Next up on the Andy Reid chopping block? Mike Vick

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On Monday, Eagles coach Andy Reid offered tepid support for quarterback Mike Vick and defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.  On Tuesday, Reid fired Castillo.

Undoubtedly, Mike Vick is next.

Though it may not (but still could be) a bye-week benching, Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg surely will spend the next 12 days getting rookie Nick Foles ready to take over, whenever Reid decides to flip the switch.  (Yes, Foles and the rest of the players will get several days off during the bye, but that won’t stop Foles from studying film and getting further ensconced in the playbook.)

The handwriting on the wall has become an engraving in the form of a middle finger to the man who secured the job after Reid fell out of love with Donovan McNabb and then out of lust with Kevin Kolb.  The new object of Reid’s affection is Foles, and it’s only a matter of time before Foles is flinging it.

Consider the evidence.  With rampant reports and speculation regarding the team dumping Vick after the next Super Bowl to avoid guaranteeing $3 million of a $15.5 million salary in 2013, the Eagles have said nothing publicly — and they’ve done nothing privately to push a message of support for Vick.  Then, Reid once again dropped a strong hint that Vick is in trouble with that “today, I am” response to the question of whether the head coach remains committed to the quarterback.

What secure starting quarterback gets treated that way?  The Cowboys bend over backward whenever Tony Romo bends over forward for an opposing team, and the Chargers remain resolute regarding Philip Rivers after the kind of Monday night debacle that would have gotten Vick run out of Philly before the final gun sounded.

So it’s coming.  Whether it’s this week or next week or at halftime of the next game or after the next game, it’ll happen.  The only way to stop it will be for Vick to turn the clock back to 2010 with any remaining chances he has to persuade Reid to keep him on the field.

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82 responses to “Next up on the Andy Reid chopping block? Mike Vick

  1. WOW!!! Well truthfully you can’t do any better with Foles. How much experience does Foles actually have against the Falcons D.
    Andy Reid do what you got you got to do. Anyway you look at it, Lurie gets no ring you have no job next year. You have made so many mistakes in the past two years, you can’t make it up in weeks.

  2. I’m certainly no Michael Vick fan, but I watched most of the Eagles game on Sunday. The Eagles O Line is incredibly bad. I don’t know how Vick survived the game. He was getting hammered every time he dropped back to throw the ball. I’m not sure Foles could survive back there.

  3. Mike Vick has 40 turnovers in his last 28 games. Nick Foles couldn’t possibly do any worse. And let’s be serious here….we’re not going anywhere with Vick. Let’s give Foles 10 games as an audition to see if he’s our guy for next year or we have to find a QB in 2013 too.

  4. bungler. No one made you sign your friend from O-line coach to D-coordinator. Your ego had you believing you could take Mike Vick and turn him into something other than what he was in ATL. And now your thrashing around trying to save your own hide and abandoning all the people you put in place that are making this team fail. Bungler, your time is up.

  5. Jim Washburn or Bobby April

    Special teams has been awful for the last two seasons.

    Washburn is interesting case. Todd Bowles doesn’t run an wide 9 defense. does he keep the same scheme or clean house.

    But it all comes back on Reid. He knew hiring Castillio was a bad choice and he did it on purpose.

    As for offense, Reid should be calling the plays on offense for rest of year. If he’s going to either win or get fired, he should put his fate in his own hands rather than Marty’s.

  6. This make no sense!!! Everyone on here has been saying forever that he is one of the best, if not the best QB in the league!!! How can you bench him?!?! (I will tell you how, he sucks, he always has, he played really well for about 1/2 a season, that’s all folks). Welcome to another full blown Sheagles meltdown. Hopefully this will be as much fun as the TO year!!

  7. I’m sure Vick and the (former) defensive coordinator are both thrilled with Reid’s horrific 70 pass/30 rush offensive playcalling. It keeps the defense on the field, and is getting Vick killed. That’s aside from the fact that they are not using their best offensive talent.

  8. It’s kind of sad when the best thing you can say is that they structured the contract to protect themselves against Vick bombing like this.

  9. Foles will come in and have a few good games. Scott Pioli, who will inexplicably still have his job in January, will orchestrate a trade for Foles. Foles will reveal in Kansas City that he really isn’t that good, just like every other superstar backup the Chiefs bring in. The endless, depressing cycle of being a Chiefs fan will continue.

  10. “The Cowboys bend over backward whenever Tony Romo bends over forward for an opposing team”

    Has to be one of the funniest things Ive read on this site.

