense and certainly that secondary,” Brady told Jim Gray of Dial Global Sports, via  “They play very well together. My dad taught me at a young age to play with class and respect and give my opponents respect, and certainly I have a lot of respect for the Seahawks.”

OK, so it was a little passive-aggressive. And it arguably was a little inaccurate, given that Brady has done his share of trash-talking in the past.

Brady was then asked about whether Sherman respected Brady the way Brady’s father taught Brady to respect others.

“My dad also told me to worry about the things that I can control and certainly not worry about the things that I can’t,” Brady said. “And I really don’t have feelings either way toward what someone may say or think. Really, what’s important is how I feel. We went out and we played a very good team on the road and had an opportunity to win there in the fourth quarter and just didn’t take advantage of it.”

Though Brady tiptoed around questions relating to Sherman, Brady offered a more substantive response on the allegation from Sherman that the Pats aren’t built for a “heavyweight fight.”

“We’re 3-3 so we’ve got 10 games to determine the fate of our season, and really it’s a matter of us getting better,” Brady said. “I don’t think anything’s decided here in the sixth week of the year, or how capable you are of winning big games. That’s to be determined in January and it’s only October, so we’re just going to keep trying to get better.”

He’s right about that one.  Time and again, we’ve seen teams get better as the season progresses, with a team that gets hot in December and January ultimately running the table. As long as a team doesn’t play so poorly in September, October, and November to put itself in a hole from which it can’t dig out, it’s always better for a team to play its best football late.

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  1. I believe Mr. Brady knows a thing or two about what it takes to win….New England was the far better team for most of the afternoon. Credit to Seattle for taking advantage when the Patriots didn’t put them away, but I have a pretty strong feeling that New England will be playing meaningful football long after the Seahawks have taken out their golf clubs…

  2. Yeah, he’s classy. No one mentioned he trash talked them before the game and taunted the crowd after scores during. I loved how Sherman said they were a team and New England was the Brady Bunch.

  3. Brady is fake. Remember reading his lips in buffalo something like take that /:;)&(/.

    He is so fake but people will eat this up. You go Sherman.

  4. Oh please!!! Brady talks smack with the best of them! He taunts defensive players only less than Rivers… and when they do something stupid like this twitter photo, Brady is now the Dalai Lama, Ghandi and Confuscious wrapped in one.

  5. Now we’ll here from the Brady Bunch about how much class he has. Nonsense. Rehearsed, cliché, B.S. A bad team got beat by a bad team that likes to trash talk.

  6. I am surprised that they did not link to the story that explained why Sherman was set off. Brady told him to “see him after the game when they (patriots) win.” Yeah, the guy who was running up the score on teams so he could chase Peyton Manning’s record is full of class.

  7. Between this Sherman comment, the way Carroll and Tate conducted themselves after the Packers fiasco, and their cheating stadium.. I wish the Seattle Seahawks nothing but hardships.

  8. Tom choked in the Redzone. It’s rare but real.
    The game should have been a one-sided affair. It was heading in that direction. 13 point lead, the seconday blew it giving up 3 huge plays.
    Lots of blame to go around…Coaching mistakes too.

  9. Brady is arrogant. He can dish it but can’t take it. All that “father told me” stuff goes out the window on game day for him when he thinks he is playing a weaker team.

    He’s been trash talking for years. Deal with it.

  10. Shermy looks like he just stuck a 9 in blade into Brady’s gut in that picture-nasty character.

    Here’s an idea Shermy-boy, act like you’ve been there before.
    Brady was winning Superbowls while you were getting your first short and curlies.

  11. So wait you’re saying that all the HATERS on the thread yesterday were wrong! What a shocker!

    It was in fact Sherman who was doing the trash talking, he said he would go over to Brady during all the TV timeouts and say something. Then went as far as to take it to twitter after the game. But Brady’s the classless one?

  12. I don’t get what the big deal is. Sherman posted a silly picture and Brady doesn’t care. What did the media really expect to get out of Brady? His press conferences are as vanilla as it gets, he’s not going to say anything inflammatory.

