Jason Garrett takes the blame for Cowboys’ clock management


With the Cowboys taking heat for the way they handled the end of their loss to the Ravens, head coach Jason Garrett is accepting the blame.

It starts with me,” Garrett said.

The Cowboys trailed by two points with 26 seconds left and had the ball at the Baltimore 34-yard line. With a timeout remaining, Dallas should have been able to run a few offensive plays and move into position for a relatively short field goal. Instead, the Cowboys ran just one play, gaining one yard, before Dan Bailey’s 51-yard attempt missed.

So why did the Cowboys call a play that had Dez Bryant catching a one-yard pass and getting tackled inbounds?

“That’s my responsibility,” Garrett said. “I made that play call and I got to do a better job of that. . . . We left too much meat on the bone there. We need to get more than one yard when we had the one timeout and 26 seconds.”

Part of the problem was that Cowboys receivers Miles Austin and Kevin Ogletree ran deep routes on that one-yard gain and didn’t hustle back to the line of scrimmage, wasting valuable time before the Cowboys could run another play. In the end, the Cowboys didn’t run another play and just called timeout with six seconds left and sent the field goal team out. Garrett said he blames himself for Austin and Ogletree not knowing they needed to hurry back to the line.

“The urgency to get back is critical in that situation,” Garrett said. “We have to do a better job in that situation, and it starts with me.”

Clock management issues have plagued Garrett, who sometimes seems like he’s so focused on calling the next offensive play that he can’t step back and see the bigger picture of the game. Here are Mike Florio, Rodney Harrison and Erik Kuselias discussing the Cowboys’ clock management woes on Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network:

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37 responses to “Jason Garrett takes the blame for Cowboys’ clock management

  1. The Steelers are old and talentless.

    Polamalu , Harrison, and Woodly are finished.

    The Steelers wont win another game this year


  2. The problem with that play lies with romo and Bryant. Romo should not have thrown the ball and bryant should have just dropped it on purpose. Players need to do a better job of using their brains. Garrett is just falling on the grenade. He can’t be happy

  3. I have to laugh when people say Romo & Bryant need to use their brains! Can’t use what you don’t have.
    It’s sad to think Jessica Simpson was the smart one in that relationship.

  4. he can take the blame because it is his job to coach the team, but what kind of wr doesn’t know it’s important to hustle back to the line with 20 or so seconds left in a game with the clock running?

  5. “Garrett said he blames himself for Austin and Ogletree not knowing they needed to hurry back to the line.”

    Seriously? That’s purely on the WRs. Good God, I have kids in youth football that know that they have to hustle back to the LOS in situations like that.

  6. He will get fired after the season. My prediction at least. He botched the clock last year in AZ. Always looking over his shoulder for Jerry Jones.

  7. I’ve lost count on how many times Jason has made statements like that…. ‘It starts with me’… ‘That’s my fault’…

    Fact is that it DOES, and taking responsibility is very noble, but…..

    How long does an owner put up with the errors, blunders, and blatant underperformance issues… and just decide that this ‘honest’ man… isn’t head coaching material?

  8. garret has never been head coach material.. or offensive coordinator material, or quarterback material… heck i dnt know what he is doing in the nfl… leave it to jerry… sigh

  9. Dallas is a joke, why is it a conversation? Please no more of Mr Wrinkles, Opie Garrett, Choker Romo, Dropper Bryant and the rest of that crew.
    Lets talk about how Peyton Manning and crew came back in the 2nd half on Monday night.

  10. thesportsguy52 says: Oct 16, 2012 8:42 AM

    And not a single positive remark was uttered about the Ravens on that day…
    The actual good playoff team on the field.

    Why would there be? Ray Rice didn’t reach 100 yds, they gave up 200 yds rushing, 30 first downs, allowed the Cowboys to possess the ball for 40 minutes of the game.
    Also their largest passing plays (boldin & Smith) were both on plays where the Cowboys defenders (Carr & Claiborne) simply fell over.
    Who the hell would care about the Ravens?

  11. The lack of discipline on the Cowboys is astonishing and it is due to the constant interference of Owner/GM Jerry Jones, who will not hire a quality head coach. That problem won’t be solved anytime soon.

  12. That was just typical Jason Garrett he needs to get better or he will be gone! He is still a young coach so we shall see what happens

  13. Oct 16, 2012 8:42 AM
    And not a single positive remark was uttered about the Ravens on that day…
    The actual good playoff team on the field.

    That got dominated by the Cowboys only to lose by a bone headed inept clock management mistake.

  14. The Boys and the Chiefs set the tone for the rest of the league on how to beat the ravens. They wont even make the playoffs with the loss of Lewis and Webb.

  15. This guy looks so clueless on the sideline. He’s not a HC type. He’s not a OC type either. At best, he is an average QB coach.

    The Jerry doesn’t realize how stupid he looks with this guy as his front.

  16. Awesome that Garrett is manning up and taking responsibility! When is Jerry going to take responsibility for 16 years of failed personnel moves, failed coaching hires, and overpriced tickets?

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  18. For a guy who went to Princeton (a fact the announcers feel compelled to tell us over and over), Jason Garrett sure comes across as oblivious and stupid.

  19. One can tell that Garrett is way too anal to be a head coach.
    He was probably more concerned about the color selections on his play chart, than paying attention to the game clock.

  20. don’t worry Dallas as I’ve said before Jerruh has nervous norvall turner on speed dial and soon you will have another sock puppet that can call some awesome plays but again falls short at inspiring men to execute their jobs. Go Skins

  21. @azarkhan…… my thoughts exactly. They have no discipline because their coaches are lame ducks when they’re hired. so theplayers are not accountable. EVERY WR that has played a down of timed football knows to hustle back and as for Dez arguing with the refs that is Dez being Dez…selfish and oblivious.

  22. The reason this team has been stupid through Parcells, Phillips and now Garrett is the same GM keeps picking guys based on raw athletic talent instead of factoring in football intelligence. Not every player falls into this category but I tell you when enough of them do, it’s contagious.

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