Jimmy Haslam gets unanimous approval as new owner of Browns


The only surprising part is the count.

Jimmy Haslam was approved unanimously to be the new owner of the Browns this morning at the league’s owners meeting, according to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Many times in the past, the Raiders would abstain from such votes, a case of Al Davis being Al Davis.

But now that this one’s official, it’ll be interesting to see how quickly the Tennessee truck stop magnate starts remaking the Browns.

As Cabot pointed out, Browns president Mike Holmgren was not on hand for the meetings, despite being schedule to attend.

Of course, Joe Banner, who will be coming with Haslam, wasn’t there either.

Haslam has said he wouldn’t work on personnel changes until after the season, and coming on the heels of a streak-breaking win last week, it would be curious to see him make a move now.

11 responses to “Jimmy Haslam gets unanimous approval as new owner of Browns

  1. If I’m on the coaching staff or in the front office of the Browns, I look for a real estate agent now in order to avoid the rush in 11 weeks. Haslam isn’t going to put up with what the current regime is producing.

  2. Man I miss Al Davis. Votes like that remind me of the movie Men of Honor where Cuba Gooding asked De Niro why he was helping him and De Niro just said “to piss people off.” RIP Al!

  3. This Steelers fan is mighty excited to see Haslam picking up the Browns. Come on Jimmy, bring us back the REAL Browns so the best rivalry in the NFL can resume!

    There, I said it. Now I gotta go wash my keyboard.

  4. I just want to see us win. I agree with the above post I would keep Heckert. Brandon Weeden is coming along nicely, Josh Gordon is becoming a beast of a deep threat. T-Rich if he can stay healthy will be the best back we have seen on the Browns since Ernest Byner. Billy Winn is making contributions. But Holmgren and Shurmurmurmur I am not a huge fan of. Get a coach in here that fires em up! Bill Cowher anyone????

  5. No way Reid ends up in Cleveland if Banner is president. Reid pushed out Banner in Philly. It would be great to renew the Steelers rivalry. Steelers/Ravens may be the best right now but the Ravens are the old Browns anyway. It’s time for the new Browns to finally become relevant again. Enough with the Mickey Mouse management and apathetic ownership. This franchise needs real football people to take over. Some of the parts are there. Holmgren/Heckert didn’t leave the cupboard bare. And with plenty of cap space, a couple of free agent pick ups this off season and another solid draft could help turn this around sooner than many think.

  6. Well, I waited patiently for you to post something concerning the fact that Holmgren has been sent packing effective immediately, since it is being reported everywhere.

    Holmgren was a doomed and uninspired hire from the start. He has never shown himself to be anything more than a good X’s and O’s coach. He was a train wreck as GM in Seattle, and they only became good when he was stripped of the GM title.

    So, yeah, this move was inevitable.

  7. mrobinson14 says: Oct 16, 2012 11:26 AM

    Please keep heckert! He is being overshadowed by holmgren and shurmur!!!!! He is great with drafting!!!

    LOL Yeah, sure he is. And to the other guy, sure, Bill Cowher is going to Cleveland.

    You Cleveland sports fans are hilarious! Maybe one day, you’ll get to move away from the kiddie table and eat with the rest of us.

    But I doubt it.

  8. What’s being done with his interest in the Steelers? Does he still have it? Is it in escrow? Have they already found a buyer for it?

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