  13. Don’t forget that Brady starting the jawing just after he threw the pick…stating to Sherman: we’ll see after we win the game!
    Jawing is part of the hype!

  14. That’s why its better to be 5 and 1 in October and not 2 and 3 like the woeful and inept Steelers with their loser coach and hapless fans. The Steeler fans don’t even cheer for their team at home.


  15. NFL players jaw at each other on the field. This is a fact. When Sherman and Thomas stepped up to him he said “come see me after the game when we win.” That’s an invite. I am not saying that Brady isn’t handling the defeat with class because he is first rate and doing so. But to say Sherman doesn’t have a shred of it for enjoying a win in which he and Thomas picked him off (and to be clear the game goes to the Pats w/o those plays under the circumstances) I would have to call BS. And suggest you become a MLB fan, because that field is for the physical, tough and anything but the faint of heart. Stay in Toronto Joe, where the Blue Jays fly low.

  16. Why is Brady sooo classy? Cause he said what we want to hear? What about the trash talking he does , pointing, yelling, fist pumpin? He must think that’s classy too then? I think Brady’s time is getting close to an end… He will not be the elite QB much longer…. Question is will he leave with class?

  17. I’ve heard a pig vomiting sound more sincere, at least there was something to eat afterwards.

  18. Brady didn’t take the bait, but you know it’s killing him that he probably won’t face Sherman again in his career.

  19. Brady does his trash talking on the field and doesn’t extend it off the field unlike many players like Richard Sherman.

  20. Also seems to have side stepped the fact that he was trash talking before the game and had to eat his words. So much for classy

  21. Brady, The man who cheated to 3 Super Bowls, dumped his pregnant GF, filed a lawsuit against a homeless man, & whose bodyguards opened fire on paparazzi, is a classy guy? That passes your classy nowadays?

  22. The same Brady that was seen (video also exists) saying “F*** you b*****” to the crowd in Buffalo? That Tom Brady? Yeah, real classy guy.

    Tommy boy is a great QB, but let’s not act like he can’t be just as demonstrative as any other player when things are going his way.

  23. Maybe next time Brady will think twice about goading the opponent with trash talk. That’s what started this entire back-and-forth with Sherman.

  24. Brady has class and Sherman doesn’t? You DO realize that Sherman’s comments are a DIRECT response to Brady talking trash BEFORE the game…right? “Talk to me after the win”…leads to “You mad bro?”

    What comes around goes around. I’m sure it happens between players in every single game played. Much ado about nothing.

  25. Passive aggressive, I do not really understand what you think Brady should say, that he sucked, the Patriots are one of the worst teams in the league and that they played perhaps the best defense he has ever seen????

    I don’t think anyone needs to tell the Patriots they blew that game big time, as for Richard Sherman good for him he played well, now go string 8 more games with the same result.

    Would not want to be the Jets this weekend!

  26. Being built for a heavy weight fight is a stupid anaology. Most heavy weight fights last a few rounds with a with quick knockout determining the winner. I’d say the Pats have proven over the past decade, they are more suited for a 15-round welterweight fight – they’ll slug it out the whole season, and still have enough in the tank for that final round (the playoffs).

    Brady owns the TD mark for a season, a perfect 16-0 regular season, the record for most consecutive wins, and 3 SB titles. He’s a bit older, and this year they are off to a slower than usual start, but Brady is still the Muhammad Ali in this sport, to go with Sherman’s analogy.

    And this coming from a 49ers fan.

  27. Brady is hardly classy in this situation. Brady is the one that started the trash talking and said “Find me after the game” thinking he could rub it in Sherman’s or Earl Thomas’s face.

    So don’t be thinking he took the high road, because he started all of this, not Sherman.

  28. I am good with both players…..Hell it’s football…..Some trash talk goes along with that. Heck me and my friends talk trash with one another when it comes to both our football teams we pull for and even fantasy football trash talk 🙂 It’s all in the fun of things….

