Manning ties comeback record with amazing second half


Through a string of recent comeback attempts that didn’t pay off, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning kept talking about working through the adversity.

The work paid off Monday, as the Broncos took advantage of a hailstorm of turnovers by the Chargers to score 35 unanswered points in the second half for a huge win.

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, it was Manning’s 47th game winning drive in the fourth quarter, tying him with Dan Marino for most in NFL history.

“I’ve been a part of some comebacks and you have to have all three phases contribute,” Manning said. “You’ve got to have a tipped ball or a bounce go your way.”

The Broncos got some breaks, with fumbles and interceptions returned for touchdowns. But this was about Manning too, after he went 24-of-30 passing for 309 yards, three touchdowns and an interception. But you couldn’t tell it from his muted reaction, which amazed teammates.

“I’ve never been part of a comeback like that,” tight end Joel Dreessen said. “Peyton, that guy is so humble. I tried to get him fired up about this. I was shaking him, and saying, “What do you think about this, man?’

“All he said was, ‘Good job. Good job.’ ”

Those who’ve known him longer aren’t surprised. Wide receiver Brandon Stokley, whose touchdown gave then the lead for good, said he’s come to expect such things.

“You never can count that guy out,” Stokley said. “I’ve seen it too many times. Everybody in this locker room knows, and we all believe, that when you have him behind the center we can come back from any deficit.”

It helps when the Chargers make it easy, but that shouldn’t take away from Manning’s role in it either.

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  1. Tim Tebow does it. It’s Tebowmania/Tebow time. Peyton Manning does it, it’s Peyton being Peyton. It must suck to be on that defense. You get no respect.

  2. Peyton Manning is class personified, extremely confident, and almost never out of a game. This guy is in the all-time great class, and performances like this only solidifies it. Easily my favorite qb, I am glad to see him do well after all the uncertainty of the off season, not knowing if he could come back from his multiple neck surgeries. Montana is the best, Marino has the arm, Elway is captain comeback & Favre has the stats, Brady has more hardware, but there’s no denying that Peyton is in that rarified air of greatness. What’s funny to me is that while he’s so good (like Kobe Bryant), he may not even be considered the best player of all-time on the team he primarily played for in his career (ala Magic Johnson/Johnny Unitas)

  3. If only the Chargers could have kept Eli and the 49ers had gotten Payton the State of Cali would have had a much better weekend but instead

    The Mannings owned Cali

  4. Yeah, what a comeback by Peyton. It was amazing how he willed the defense into forcing 5 turnovers and scoring 2 tds.

  5. I was watching with my dad, and at halftime, I told him the Chargers would find a way to lose. I even predicted that Denver would score on their first drive, and then Rivers would turn it over right after that.

  6. Vintage Manning. Not shocked at all. He now actually plays with a defense that is actually pretty darn good in all facets, not just rushing the QB.

  7. Impressive…i was listening to the game in the background while doing some work and it was just a landslide in the fourth quarter.

    This is yet another example of why Bill Belichick does really stupid things during the game when facing a QB like Peyton Manning.

    Kudos to him on this one…although I think his comeback against TB a few years back was the most impressive.

  8. No one is saying that the defense didn’t do well either, but Peyton’s play helped them just as much. He did the opposite of everything that Rivers did. He deserves that credit.

    But so does that defense.

  9. “I’ve never been part of a comeback like that,” tight end Joel Dreessen said. “Peyton, that guy is so humble. I tried to get him fired up about this. I was SHAKING HIM, and saying, “What do you think about this, man?’

    I would really be concerned about Dressen shaking Peyton, that big head might snap right off!

  10. It certainly helps to comeback when your D gets 6 TO’s and scores twice. A good performance by Manning and it makes for good PR but face it, you owe that Defense for making it all possible.

  11. I’ve never been a Colts or Manning fan per say, but who cares about if he isn’t the greatest of all time…all that matters is the fact that he’s great. True, Phillip Cassel threw the game away, but I don’t care if you’re up by a billion touchdowns, Manning will 99.9% of the time make it a game.

  12. Yeah, this is interesting. Last year when Tebow was pulling out games in the 4th quarter just because the defense kept it CLOSE, the critics proclaimed “It’s all the defense!” They couldn’t win ANYTHING without that defense! Yet the defense was one of the worst in the league against the pass.

    In this game, in the comeback, the defense scored TWICE, and set up the offense three other times. And Phillip Rivers threw FOUR, count em.. FOUR interceptions. And he fumbled twice too! So he servers up 6 turnovers, almost all of them very crucial, and DIRECTLY contributing to 14 points on two of them.

    But the headline is how Peyton Manning has the greatest comeback ever.