  11. maddog111 says:
    Oct 16, 2012 10:37 AM
    I’m certainly no Michael Vick fan, but I watched most of the Eagles game on Sunday. The Eagles O Line is incredibly bad. I don’t know how Vick survived the game. He was getting hammered every time he dropped back to throw the ball. I’m not sure Foles could survive back there.


    The Eagles OLine has not played well, granted, but Vick makes them look alot worse than they actually in most situations.

    He holds the ball WAY too long, he never throws the ball away when there is nothing there (either taking a sack or forcing a ball thats intercepted), he drops back about 20 yards trying to escape defenders (which he can’t anymore) and his pre-play recognition is horrendous (for example, he never identifies a free rusher).

    He’s exactly what he’s always been – an athlete playing QB. And now he’s a declining athlete so his physical tools can’t save him anymore.

    Be much better for the organization to be able to evaluate Foles (and know what they have) then to go into the offseason with a question mark there.

    He’s a rookie what is he going to do turn the ball over 2+ times a game? That’s no different than what the Eagles have now.

  12. Vick gives the Eagles the best chance to win whether the fans want to admit it or not. The back-up QB is always the most popular player in a city when the starter is struggling. If Reid benches Vick he’s essentially throwing the season away.

  13. The problem with Vick is he’s lost that youthful, puppy-like enthusiasm for the game. Other teams know that his bark is worse than bis bite. He needs to put a tighter leash on the ball, muzzle his complaints, and just go out and do what comes naturally.

    Otherwise, he’ll get a short stay in Reid’s doghouse before the Eagles dump him like a mangey mutt.

  14. Good riddance when it happens. Hopefully no one else will give Vick a chance in the NFL. He should be asking if you’d like some fries with that whopper to pay off his debts.

  15. I dont question Vicks desire to lead his team to win. He stands in and takes the hits. But Its that Vick is a huge turnover machine. Ive seen him several times instead of throwing it away, heave it straight up in the air up for grabs. And Fumbles? 11 fumbles in 6 games? Would any other QB still have his job? Maybe just Favre. He is unable at this point to orchestrate the offense efficiently. 16 points per game with all those playmakers.

  16. “With rampant reports and speculation regarding the team dumping Vick after the next Super Bowl to avoid guaranteeing $3 million of a $15.5 million salary in 2013” …. Most of which is coming from this website.

    I’m fine with it if they make the move to Foles. Unfortunately, with the state of this offensive line, I think the only difference we’d see would be a tall, slow, right-handed, rookie QB getting getting decked on every other play instead of a short, fast, left-handed, veteran QB.

  17. Not a chance…Vick starts the rest of the season and leads the Eagles to the playoffs. Slow news day?

  18. I’ve honestly never understood why Wilfred Brimley wanted to coach the Eagles in the first place, what with his crippling diabetus.

  19. There is precious little to like about Phithydelphia at any time of the year and when the Iggles self-destruct, suddenly there is joy to be found.

    Andy made this bed – a very big bed with reclaimed factory beams to support his ego. He thought he could reclaim a dog killer who has no personal integrity and very little quarterback talent – just like Andy thought he could take a stupid sloth (Donovan McNubb) and turn him into something special – and we saw the McNubb choke int he Super Bowl which was simply precious.

    Andy is now clearing the deck of excuses and when his team continues to underwhelm, there will be nothing to point to for blame.

    Andy is toast and it will make a great pig pickin on a spit.

  20. Huge mistake if they fire Andy Reid, if they do welcome eagles fans to dolphins hell, we forced out Shula early because he could only Get us to the playoffs and a few AFC championship games and since then we’ve done nothing whatsoever, the same will happen to Philly. Careful what u wish for.

  21. Here are my comments on this which speak to the higher issue of the coach/GM responsibility in principle, before the question of which QB should be the guy. If it’s ok I’m just using this piece I wrote this morning when I was asked about Joe Dumars in charge of the Pistons, and I used Andy Reid as an example for why I’m challenging the Dumars’ position for why he should be the GM of that team. This applies perfectly to any GM/coach’s right to have the job:

    As another example, I just wrote a criticism against Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles for his comment a few days ago that Mike Vick is his guy, “today”. That’s BS, Andy Reid should either say I KNOW this is the guy that is the best choice or he’s not. He instead wants to wait and see if he converts and wins and if he does, then he was the guy, but if he loses, then he wasn’t the guy. That’s ridiculous and asinine. If you can’t tell me you know how to determine if you have the right guy then you are clearly not qualified to be in charge. A good coach would say I have my guy and I’m going to win and he will go out and in fact win and with that right guy. Either you are the real deal or you are not. Andy Reid is not the real deal just as Joe D is not the real deal. Ask me if I have the right guy, and my response is don’t you worry if I have the right guy or what his name is, cause that is just a detail, and I’m going to win, one way or another, and I won’t allow otherwise because I’m the right guy and I’m in charge and I know what the frak I’m doing and in a very short time you will conclusively see all you need to see. Don’t worry about it and just be patient for two seconds and let me make it very clear for you. Winning wards off the critics and then I won’t have to be asked again.

