James Harrison says he’s had a dozen undisclosed concussions


Steelers linebacker James Harrison has developed a reputation through the years for giving concussions to opposing players, but Harrison also says he has had plenty of them himself.

Harrison told reporters today that he’s had at least a dozen concussions during career, nearly all unreported and undisclosed, according to Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Harrison also said he never missed a game for any of those concussions.

Although the NFL’s approach to preventing concussions has been to try to reduce helmet-to-helmet contact and fine and suspend players like Harrison who break the rules, Harrison has been pushing the use of military-grade Kevlar padding in helmets. Harrison says he was the first player in the NFL to wear such a helmet, and now many players have followed his lead.

According to Harrison, better helmets are the way to prevent brain injuries on the field. Improving helmets is certainly something the NFL should work on, but no helmet is going to prevent all concussions. Which means the NFL is going to continue to crack down on players like Harrison.

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  1. He crushes your teams players and Qb’s. Sadly he is the last of old school players. Other teams fear him. And other teams fans wish he was on their team!

  2. I’m not a doctor, but it seems to me that there is a limit to what a helmet can do. Sudden drastic changes in momentum are not going to get instantly transferred to the brain with just a helmet. The brain is going to have to hit something to change direction, namely the inside of the skull.

    Seems to me, the only way to prevent concussions is to eliminate hits to and with the head.

  3. But how. You’re a defensive player. It’s not like running backs are lowering their head and going helmet to helmet. That’s foolish. Total sarcasm of course. They hate you James cause you’re consistently knocking them out. Get your licks, especially on WAY OVERRATED Flacco.

  4. Although it’s a ridiculous idea, putting these guys back in leather helmets would probabaly result in a LOT fewer helmet to helmet hits.

    Then again after reading Harrison’s comments… maybe not.

  5. Pnut87, did you listen to harrisons interview after the eagles game? He said when he was rushing at Vick, he actually thought about the way he would hit. He said he let up on hitting Vick harder a few times.

    Not saying he won’t get a few flags this season, but your comment about him refusing to change is not 100% correct.

  6. Honestly, if the NFL wants to avoid defenders leading with their helmets, they should be taking away their helmets, not letting them have better ones.

  7. soooo , are they still undisclosed?? or is this lawyer -speak for him joining the concussion lawsuit??

  8. Harder helmets won’t prevent concussions, which are caused by the brain shaking in the skull from sudden trauma. A harder helmet may keep you from getting your skull cracked, but your noodle will still bounce around in there. The only way to prevent concussions is to prevent blows to the head. Sorry, James.

  9. Kelvar will do little or nothing. You get a concussion when your head suddenly stops moving, and your brain moves inside your skull and bangs up against the bone. Thick soft cushioning could help slow down the deceleration of your head, but the material of the helmet won’t do that.

    Think about it – when stunt men jump out of buildings, they don’t land on kelvar – they land on air cushions.

  10. Wow! Harrison is a jerk because of too many concussions or just a jerk not reporting his own?

    Maybe he has always been a jerk because it’s the only way he’s ever gotten attention in his life.

    No matter the cause, it is time him to retire and go back to being a bully in the grocery store line. He is a an idiot and deserves to get knocked out.

  11. Replace the hard helmets 2 inches thick with a 3 in thick form fitted high density foam helmet. Hell the Packers could strap on Cheese Heads and probably do better concussion wise than with these fake security brain killing shells. Mandate padded chin straps, mouth guards, and pad the face guards also. Make the face guard supported by a cage system supported in the foam. They may not look as cool, but if everyone is required, it will become the new cool. Also Knee, hip and thigh pads, required. They can make them super thin and light now, it would prolong careers I would think.

  12. I am not surprised by this. He has been on the record of saying that he would rather have you go after his head than his knee Because he needs his knee to move around.

  13. “According to Harrison, better helmets are the way to prevent brain injuries on the field”


    Ironic coming from him. Better yet would be to use the helmet as the safety device it’s intended for rather than a weapon. C’mon, James!

  14. Harrison is a beast. Keep hating Goodell fans. If ex players had never sued the league you would all be praising his hard play. He hits hard, not dirty. He does not stomp on peoples heads, get in trouble off the field. Its a real shame the league vilified this guy for hits that were LEGAL at the start of that season.

  15. I remember when I used to think Joey Porter was the most annoying, ignorant and dirty player in football. Then the steelers cut him and James Harrison got the start. Boy was I wrong about Porter.

  16. Guaranteed Harrison is one of the guys who sues the league when all is said and done. Which will cause them to increase the safety rules in the future.

  17. He can play In Football Fantasy Camps for rich old boomers, “Line up and smash into James here, he’s got some alztheimer but no worries, just hit him in his big head, the one below the waist.After practice he’ll sign his pic with an X “

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