  29. I’m not sure how much trash I’d talk if I won by one point on a miracle play, giving up 500+ yards to Brady.

  30. So yeah, Brady started it, Sherman finished it. You mad bro because he got to do it after the game? Don’t start none, won’t be none. Remember when he scoffed at the fact that Plax said they’d only score 14 17 points? Hindsight is 20/20 or 24/23 as it were.

  31. “Gimmick offense,” Sherman? You guys needed a joke call from an amateur ref to win a game, and then you all played along like it was legit. If that isn’t gimmick then what is?

  32. Brady does his share of trash talking on the field but I have yet to see him seek an opponent out on the field to call them out or get in their face, nor have I seen him go on a two day Twitter rampage. Brady is typically commentary of his opponents and whether he’s sincere or not, at least the respect is there.

    As for Sherman, your team beat an erratic Cowboys team, stole a victory from Green Bay and while Brady is as much to blame for the loss, I didn’t see Sherman on the field when the Pats defense was letting Wilson move the ball with no problem.

    Say what you want about Belichick, at least his players are humble and get reprimanded when they go off like this. Pete Carroll should take a lesson from it, he’s not coaching 18 and 19 year olds anymore. Speaking of cheaters…

  33. @cromags

    I’m not sure how much trash I’d talk if I won by one point on a miracle play, giving up 500+ yards to Brady.

    I think the point is Brady already had and was definitely ready to talk trash himself, so that “high road” stuff rings a little hollow.

    If you’re actually saying you’re taking the high road (like Brady basically did with his comments) you’re not actually taking it.

  34. Brady may do his share of trash talking on the field but you will NEVER see him gloating about a win after a game or trying to rub it an opponents face. Sherman has no class and it shows.

  35. Tammy Brady is the poster boy behind Peyton Manning. He is very arrogant as much as his HC. Just b/c you have some SB rings which was honored by cheating does not mean you have class.
    I saw Tammy Brady taunt many players during his career. Once a player does it to him, he can’t take it. I know alot of you riding Tammy Brady thong and bra strap is in denial. I do not like the Cowgirls along with the Patsies. Anybody that play against the Patsies, I always root for them.

  36. I honestly did not know there is a player in the NFL named Richard Sherman until this article.

  37. Sherman is a good young player, among the best corners in the game despite this only being his second season. Oh, and he has a masters from Stanford so he’s obviously very intelligent.

    Brady on the other hand is about as classless as they come. Look at that bills game for proof.

  38. Whether Brady has class or not doesn’t mean a damn thing. How many rings does Sherman have? How many does Brady have?
    Tom Brady has won in New England year after year, even with the surrounding cast around him ever changing. It’s not like Seattle pounded New England. Richard Sherman needs to check himself. Of the two players, Brady is the far better player and far more impactful for his team.

  39. The patriots were 13-3 last yr and went to the Superbowl and the chickenhawks were 7-9 and went to the golf course. But all of a sudden in, Sherman’s mind, that has flip flopped and the Patriots aren’t the team the Chickenhawks are. LOL!!!!!!!!

  40. For those that are saying Brady has class; I would agree that he does IN FRONT OF THE MEDIA… but I think we all know he talks as much trash, as anyone on the field…

  41. Never heard of this Sherman guy. Who cares what he thinks. Brady and the Pats don’t have to defend themselves. Their records do that. How many Super Bowl rings does this Sherman twerp have? Since I’m a Michigan alum I’m also a big Brady fan, but “our” team in this family is the Redskins. We still have a long way to go, too, but RGIII is making the ride a lot more fun than it was with our past QB’s…. Brady is a class guy and he’ll also still look like Tom Brady after his NFL days are over and Sherman will still look like he does. Wonder which one will get asked to be in more ads. ha….

  42. Brady is so full of it. “I was taught to play with class”. Lol. Everything he does contradicts that statement while he is on the field. Thanks for the laugh.

  43. Bronco fan here, completely dislike the Patriots because they have our number, but respect them. Brady has more class in his eyebrow than this Sherman punks’ entire family.

    I hope the Broncos play in the Super Bowl, but if not, give me NE vs. Seattle.