    Kind of a double standard it seems. It all depends on how much you want to blame or credit the QB apparently…

  13. All of us need to sit back and appreciate what we’re watching because in my eyes Peyton Manning pound for pound is the best qb of all time. His brother Eli is great too, but my top 3 qb’s of all time are Peyton, Montana and Brady. Take youre pick after that with Elway and Marino and everyone else but Peyton to me is the greatest.

  14. Another epic collapse by the Chargers. Looked like a good pro team in the 1st half and a special-needs junior high team in the 2nd. Wonder what the Vegas odds are on when they’re eliminated from the playoffs this year.

  15. Please…..1) You dont get credit for a comeback when YOU are part of the reason for the team being behind 35-0…Manning played the first half right???? If Tebow was still with the team and played the first half, and Manning came in the second half and won..sure…but he was part of the reason they were down. 2) This was a gift from the Chargers…plain and simple. Broncos were better last year Tebow!!!!!

  16. I didn’t have a horse in last night’s race, just enjoyed it as a football fan.

    That said, I know Bolts fans are down on Norv Turner, but I am pretty sure Turner was not allowing sacks on the OLine and throwing rookie-esque INTs.

    Always questioned whether Philip Rivers was just a slightly “good” NFL QB, and last night sealed it. He is not that great. The Tony Romo of the AFC.

  17. @golonger

    Are you a moron or do you just play one on the internet? The credit for the Broncos being down in the first half goes to the return men, the 45-yd line that tripped Decker, and a rookie that didn’t read the blitz hot route. Even if you put the blame for that interception completely on Manning (you’d be wrong, but for argument’s sake) then he is responsible for 7 of the 24 points.

    Tebow is so great that he can’t beat out the Sanchize…guarantee you that Manning would.

  18. I turned the game off in the 3rd quarter to watch the Giants beat down the St Louis Cardinals and then went to bed. I was surprised to watch ESPN talk about an epic Manning comeback (of course no credit was given to the defense). Crazy game.

  19. AS Peyton goes, so go the Broncos. He still has the Manning Magic. But with his age can he still last a full season. Only time will tell. Good Win Broncos!
    Epic FAIL Chargers. They get Norv’d once again.

  20. Jay Cutler blows off Mike Tice it’s headline news.
    Phillip Rivers blows off Norv Turner nobody gives it a second thought.


  21. Wow, a lot of Manning-lovers/Tebow haters on this thread.

    Any post that suggests this was an epic collapse by San Diego is immediately panned…

    Sorry, it was great 2nd half play by Manning taking advantage of the opportunities. But the story of this game was epic mistakes by Rivers and great secondary play by the Broncos.

  22. I’m pretty sure this didn’t really happen because Jason Whitlock declared a couple of weeks ago that Manning was finished. God forbid he could be wrong about something.

  23. Always liked P Rivers even though I live in Miami but its definately time that P Rivers gets a change of scenery or something. SD just isn’t for him and he seems too comfortable with meltdowns whether its the second half of the game or second half of the season meltdown.

  24. Peyton is my fav QB in the league until RG get some years under his belt. The broncos D played spectacular when it matter and with Phillip Rivers help Peyton put the icing on the cake.Its funny nobody questions if rivers have a future in SD,dude have stats but with a tomilson , vjax,and gates in their prime and still cant get it done .

  25. Have no idea where the second half D came from. Probably a combination of Rivers’ over confidence and some good plays by Denver’s DBs. After watching how much pressure they can apply with a lead, I cannot wait till they actually get one early in a game. Certainly I was wrong; these guys can pressure the QB! ALL the credit for this W should not go solely to Manning.

  26. Great effort by Manning to bring the Broncos back to win, but can we all give the defense a little credit here? If it weren’t for them stepping up in the second half, Manning wouldn’t have had that many opportunities to make a comeback. Give credit where credit is due, and that’s mostly with the Bronco’s defense and the ineptitude of Rivers’ play. I would have been more surprised if the Broncos didn’t make a comeback after getting that many turnovers.

  27. I’m a Steelers fan but I give Manning all the respect in the world. Dude works his butt off all year round. Never rests. Never is satisfied. Never quits. You can’t find a better role model.
    Oh yeah, and Phillip “Joan” Rivers is a winey punk that is great at choking.

  28. Comebacks and blown leads are a dime a dozen in the defenseless NFL nowadays. On any given weekend, there are four, maybe five, possibly more comebacks and and blown leads throughout the league…
    The Broncos had a lot of help via the always uninspired Turner-coached Chargers.
    And I could’ve sworn the Broncos’ defense chipped in with a pair of TDs. This obsession with quarterbacks is really creepy.

  29. Peyton had a great second half. Defense had a great second half (and the press AND Peyton have given the defense plenty of credit). Both Peyton and the defense had, again, slow starts….can’t keep winning unless they figure this out – which they will.

    Special teams where these big problem….accounting for 14 points.

    As for Tebow. Nice guy, really good athlete, should be a tight end. He is not a viable QB.

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