  22. Paying Vick was a mistake. Paying DeSean was a mistake. Making Castillo the DC was a mistake. They’re no better than an 8-8 team. How do “experts” not see that before the season even started…

  23. Perhaps Vick would be better if he wasn’t asked to throw the ball 150 times a game.

    Last time I checked, their running back was pretty good. Why not get the ball in his hands more????

  24. ZERO chance they go to Nick Foles at this point in the season. Vick has had some bad games for sure, but when you ask any QB to throw 50 times a game, your O-line is decimated by injury (i.e., stinks), and the opposing team knows you are throwing every down….things don’t work out, regardless of the QB. The Eagles have a bye to get their house in order, and they are a game out. They are not about to give up on the season by playing a rookie QB, not with that line.

  25. @mjacobs45

    While I agree with you that we will never win the SB with Vick… To say the next ten games will be an audition for Foles to see if he is our guy is ridiculous! Our offensive line is a joke, Foles is a rookie who has never started a game in the NFL, and QBs like Foles usually take a year or two to settle in.

    Not to mention there is 100 million other reasons why Vick will probably not be benched.

    If anything, start Edwards, I think we all know that he is the definition of a game manager. I doubt he would turn the ball over in key situations.

  26. Peyton Manning leads and 8-8 team to a 3-3 start and is an MVP candidate. Mike Vick leads an 8-8 team to a 3-3 start and is about to get benched. As the NFL turns.

    If the D didn’t give up 2 quick scoring drives, no one would be talking about benching Vick, they would be talking about how the division leading Eagles always come up in the clutch.

  27. please let him play. i like watching the eagles lose and i’m still getting excellent fantasy production out of this deadbeat. (its a weird league, very little penalty for turnovers)

  28. Is Vick a dead man walking?

    There is a TV show called “The Walking Dead”, that Michael Vick may be well suited for. What other excuse could there be for his performance.

  29. If the Eagles put Foles behind this offensive he’s going to get killed. Sure let’s ruin his confidence like David Carr and Joey Harrington, let’s put him in a situation where he can’t succeed smart analysis there.

    The fact is that unless the offensive line plays better Foles will be a disaster. Unlike Vick he can’t run for his life, he’s a pocket passer and a statue..

    Does anybody really think that Nick Foles is going to lead the Eagles to anything this year? He won’t. He’ll be a sacrificial lamb, he needs to sit on the bench until 2013 when Peters and Kelce return and Reid is and Moronwheg are gone.

  30. “The Cowboys bend over backward whenever Tony Romo bends over forward for an opposing team”

    that’s because week to week Romo plays very well with a stinker sprinkled in here and there (maybe a few times a season), Vick on the other hand stinks pretty much every week, with a good game sprinkled in here and there…it’s obvious Philly has been winning despite Vick this year, and you can never say that about Romo in Dallas

  31. Every person has one war in their life that they have to win. Vick won his when he got out of jail and got the fat contract in Philly. He has no fight left in him.

  32. For those of you saying Foles will get sacked a ton….just remember, I know it’s preseason, but while Vick got beat up in the preaseason, I believe Foles was sacked zero times. He takes hits better than Vick and he gets rid of the ball quicker. I also think Andy would run more as he has done when other QB’s are in there. I believe Andy calls deep passing plays because Vick struggles with the shorter routes sometimes…Vick is a coach killer.

  33. Manning is the reason the Broncos are 3-3 instead of 0-6. Vick is the reason the Eagles are 3-3 instead of 5-1 or 4-2.

    Manning is a 4 time NFL MVP.

    Vick is a 4 time felon…or was it more than 4?

  34. Say what you want about Vick, but he did lead scoreing drives in the clutch of every game this year, save for this past weekend vs. Det., which was his O-line’s fault. Tony Romo never performs to that level.

  35. You guys dont watch much pac 12 football Nick foles? You mean the same Nick foles who could never win not just a big game a pac 12 game in november or any game for that matter. Mike stoops is back coaching with his brother at OU because of nick foles. I know vick is a hated man on this site but really guys nick foles? Mike vick just beat the NY giants and alex smith got 3 pts on the same giants team, if they play nick foles they will be going 5 and 11 with vick they make the playoffs.