  44. PFT didnt tell the whole story but the bottom line is we have two guys (Brady & Sherm) trash talking ,during an NFL game. As a life long Hawks fan I can remember how the raiders used to be on D back in the day, NASTY , those guys would beat the hell out of us (EVEN IF WE WON THE GAME) this Hawks D is just like that (ASK WELKER) . I love Sherman and the fact is Tom gets far more trash talking toward him from the Boston media and Pats fans. Sure the Hawks beat the crap out of the Pats physicaly but the game was tight and the Pats owned quaters 2 and 3 but when it got to crunch time Brady threw 2 picks (should have been more) the Pats D fell apart, the Pats special teams fell apart and the Pats O line got crushed. GO HAWKS !!!!! keep that attitude Sherm WE LOVE IT MAN!!!

  45. For all you wannabe reporters and possible Brady haters, what makes a guy classy is what he says in public aka the media and not what was said on the football field between players.

    Even the classiest guys have talked trash on the field.

  46. Brady doesn’t have to apologize for anything. Belichick lost that game by not kicking a field goal at the end of the half with 6 seconds on the clock. If Belichick had coached correctly, the final score would have been 26-24, Patriots.

  47. Hey Brady, did ur dad also teach u to cry to officials after every time a player on the other team hits you u baby. Did he also teach u to talk trash about a teams fans on the sideline. Stop being a little whinning crying baby boy and grow some. Ohh my daddy my dadddy

  48. Enough already, I am not a fan of either team. I despise Pete Carrol from his time at USC. The Seahawks have some of the most dedicated fans of any small market team, and that stadium is renown for being one of the toughest places to play.

    The fact is that so many Pats fans are actually worried right now because of losses to small market teams when everyone is expecting a blow out. The losses to Arizona at home and then the Seahawks, are devastating. to the psychi of an elite QB in Brady and a team that is use to being unstoppable.

    New Englands only dominate win this year so far is Buffalo and that took till mid way through the third quarter to get started.

    Brady talks s$%t and when Sherman brings him the poop pie at the end of the game he is the villain. The media and the NE fans need to get a grip, and also learn your teams history not just modern ESPN history. NE was coached by that same a$$ Carol for 3 years the 1st 2 years 97&98 they went to the playoffs, and up until 2000 when they changed uni’s they were never construed as a Franchise threat, and some years they were actually a joke. They have not won a superbowl since 2004, that is 7 seasons ago.

    They got beat, and for all of you Seahawk haters I think this legitimizes the Seahawks, and proves that the Green Bay win was not a fluke this team is for real and teams need to be ready for war when they face Seattle.

    I will reiterate I am not a Seahawk fan, but I do appreciate a good underdog win.

  49. What you can take away from this:

    If Brady was not blessed with football talent he would probably be a CPA, or an attorney, or a politician.

    If Sherman wasn’t blessed with football talent… he would probably be washing cars or in jail.

    I am not a huge fan of how low-class football players are becoming.

  50. Brady ??? Humble??? He should win an emmy for that interview. What an actor. Brady may have had 500 yards or more but he lost. He played like crap. I’ve never seen so many missed recievers, grounding and just poor play from him. He is arogant and has no class at all. He hasn’t won a SB since the cheating scandel. Can you patsy fans say *. LOLOLOL

  51. Here’s the Guy Code. You can talk trash during the game as long as it isn’t personal. Then, when the game is over, you don’t hunt down the guy who was talking trash to you and taunt him and then Twitter Up. You can say something to him after the game if you pass him naturally, but keep it brief with a smile but don’t seek him out.

    You can hunt him down if he says personal stuff during the game, or, if he says a lot of trash BEFORE the game to the Media. Brady did neither.

    Sherman just wants to make a name for himself, and he suceeded. But, he is coming across as a punk.

  52. People are ridiculous. If it’s your guy, it’s ok to talk crap, but bad if the other guy does it. How dare Tom Brady talk trash during the game, but it’s ok for my guy to talk it after the game. Actually, it’s pretty weak to talk after the game IMO. Talking trash is like place a bet on the game with your arse on the line. In the end though, deal with it win or lose, with respect and class. Nothing gained by talking after the fact, as it’s over.

