Kolb to miss several weeks with rib injuries

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Given the state of the Cardinals offensive line, the fact that a quarterback change is coming has seemed inevitable for weeks.

Now it’s official.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb won’t be able to play this week against the Vikings and will miss several weeks, opening the door again for John Skelton.

According to Schefter, Kolb had “multiple ribs detach from his sternum” (ouch) as well as “a sprained sternoclavicular joint” (rushes for old anatomy textbook from when I was in medical school).

Kolb has taken a vicious beating since taking over for Skelton in the opener, with 23 sacks in the last three games alone.

And since the line problems aren’t the kind to be fixed with anything other than personnel upgrades, there’s a strong chance Kolb — or Ryan Lindley, or the next guy in off the street — will get another chance sometime later this season.

32 responses to “Kolb to miss several weeks with rib injuries

  1. Vick to Arizona? Wouldn’t that be interesting if it happened, and Vick replaced Kolb yet again…?

  2. As a Vikings fan, I don’t see this as an advantage for the Vikings. Skelton may not be the most talented QB out there, but he will be driven to perform well to make his case to remain the starter. Hunger can drive a man to do unexpected things. But he may not be so hungry after Jared Allen and the rest of the Vikings D is done with him.

  3. Clearly we have a couple of ignorant “fans” commenting above. Kolb only lead his team to a 4-1 record. He also played behind the worst line in football. I was one of the people that mocked Kolb, but after seeing him get his butt kicked all year and keep getting up, I’ve gained a lot of respect for the guy.

  4. I’m not surprised about Kolb. He has been sacked so many times, I don’t know how he’s even standing up.
    I was wondering how long it would be before he was “done”.

  5. Oddly, this wasn’t a sack…it was a blown play by one of the RB, so Kolb tried to make the most of it by rushing the ball himself. This wasn’t on the oline, but it was likely a matter of time.

  6. spartan822 says:
    Oct 16, 2012 2:26 PM
    Also, why aren’t the Vikings tagged in this post? They’re mentioned in it.

    To throw off the Packer trolls…make ’em work for their post counts.

  7. This is an organizational failure to protect the QB. Why was no attention paid to making the offensive line a priority? Meanwhile, the 49ers have two 1st rounders on their OLine.

    The next draft, I wouldn’t be surprised to see OLinemen being drafted in the first three rounds or so. It’s still #Birdgang all day, but I was at the game Sunday and that was not a fine offensive product on the field at all.

  8. Skelton is brutal. If he isn’t getting bailed out by Fitzgerald he cant hit the broad side of a barn.

    The loser kicker for AZ basically cost them the season and now Kolb, who proved everyone wrong is going to be out for a long time. If they finished 6-10 now I would be surprised. No QB now and the OLine is the worst in the league. No wonder Manning didn’t want any part of this team. Coach Wiz might not last the season. Either way he will get fired very soon.

  9. Lousy O-line, inexperienced QB, playing on the road in a loud dome, against last year’s sack leader — why as a Viking fan am I still worried?

  10. Kolb is probably better than Skelton… But we can still win with Skelton. This O-line on the other hand…

  11. beginning with that 8 sack Dolphin game, Kolb got the beating of his life….

    he was getting the job done in spite of running for his life on literally every play… future looks pretty dim for the Cards now…

    and it is proven for the millionth time… if you don’t have an O line, you don’t have a team…..

  12. purpleguy October 16, 2012, 2:10 PM

    Lousy O-line, inexperienced QB, playing on the road -in a loud dome, against last year’s sack leader —why as a Viking fan am I still worried.

    you’ re worried because this is the perfect game for the D to have zero sacks, and Skelton to go all “Jim Miller” and throw for 560 and 6 touchdowns. (Jim Miller was a no count backup Qb for the Bears who used to torch the Vikes D). I have a queasy feeling.

  13. I thought Levi Brown and Brandon Keith were the two worse offensive tackles the Cardinals ever had. I was wrong. They’re tied with D’Anthony Bautista and Bobbie Massie. How in the world can we keep drafting bad linemen? Russ Grimm can’t even coach them up. The blocking is so bad you can’t evaluate your QB’s or keep them healthy. I smell a 4-12 season. Then maybe we can draft some offensive linemen.

  14. Huge loss for the Cards. The first game of the season against the Seahawks, we had Skelton completely controlled. Kolb stepped in and won the game with an impressive drive against a defense that had been stifling Skelton all day. Then all Kolb did was win. And win. And win. And win.

    I think we all saw what Arizona has in Skelton with that horrible pick in overtime last week.

  15. Keedos O-line picks can be deceiving. Actually the niners have 3 first rd picks on the line. Staley, Iupati, and Davis. Also while they may well be the best run blocking line in the NFL they are average at very best in pass protection. Their strength is bulldozing forward, not holding a pocket. However you do have to make a real attempt at getting better overall players when you are the Cards’ position, not bring in the disposed weak links of others like Snyder. It’s a shame they have so much potential talent and or money tied up in that offense to let the QB’s and RB’s get brutalized before they can even get going

  16. dynast77 says: Oct 16, 2012 3:52 PM

    Mmm, Korn on the Kolb and ribs
    LOL dayum… That’s cold. Why didn’t I think of that?

  17. As a long time cards fan and season ticket holder (not anymore thanks to ticket brokers loading our stadium with opposing team fans) I have to say this is the worst O Line I’ve seen. We have 2 average starters one at C and one at G. The rest would only make teams as reserves at best. Kolb could have a decent season if he wasn’t running in pure terror at every snap of the ball on passing downs. He’s hurt due to O Line. Williams is hurt in my opinion due to O Line. With terrible blocking nothing works everything breaks down. We gotta get this fixed! Not being able to sustain drives will expose our D to more time in the field leading to poorer defensive play and more injuries on D. Two O Tackles and a guard have cost us the whole season.

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