  36. flavordave says:
    Oct 16, 2012 10:56 AM
    I dont question Vicks desire to lead his team to win. He stands in and takes the hits. But Its that Vick is a huge turnover machine. Ive seen him several times instead of throwing it away, heave it straight up in the air up for grabs. And Fumbles? 11 fumbles in 6 games? Would any other QB still have his job? Maybe just Favre. He is unable at this point to orchestrate the offense efficiently. 16 points per game with all those playmakers.

    I was with you until you compared Vick to Favre.

    While Favre threw some picks, he almost never fumbled and he made way more big plays than Vick.

    It’s not even close.

  37. Peyton Manning makes plays that put his team in positions to win. Mike Vick puts he ball on the ground or in the hands of the other team.

    If you really think those two are playing about the same, then you’d probably like having Vick on your favorite team. Right?

  38. Hey Jbell, did you watch the Ravens game? Romo converted on two 4th and 10’s and hit the game tying TD on the last drive only to have Dez drop the game tying 2 point conversion. Seems pretty clutch to me and that wasn’t against the Browns.

  39. He gave up on Donovan a few years ago, gave up on Kolb after an injury, and is about to give up on Vick. You can put Foles in, but Reid will give up on him too after the season.

  40. Hiring Castillo as DC in the first place was a dumb move so sacking him was an easy call. If Reid has ANY hope of being better than 0.500 this year he needs to ride Vick…he has no room for error. No, they play Vick all year and off-load his salary at the end of the season. Reid is in survival mode…

  41. Love to see my ex skin Todd Bowles get the opportunity, but hate that it’s on the Eagles. That move in itself makes the Eagles a better team. Chill out Eagle fan, you guys will be ok. Vick will remain your starter, because your line is not built to protect a QB like Foles. This all will all be an afterthought when the Eagle right the ship after the bye. As a skins fan, I have seen this year after year with philly. They panic early, but seem to succeed in the end. I’ll give you the edge this year with our young franchise QB, but next year will be our year to start rising to the top of the NFC East.

  42. It annoys me how much the press is putting on the o-line. Yes, they got beat badly the last few weeks. But a lot of their trouble has been Vick himself. Look at the top QB’s in the league, how long do they hold the ball? Vick hold it forever. Even when he knows there’s a free blitzer, the guy is doing pump fakes. They need a QB that can make quick reads and quick decisions, and GET RID OF THE BALL.

    Although he’s probably not a better qb than Vick today, Foles IS better at that aspect of his game. Most of the things he has trouble with, are going to be fixed by playing more than watching. Is he the answer long term? I don’t know, but I do know that Vick is NOT the answer long term, and he is one of the biggest problems in the short term. Even a rookie, how much worse can he do than leading the league in turnovers (by far)?

  43. Nick Furry (prefer that) has a great deep ball, his use to bad offensive line play at Arizona, and he will be ready for the Eagles if his time comes very soon. Hopefully for the Eagles sake it does because the Vick experiment isn’t working out and that defense is playing way to good to not go somewhere this season.

  44. No comment on the Vick story, but seeing Nick Foles up close last weekend, that’s a big freaking dude.

  45. The actions and comments by Andy Reid is what exactly separates him from a real successful coach versus one that is just mediocre, or awful even.

    Prior to start of the season, I am sure coaches, as much as players, are evaluated to see if they actually fit and can perform how the head coach expects them to. If Andy didn’t see this, as it was somewhat evident last season, then he’s really putting the blame on someone else. The whole team needs to take the blame, starting from the head coach and down.

    Plays from both the offensive and defensive side of the ball has really been attrocious. I actually saw parts of the last game and, as with the Cowboys’ clock (mis)management, you can’t just put the blame squarely on the QB. Yes, the QB has to take most of it but some of it has to fall on everyone else’s lap.

    Andy’s fix, in his mind, will not do anything to this team but make it the mediocre team that it is. Enough to put a scare in the conference, even the division, but not enough good play and coaching to win a playoff game or even a Super Bowl.

  46. I think a lot of you have a personal problem with Vick cause to put all this blame on one guy is just stupid. Even with his turnover they have had a chance to win every game but one. Phillip rivers had six turnovers by himself lAst night know one is throwing him under t he bus. We are 3-3 like manning, rivers, Rodgers, better record then Brady and brees and y’all want to make a QB change, it’s not about football anymore it’s personal against Vick. Lets be honest the know one says replace the entire oline. Defense no sacks in the last three games can’t cause turnovers. But let’s put it on Vick

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