  53. Tell you what, Brady did have an off week, and Sherman had a good game, but dude can start trashing Brady when HE’S won three Super Bowls, okay?

    Simmer down, punk. One game does not a carreer make.

  54. Players who havent been to the show, see how the old players do it, so in turn players have to run their collective mouths, cause they have no class and simply havent “been there”.
    Deion Sanders, Keyshawn Johnson, and the biggest mouth of all, Warren Sapp the rap. They still run their mouths. It comes from lack of female attention

  55. It’s hard to hear when you have Super Bowl rings stuffed in each ear.

    That said, I wish there were more trash talking in the NFL. Yeah yeah yeah, respect and all that, but it is fun.

  56. First of all I have no skin in this game. I am a Texans fan.

    There is a time and place for everything. It is ok to fart in the bath room but not in church. Talking trash is one thing talking trash to a vanquished opponent is the absolute worse case of bad sportsmanship you can demonstrate. To say otherwise is juvenile and self serving. There is no way to justify Shermans behavior.

  57. Sherman is a mental toad with size 14 cleats. He can’t “act” like he’s been there because he never has.

    He plays for a team that should be 1-5 not 3-3 given the freebies from the Pats and the “refs” vs GB. Top tier teams like NE seldom give away games but they did this time. That “great” Seattle defense gave up 500 yds but Sherman calls their offense dink and dunk. Boy got some brain damage. Brady plays for a team that has 3 losses by 4 pts but their not built for the tough games? What?

    Bottom line:

    Seatlle will be maybe 8-8 heading for the beach and NE will be 12-4 come December 30 hosting a first round playoff game.

    Then Sherman can take it up with Mr. Peabody
    because this was as close as he’ll ever get to a Super Bowl.

  58. randallflagg52 says: Oct 16, 2012 9:19 AM

    Sherman is a good young player, among the best corners in the game despite this only being his second season. Oh, and he has a masters from Stanford so he’s obviously very intelligent.

    Brady on the other hand is about as classless as they come. Look at that bills game for proof.

    Again another stupid comment, the Bills game was in the heat of the moment, during the game said on the sideline. And according to Deon Branch it was directed at him and Wes Welker for telling Brady he was going to have to go back out because his knee was down. At least that’s what Branch said in the interview, weather its true or not is unknown.

    But he has NEVER chased a player down after the game or said anything about a player in the post game press conference witch is what Sherman did.

    And don’t think for one minute that your darling Ravens don’t talk just as much on the field!

  59. Sherman said the two never talked before or during the game – and Brady never said anything to him at all.

    “Sherman said that his teammate Earl Thomas told Brady, “I could have got you on two of those, I dropped two and I could have got you two.”

    At that point, Sherman says Brady “Looked up at the scoreboard and looks back at us like, ‘Man talk to me after the game, talk to me after we close this game out.’”

    So all Brady does is look at the scoreboard and Sherman acts like he just insulted his momma. The only class he comes close to is class clown.

  60. @ psuravens19 – that is a good point! Sherman went public with his trash. That is what makes him a joke.
    I heard a interview with Brady and he was asked about what Sherman said to him on the field and Tom insisted he didn’t see Sherman after the game, there were a lot of people. haha.

  61. Hahah I loathe Brady but that’s funny right there the backhanded comment about Sherman not having a dad growing up that’s all that was Brady passive aggressive love it

  62. What the Patriots need to do is scout on Friday nights.
    Maybe can find some good High School cornerbacks to replace the impostors that they have on the roster.

  63. What a bunch of crybabies (on this thread.) You know who’s not crying about it? Brady and Bill.

    Do you think they care about Sherman? Hopefully they’ll get a shot at Mr. Twitter Big Shot again in the future.

  64. For those of you wondering who Richard Sherman is, let me enlighten you. He was a WR at Stanford who was converted to a CB by Jim Harbaugh. As a rookie last year, he became the starter after Trufant went down, and has been playing at a Pro Bowl level since.

    He graduated from Stanford and is now working on a Masters, so those of you claiming he would be broke or working in a car wash if it wasn’t for football, couldn’t be more wrong.

    All that being said, as a Seahawk fan, I would prefer less smack talk from my team, but in Sherman’s case he has been backing it up with his play all year.

  65. “Me and (safety Earl Thomas) walked up to him and said, ‘We’re greater than you. We’re better than you. You’re just a man — we’re a team,’ ” Sherman told the News Tribune.

  66. little earthquake brings up the replacement refs???? really??? i coulda sworn the refs on sunday were the regular guys??? typical sore losing patriot mentality!!! lemme guess… if it would have been brady with the comeback and the reciprical trash talk to sherm what would have been said???? take your losses like a man!!!!

    ps… to hear brady tell that story about his father is a total joke.. brady has been a top tier trash talker for years!!! what a total joke!!!!

  67. What’s this putz talking about?
    “We’re a team, you’re just a man? We’re better than you?”
    Dear pinhead- first off, win your division. Then 2 or 3 wins later, maybe you can win your conference. Then, with some good fortune, go ahead and win a Super Bowl.
    Then repeat the whole process 3 times.
    Then you can talk, OK Skippy?

    I’m tired of hearing from zero accomplishment, free-bowl-of-soup schmucks like this guy.

  68. supesfan34 says:
    Oct 16, 2012 11:44 AM
    For those of you wondering who Richard Sherman is, let me enlighten you. He was a WR at Stanford who was converted to a CB by Jim Harbaugh. As a rookie last year, he became the starter after Trufant went down, and has been playing at a Pro Bowl level since.

    He graduated from Stanford and is now working on a Masters, so those of you claiming he would be broke or working in a car wash if it wasn’t for football, couldn’t be more wrong.

    All that being said, as a Seahawk fan, I would prefer less smack talk from my team, but in Sherman’s case he has been backing it up with his play all year.
    He’s a nobody on a team full of nobody’s in nowhere land.

    Get it straight.

  69. As a Jets fan, it’s been an absolute pleasure and privilege watching Brady all these years. I hate and respect the Pats simultaneously and jealous of how much class they exude from the owner to the coaches to the players to the janitors.

    It’s been great watching an icon and I hope my team eventually gets one, too, before the aliens invade.

    This Sunday, the Jets will lose to the Pats, but likely beat the spread–I think the game will be close. The Jets have a terrible passing game (82 yards last Sunday!) and the Pats have an awful passing defense (I admit, they have a few rookies on defense but still).

    They talk about this Wilson kid like he’s Otto Graham or Y.A. Tittle. So you have victories against Rodgers’ Packers (a fake victory) and Brady’s Pats (a real victory). Big deal.

    Look at Sanchez. He beat both Manning and Brady, back-to-back, in the playoffs, taking my team to two AFC championships in his first two years. Look where Sanchez and my Jets are now. He had 82 yards against a rebuilding franchise in the Colts and people are saying he played well. 82 yards!

    What makes you think that could not happen to this Wilson kid? It might. It might not. But the point is it’s not about one game, two games, 16 games, or even a few seasons. It’s about a body of work. So, let’s hold off on putting Wilson in the HOF, even if the Seahawks make the NFC championship game this year, just like my Jets did a few years ago, twice.

  70. @ NYJ fan 08, nice post

    sullijo1 says:
    Oct 16, 2012 9:24 AM
    Bronco fan here, completely dislike the Patriots because they have our number, but respect them.
    Dude that’s cool of you to say but honestly, Den has had Pats # in their history. I would have never called 3 Pats wins in a row over your squad. Think BB still has a lifetime losing record against Den despite those 3 wins.

    TB does talk, but on the field, where it belongs. And every case I’ve heard of, it’s because he’s responding to some derp like Anthony Smith. Hate him irrationally if you will, and he’s not perfect, but some of the comment’s I’ve read here about him are moronic and say a lot more about the person writing them than they ever will about TB.

  71. Humble?

    He dishes it out and can’t take it; resorting to passive-aggressive, smarmy, smug, underhanded subliminals to a guy who has more education (and from a better institution) than he does. Now that’s hilarity.

  72. To all you misinformed Richard Sherman ball washers. See the direct quote from Richard (Dick) Sherman from the Tacoma News Tribune reporter Ryan Divish about the trash talking that was going on on the field. Please read and become informed. Then come back and say its Tom Brady who has no class. Hating fools

    “I kept saying I’m going to get that next time,” Sherman recalled to Ryan Divish of the Tacoma News Tribune. “Every TV timeout, I went up and said it right to (Brady): ‘Please keep trying me. I’m going to take it from you.’ That was when they were winning. He just gave me that look and said, ‘Oh, I’ll see you after game.’ Well, I made sure I saw him after the game.”

  73. “My daddy told me to never tattle son cuz when you tattle on someone your really tattling on yourself. I never looked at it that way” said Tommy.

  74. Harbourimages Says ” Brady is a class guy and he’ll also still look like Tom Brady after his NFL days are over and Sherman will still look like he does. Wonder which one will get asked to be in more ads. ha”
    I read that and seriously thought that was a bit Racist! Same with a few other comments about Brady having more class than Shermans entire family!
    Regardless, Both of you are pathetic excuses for fans when all you can do is attempt to belittle someone based on terrible discriminations.

    Richard Sherman has only played CB for 3 years and is already a pro bowl lockdown cover CB in his first full season as a starter. He graduated from Standford University with a Masters degree. Nothing about that is easy. Please pull your heads out of your A** before you profile a person whether based on race or whatever.

    He served Brady with the same Bullcrap he was trying to serve the city of seattle with comments about “quieting the fans and turning them against their own team”. Yes Brady came out blazing throwing it everywhere.(No real running threat for that matter) But please realize on 1 of the 2 td drives all day there was a dropped pick 6 by Earl Thomas so all that wouldve couldve shouldve crap people keep saying its a two way street. The Pats lucky to not have been demorilzed with 3 more dropped INTS making it a Romo blunder of 5! So acting like Brady doesnt say sh*t in the media is completely ignorant and blind and only adds to your hypocritical argument! He literally tried to call Seattles defense and fans Bluff but made him look COMPLETELY silly in his predictions!
    Brady ate the Humble pie Sherman served him.!

  75. An elite corner running his mouth? No way.

    Football players getting competitive on the field? Unheard of.

    Winners gloating and losers acting like they don’t care? This is uncharted territory.

    Come on people.

  76. Seriously, “class”? If talking smack during or after a football game offends you, go watch golf next Sunday. Give me a break. This is standard loser-speak.

  77. Well handled by Tom; he’ll just keep working to improve and likely get his team to the playoffs again, as usual. We’re watching one of the greatest football players to ever don pads and, a pretty classy guy.

  78. I am not a Brady fan at all – but lets be honest – Brady has a lot of hardware – this sherman clown – who is he? and did anyone even know of him before he started running his mouth at a hall of fame qb???

  79. Don’t know why you guys are getting on Brady for this. Trash talking on the field and trash talking off the field are 2 different things.

    Yes, Brady has the class not to trash talk in interviews and twitter, but in the heat of the battle. even King Leonidis and William Wallace will give out roars.

  80. Brady is a complete phony, his trash talking is what set it off to begin with. Claiming a win that never happened.

  81. Brady may not be classy, but he is more erudite. “Me and Earl walked up to him—“. “Trash” talk indeed! If Stanford really is considering awarding him a Masters degree, they should consider requiring a remedial course in English grammar to avoid the gross embarrassment of his representing the standards of their University.

  82. Brady talks during games as much as any player on the field — he just doesn’t do it for attention in the media or on social networks. That’s the difference in my opinion.

  83. Brady may be one of the best QBs pro football has ever seen, but guess what? Brady and the organization he is a part of lack any sense of character and integrity and that is the most important aspect of their entire resume covering the last decade or more. It outweighs titles and wins.

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